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Twelve teams will make custom rides from ordinary vehicles for a shot at $100,000

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts/Judges Lou Santiago & Andrew "ACP" Comrie-Picard
Judge Chip Foose
Announcer Rick Pasqualone
Creator Tod Mesirow
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Frank Sinton
Tod Mesirow
Chris Rantamaki
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions for Discovery Communications
Web discovery.com
Airs 9p Mon, NBC

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Flight of the Firebird
ly 5

There's nothing more that can be said except... in 60 minutes, you will believe that a car can fly.

So far, Hollywood Hot Rods and ES Motorsports proved that they can take whatever you give them and turn it into something sleek, sophisticated, and sexy. But can they take to the sky with something meant for the road? Watch as they try to earn their wings and a spot in the National Finals.

The teams for the Battle of Los Angeles...

Hollywood Hot Rods
Troy Ladd, owner
hot rods
ES Motorsports
Eric Stewart, owner
class one racers

This week, Lou, ACP, and Chip will judge as both teams try to turn a Firebird into a remote-controlled car that can fly. Troy's boys got the 83 model, while ES takes a '79 model. For the competition, you'll get up to speed, then launch over a 200-foot cliff. You have four days, $3000 cash, and a credit at Summit Racing to accomplish your task. Scoring will be based 25% on visual design (it has to look the part) and 75% on performance and handling (it has to act the part), distance and style.

Winner moves on to the next round. You have 40 hours to build, and 24 hours to paint a bird... FROM NOW!

Hollywood Hot Rodder Ryan is the only one who ever flew a plane in this shop, so he's the driving force. First, he has to find a tech who hasn't gone to lunch.

- Shedding weight
- 350 CI small block engine
- Install wings and tail
- Glider

ES Motorsports starts by figuring out how to power their bird. The first thing to do... Gut the chicken.

- 403 big block engine
- Installing wings and tails
- Shedding weight
- Mounting propellor

Each team will be supplied with an aeronautics expert and a remote-control engineer. While HHR has shed most of its weight, ES Motorsports has gone to Mojave to find their wings.

Getting close to the end of Day 1, and the wings put the car at 2300 pounds at ES Motorsports. They need to gut 500 pounds. Over at HHR, Eric couldn't find wings, setting the team back a bit.


Ryan finally finds some wings, and ironically, they're in the same salvage yard at Mojave. Their selections... slim pickens. But they find what they're looking for. And hey, they have a tail to match. Over at ES Motorsports, the front suspension is gone. Joe calls in a favor and gets a prop for the car. At HHR... they discover that Ryan got two right wings. This is beyond a major screw-up. It cost them $500 and four build-hours. Troy & Barry head back to Mojave. At ES... the Firebird is starting to look like a bird.


Despite being a day behind, HHR has their motors running, but what about the flying. ES Motorsports is going to try to mount their propeller, but what about the drive? Both shops are modding their wings for a little added lift. While HHR is mounting their tail (a prebought one makes up a lot of time), ES Motorsports is rigging up their wings. Now that their cars look like planes, the shops are going to concentrate on the drive.

Ryan convinces his team to call it a night even though wings are on the ground and time is still on the clock. ES discovers that their prop is going to hit a wing unless something is done.


Laziness won't win you 100 grand, we gotta get those wings on, HHR. They've stripped EVERYTHING out of the car, so they're trying to find a way to keep it cool in the half-a-mile drive. The prop problem is solved, but with three hours left in the build, they need to pick up the pace. Meanwhile, HHR needs to find the motion in their steering box. Both shops are starting to feel confident about their machines, but the proof of the pudding... is in the flying. Now that you're done, time to test.

... and TIME! Let's paint it. Handling the honors are the Shop for HHR, and Expect-a-Lot for ES.

Time to take to the air. Remember, it's 10 points for design, and 30 for the flying. Each team has 30 minutes to get airborne. Most points wins. Simple.

The scores are...

Hollywood Hot Rods   ES Motorsports
as judged by Chip Foose
With no engine or radiator, the team is left to push the bird off the cliff themselves. The plane goes nowhere...
... and falls quickly.
The damn thing flew.

29-8 in favor of ES MOTORSPORTS. Just goes to show you... Super Chickens don't fly. They're on their way to meet the best from Detroit and Atlanta.

Next week, the Ultimate Car Build-Off goes to Motown, where Alternative Auto and Team Z leave your head spinning.

For more information on the teams and the tournament, go to discovery.com.