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$500,000 rests in your ability to tell the truth... the whole truth... and nothing but the truth.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host: Mark L. Walberg
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creator: Howard Schultz (based upon "Nada Mas Que La Verdad/Nothing But the Truth")
EP: Howard Schultz
Packager: Lighthearted Entertainment
Origin: Ren-Mar Studios, Los Angeles, CA


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Episode 1
January 23

Gordon: This is no ordinary game....all you have to tell the truth. If you can do that for 21 questions, you win $500,000. Simple, right?
Alex: lol
Gordon: But this is no ordinary game. This is a game where to win the money, you will look like a complete scumbag by the time the questioning is over. Does it go beyond the border of good taste? We're all here to answer that question. This is Gordon Pepper, as we panel one of the most controversial shows to go down the pike. Joining the panel....our resident Canadian who always tells the truth, Don Harpwood.
Don: Why would I lie?
Gordon: We also have someone who is a card player, so he doesn't ALWAYS tell the truth. Joe Van Ginkel
Joe: But I try to. :D
Gordon: And finally the head of Buzzer Blog, who is usually truthful, Mr. Alex Davis.
Alex: I'm glad to be here! *beepbeep - FALSE* Nah, kidding, always a pleasure
Gordon: And we introduce the host of the show, Mr. Mark L. Wahlberg.
Joe: Mark-El-Wall-Berg! (clap-clap-clapclapclap) Mark-El-Wall-Berg! (clap-clap-clapclapclap) Mark-El-Wall-Berg! (clap-clap-clapclapclap)
Gordon: Our very first contestant to the show - Tinker 'Ty' Keck, who is an ex NFL and XFL football player. He now works as a physical trainer. Before the show, he was asked over 50 questions. 21 of them are selected for his show. There's 21 questions are divided into 6 levels. Once you hear a question, you MUST answer it. If you set up the Lie Detector as 'False', you leave with nothing.
Ty has 3 people joining us - his wife Catia, and his friends April and Marquez are in the audience. And the first question in the very first episode is...

1 Have you ever cancelled an appointment with a client when you say you're sick when you really weren't?

Gordon: Ty says yes. The Lie Detector confirms it. He's got one right. he needs to get 6 right for $10,000.
Alex: This show really brings back memories of "The Chair", which is hands down one of my favorite game shows of this decade. If there's one thing to be proud of for this show, it's that they go through a ton of questions in a row.
Gordon: Next one...

2 Have you ever admired yourself in the mirror after taking a shower?

Joe: Going with the funny ones first, I guess.
Gordon: Ty says yes. The Lie Detector says...True. 2 down. 4 to go.
Don: Heh.

3 Have you hit someone else's car and not left a note?

Gordon: Ty says yes. the friends don't seem too shocked. The Lie Detector confirms it and he's done with 3. Catia is excited and nervous. Now Mark introduces the friends to a button that they can press if they do NOT want to know the answer. That question is replaced and the button can only be used once.
Don: Interesting idea.
Joe: Ooh. Cool.
Alex: I'm guessing it's used very rarely, and I can see why. Some of these questions I'd just want to know the answer to.
Gordon: Maybe like this one...

4 When you were in college, did you ever get a passing grade just because you were on the football team?

Gordon: Ty says No....The Lie Detector says....True. We continue...

5 Do you think you're the best looking of all your friends?

Gordon: Ty says yes. His friends don't seem too shocked by it and the Lie Detector says True
Don: I'm not surprised, either.
Gordon: For the money question, there is a special guest asking it - That person - ex-football player Rodney Peete.

6 As a football player, did you ever sneak a peek at another player's privates while taking a shower?

Don: Whoa.
Joe: WHOA.
Gordon: Ty says....yes.
Alex: haha
Gordon: The Lie Detector says it's true and Ty wins $10,000. Ty says that you never know who to make fun of if you don't.
Joe: Hey, Rodney, why don't you go back to the Best Damn Sports Show Period set and tell 'em to stop making stupid Top 50 countdown shows, will ya please? And tell Rob to stop Dibbling on the carpet.
Gordon: Now Ty can leave with $10,000. He has another 5 questions to answer to get to $25,000.
Alex: I'm somewhat shocked they don't put some sort of audible/visible heart beat meter, like "Paranoia"
Gordon: So we hit the first commercial break. Thoughts?
Joe: Interesting questions so far.
Alex: Do you think it's the end of the world like the game show fanbase is making it seem like? I never thought it was.
Gordon: I hate to say this, but I like the show.
Alex: I really enjoy it a lot. It's a fun mix of a talk and game show.
Don: I gotta admit that this show is looking good so far.
Joe: I'll wait to hear a really REALLY evil question before I start to hate on this show.
Gordon: And we're back.
Joe: I'll bet Mark L. is on full Russian Roulette mode for this show.

7 If Catia developed a flabby stomach, would you encourage her to get liposuction?

Don: Wow.
Gordon: Ty says yes. The disembodied woman says True, and he continues on. Catia thought he'd say no. Oops.
Joe: Whoa.

8 Have you ever suspected one of your friend of making a play at Catia?

Gordon: Ty says...yes. The voice says True, and we continue on.
Don: Oh, boy...
Gordon: Ty says that the key word was 'suspected'. Catia does not look too pleased.

9 Have you ever had sexual relations with someone the very same day you met them?

Gordon: Ty says yes. The disembodied voice says true. Catia is NOT clapping.
Alex: Understandably
Joe: Gee I wonder why.
Gordon: NOW she looks unhappy, though I suspect that most people have done it - especially during the early 20's. He is an athlete, don't you know.

10 Is there something that you have done that could cause Catia not to trust you?

Gordon: Now we have a long pause. Ty says yes and the audience starts booing. Catia says she wants to know what as the disembodied voice says True.
Don: I can't blame her.
Joe: Maybe that's the next question...
Gordon: Ty says that he's digging a hole. Mark reminds him that he needs one more question for $25,000. For $25,000....

11 Since you've been married, have you used the internet to flirt with other women?

Don: Oh, I'd hope not.
Joe: So would Catia.
Gordon: The friends say no. Ty says no. The disembodied voice says...True.
Joe: Good man.
Gordon: Ty may be wacky, but he's not a moron.
Don: Catia seems relieved.
Gordon: Catia is very relieved. Ty has $25,000. He is more than halfway to $500,000. Ty needs 4 questions for $100,000. Ty says he's revealed too much to stop.
Joe: lol
Don: Heh.
Gordon: Catia is not comfortable, but she's curious. Heh heh heh Ty wants kids. Catia...not too much. She may want them even less after this question...

12 Do you think you've delayed having children because you're not sure if Catia will be your life long partner?

Joe: Say no, boy.
Gordon: Catia wonders if she should press the button that would block Ty from answering the question, but the friends talk her out of it.
Joe: Please say no.
Gordon: Maybe she should have - Ty says yes.
Don: Yipes.
Joe: Butthead.
Gordon: The voice says True, and Ty is on his way. NOW Catia isn't sure that she wants to hear the questions. April, Ty's friend, asks her if this is worth $100,000. Catia says to keep going, because she wants to know.
Joe: Evil game. And we haven't gotten to the really nasty stuff methinks.
Gordon: Its evil. But do you like it?
Alex: Oh yeah.
Don: Evil, but strangely intriguing.
Joe: I feel kinda icky at the moment, actually. I can see why the rest of the game cognoscenti, especially the older viewers don't like this idea. It's REALLY evil.
Gordon: Next question...

13 As a personal trainer, have you touched a female client more than was required of you?

Gordon: Ty says no. The lie detector says...FALSE
Don: Whoa.
Gordon: Ty tries to defend himself by stating that when you're training people, you have to physically touch them. Catia, who clearly is not buying what Ty is selling does not look happy.
Joe: One lie and down you go.
Gordon: Ty leaves with nothing. On the way out, Ty tries to kiss his wife, but the look on her face makes it apparent that she'd rather be kissed by any of the squid over at Seaworld.
Don: Heh.
Gordon: Next up - George Ortuzar. He's a 46 year old who works at a horse racetrack. Joining him in the circle of friends are Uncle Pedro, Lily the girlfriend and Mike the boss. I don't think you should necessarily have the boss show up at this sort of show.
Joe: I have to agree.
Don: Same here.
Gordon: And we

1 Have you ever gone through a co-worker's belonging without their knowledge.

Gordon: Well, that's going to set the tone early. George says Yes, The Lie Detector says True and he's on his way.
Don: There's a good reason for not bringing the boss to this show.
Gordon: George says that it wasn't Mike's stuff and Mike says that they'll talk about it later. George says that he had to go get a phone number. Mike looks just as amused as Catia did with Ty. I'm sensing George may not have a job at the end of this.
Alex: lol. They could really use a visible heart monitor on this show.
Gordon: George says he was an altar boy. Ok, then....

2 Have you ever had a sexual fantasy while attending mass?

Gordon: George says yes and the Lie Detector says true.
Don: Heh.
Gordon: George says that everyone does it. I have to agree with George on this one. I don't think that second question is intimidating.
Don: Well, it is early in the game.

3 Do you consider yourself to be better looking than most men your age?

Gordon: He says Yes. Confident guy. The Lie Detector says...True.
Joe: lol

4 Are you currently a member of the Hair Club for Men?

Joe: Oh man.
Gordon: He says yes, and of course he's telling the truth. Lily says he looks great and Mike, who is almost bald on top, is laughing.

5 Have you ever considered you might be addicted to gambling?

Gordon: He says definitely yes and the lie detector says true. He says that it's affected him in the past and that he's had issues. Maybe it's not the brightest idea in the world to have a job at the racetrack.
Don: Nope.
Gordon: He says that Lily handles the money in the house. Wise move.

6 Do you have a bank account your girlfriend doesn't know about?

Don: If so, she'll know now.
Gordon: George says no. The detector says....True. And George has $10,000. NOW George can leave at any time - BUT, if he hears a question, he MUST answer it. George the gambler of course says he will go for it.
Joe: I'd have bailed out by now myself.
Don: BTW, that's a rather interesting money tree (or pyramid, in this case) they have for this game... 6 Questions for $10,000 - 5 Questions for $25,000 - 4 Questions for $100,000 - 3 Questions for $250,000 - 2 Questions for $350,000 - 1 Question for $500,000

Don: Makes me wonder if anyone would want to eventually risk $350,000 to gain another $150,000 - If they get that far, that is.

7 Have you ever padded your underwear to look more endowed?

Gordon: George says yes and the lie detector says True.
Don: lol
Gordon: And we're out of time.
Joe: Whew.
Gordon: We'll see if George can continue the journey next week. Now...will you guys be joining me next week?
Alex: Definitely
Joe: Probably not. I'd rather see Mark L. doing a new series of Russian Roulette, but maybe that's just me.
Don: Sure, why not? I found the show to be quite intriguing. Turned out better than I thought.
Gordon: I liked it. Maybe I'm just sick, but I liked it. And we'll all see you in 7 days. This is Gordon Pepper, saying to spread the love - and the truth. Good night, everybody!