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$500,000 rests in your ability to tell the truth... the whole truth... and nothing but the truth.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host: Mark L. Walberg
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creator: Howard Schultz (based upon "Nada Mas Que La Verdad/Nothing But the Truth")
EP: Howard Schultz
Packager: Lighthearted Entertainment
Origin: Ren-Mar Studios, Los Angeles, CA


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Episode 3
February 6

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and welcome back to episode #3 of The Moment of Truth. Joining me in this recap is Don Harpwood
Don: Yo.
Gordon: And also joining me is the biggest Moment of Truth fan ever, Mr. Jason Block
Jason: That answer is....FALSE.
Don: Do they really need to use this type of long opening for each episode?
Jason: Yes. New fans. And we review last week.
Gordon: Last time we left the show, we had Christie Youssef a, 22-year-old medical student, who is also a pageant winner.
Gordon: Joinins us - Her family and friends - Nellie (her mom), Melissa (her sister) and Cole (her friend). We left her with her being asked a question by friend and Beauty Pageant competitor Catherine Fontaine, and the question was this -

10 Have you ever tried to sabotage another pageant contestant?

Gordon: I predicted she would say yes.
Jason: So did I.
Gordon: Catherine is Miss California 2006. Christie says no. The detector says...True.
Don: Interesting.
Jason: That's cool.
Gordon: And Catherine joins them all on the couch. Christie does not look too thrilled about that. For $25,000...

11 Have you ever secretly been attracted to one of your sister's boyfriends?

Don: Whoa.
Jason: I say yes.
Gordon: Christie has no problem admitting it. The Lie Detector says True and she has $25,000. Melissa didn't know that, but she doesn't seem too unhappy. 4 questions away from $100,000. Mark warns Christie that the tone of the questions will change quickly. She says yes, and Mark again warns that the questions will get personal. You ready for personal?
Jason: Hoo-ray.
Don: Do I have to be ready? :P
Gordon: Doesn't matter if you have to be. Christie has said that her relationship with her dad has been good for the past year. That leads us to believe that it hasn't always been good. Uh oh...

12 Do you believe your father has used money to control you?

Jason: Whoa baby!
Gordon: Christie says she will have to say yes, and the detector confirms it.
Don: Wow.
Gordon: Her mom and sister are smiling outside, but they know the truth. She wants to keep going. Mark points out that the parents are divorced, and Christie admits it was difficult..

13 Do you blame your father for tearing your family apart?

Gordon: Christie says that both people play a role, BUT that one person played a larger role. She says yes. The Lie Detector says True. Melissa is still smiling. Mom...not as much. Christie has conservative beliefs and she's old-fashioned.

14 Are you still in love with your ex-fiance?

Don: Oh, boy...
Gordon: Christie says its been 10 months, and she says yes. The Detector says true, and I don't know why that's a hard question. Christie is one away from $100,000.
Gordon: Catherine says that 1 more, and med school is paid for. There hasn't been anything horrible so far, until Mark talks about the pageant stuff. For $100,000...

15 Have you ever forced yourself to throw up after eating to avoid gaining weight?

Gordon: Melissa hits the family button. She says it's personal. Christie will not have to answer the question,. When Melissa hit the button, Christie looked at her like 'why did you just do that?'
Jason: First time used.
Gordon: Christie was more than ready to answer no to that question, and this time, the button backfired. Now, she has to answer this...

15 As an adult, have you ever taken a nude picture of yourself?

Jason: Hello!
Gordon: Christie says no. The Lie Detector says...True.
Jason: Cool.
Don: Nice.
Gordon: Christie has just won $100,000. Still nothing too damaging yet. 3 questions away from $200,000.
Don: Will she continue on and try to double what she has?
Gordon: Mom wants her to stop. Cole and Melissa say to go.
Gordon: Catherine reminds Christie that the has the money she needs now. Christie decides to play it safe and walk away. Mark tells her the next question for funsies...

For Funsies - Have you ever felt trapped by your mother trying to control your life?

Don: Yipes...
Jason: ROFL
Gordon: She would have said no. We all know that the answer is yes. She would have been called....False.
Jason: Oh boy.
Gordon: Her mom is too thrilled to be upset, because Christie walks off with $100,000. Next person up - Brandon Correia, a 31 year waiter and ex-member of the military.
Don: 6 people in the family & friends section this time.
Gordon: His circle of friends is Marisa (Brandon's girlfriend), Cheryl (his mom) Courtney and Tracy (sisters), and Joey and Patrick (friends). That a lot of people. Let's begin...

1 Have you ever taken another server's tip and kept it for yourself?

Gordon: His friends are already laughing as he says yes - with a True response. Brandon was a former marine in the corps.

2 Did you join the Marines just to impress your father?

Gordon: Brandon says no. The detector says True.
Jason: Good deal.
Gordon: 2 down. 4 to go for $10,000. Brandon says he may spend money on jewelry for the girlfriend.

3 Do you use the lack of money as an excuse to keep from proposing to Marisa?

Jason: Oh boy
Gordon: He says yes and Marissa looks surprised.
Jason: That's not good.
Gordon: But he gets it right. Marissa says it's ok.
Don: Well, he could have the money soon enough, and it would no longer be an excuse.
Gordon: True. Brandon says he likes to hang out with friends

4 During the past 6 months, have you driven a car while intoxicated?

Gordon: Brandon says ...yes? He's ruled true and he can continue.
Jason: Dumbass.
Don: Ouch.
Jason: Idiot. Moron.
Gordon: Brandon says that the first time he and Marissa met, Marissa forgot him. She admits she remembers that she forgot him. Heh.

5 Have you ever had sex with someone who's name you did not know?

Gordon: Brandon says no. The Lie Detector says...True. Brandon says that the communication is getting better. For $10,000...

6 In the past year, have you ever sent flirtatious text messages to any woman other than Marissa?

Don: This could be trouble.
Gordon: I agree. 'Flirtatious' is vague. I mean how do you define it?
Jason: True. The questions are very vague at points.
Gordon: Some of the questions do force you to admit being sinister. Christie and George Ortuzarar (man on the last episode) both did great jobs of defusing the questions. Not so much for Brandon, who says yes.
Jason: This guy is a real sleazeball.
Gordon: The Lie Detector says True, and he has $10,000. Marissa says she didn't know and she's not happy. It's interesting. Brandon and Ty are sleazeballs. George had his faults, but he was a good guy. Christie was pretty much teflon and she didn't hurt herself at all.
Gordon: Semper Fi - Always Faithful. This could be trouble

7 Is there anything that you did in the Marine Corps that you would be ashamed of?

Gordon: Brandon says yes, and the Lie Detector says true.
Jason: oh boy.
Gordon: Now the friends are not looking happy. Brandon is 3 from $25,000. Joey thinks he knows what happened. Brandon doesn't want to talk about it and says to keep going with the questions. Brandon admits that he'd give better service to people he liked.

8 Have you ever changed the amount on a receipt just to get a better tip?

Don: Whoa.
Jason: I bet he did.
Gordon: Brandon says Yes, and the Detector says True.
Don: No surprise there after what we heard from him so far.
Gordon: He says he gets along with Marissa's family - and they are here in the audience. Marissa agrees...

9 Have you ever made ethnic jokes about Marissa's family?

Don: Uh-oh.
Jason: She is Asian after all.
Gordon: The friends bow their heads down and know the answer. Neither of them are going to save him and hit the button, so he has to say true.
Jason: Yuck!
Gordon: Marissa says that she'll live, maybe holding off the button for a worse question.

10 Do you sometimes feel that Marissa is boring?

Gordon: Brandon says yes immediately.
Don: That was a bit too quick.
Jason: Way quick.
Gordon: I think the relationship between Brandon and Melissa just hit a major pothole.
Jason: Try sinkhole.
Gordon: They are in California, so sinkhole would be apt. For $25,000...

11 While working as an underwear model, did you stuff your underwear?

Gordon: Brandon says no. The detector says...FALSE
Jason: WOW!
Gordon: D'oh
Jason: Ha ha!
Don: Heh.
Gordon: Brandon says 'No Way' and he is somber, not knowing how that happened.
Jason: And we are done for tonight.
Gordon: Marissa does give him a consolitary hug, but they have a lot to talk about
Don: Indeed.
Gordon: And with that, we're done for tonight. Thanks to Jason and Don for joining us
Jason: Thank you.
Don: Thanks.
Gordon: This is Gordon, saying game over and spread the love - and the truth.