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Today is

The Underground Railroad - July 10

The 7 teams start at the Diamond District Breakfast Inn in Boston, Mass.
At 5:45AM they get their next clue from Laird. The 4th clue will be found after you decode one of the most secret journeys in the history of the United States. The first clue is outside their door. Outside their door is Brooklyn Times. Everyone leaves and books to their cars and after reading the paper they see an article written by Walt Whitman about the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel in Brooklyn, NY located at the corner of Atlantic and Court Streets. (Recapper's Note: I worked in that area and know exactly where that is. It looks like they filmed this last summer.)

The Miss USA team calls the Ex-CIA team. The Browns while reading the article figure out that this challenge may be about the Underground Railroad. The Geniuses belittle Sam, an overweight asthmatic. He knows that he slows them down and hates when the other members of the team make fun of him. They argue amongst each other as well as the Southies. The Air Force Team is in fifth, and the Fogals are behind them. The Miss USA team are first to the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel.
The only way they can go down is through a manhole. They go down. As they go down, a street performer starts singing a song called "Follow The Drinking Gourd". They get a clue from Laird telling them that this is an underground rail tunnel written by Walt Whitman. He has left a message somewhere in this tunnel. If you find it, you will find your next destination. We see, and they see, a lot of messages written on walls.
The Brown family is lost. The Miss USA team sees a ton of Civil War Memorabilia and an American Flag. They choose to memorize some of the messages on the wall, instead of taking a wrapped parcel which they had in hand. They leave the tunnel without the parcel--which was the clue.
Sam feels left out as the AF/Geniuses/Southies are tied for 2nd. They all go down and they find the parcel which is a book, a wrapped flag of "Don't Tread on Me", a pair of glasses and a copy of the poem "Follow The Drinking Gourd". Wearing the glasses, they look at the flag and see the words BENEVENTUM GEORGETOWN, SC. The Miss USA team, seeing what the other teams came out with go back down and get the parcel.
But the game changes here. Laird calls the teams that have the parcel and says that there is a $30,000 treasure for the first team to reach one of the destinations on this challenge. The Geniuses say the game changes. Southies are 1st and Geniuses are 2nd...Miss USA are 4th and stay in the alliance with the EX-CIA, who are 5th. Fogals are 6th and the Browns are last. They have to head 708 miles away to the Beneventum Plantation and Georgetown, SC. The Miss USA are tired and smelly, but go on. Southies are first, and are mentally drained by being in the car all this time. The Fogals are 2nd. The superimposed Genworth Financial clue on the highway, "Match the Tune with an early drinking song".
Southies are first to the plantation and hear that same song on a Victrola. The Motorola message from Laird tells them that this was the home of the "Don't Tread on Me" flag created by Christopher Gaston. And this was part of a trail called the Underground Railroad. They have to go to the Flag trunk and grab a key and a flag quilt. The quilt were imbedded with symbols and coded maps. Find the right order to follow the trail through miles of swamp to get to 6 boxes. They have to recreate the poem "Follow The Drinking Gourd". The first team to get a certain box will get the $30,000.
(Recapper's Note #2: Here is the poem with an explanation as to the code.
The weather is 101 degrees, with 98% humidity in a swamp. Nasty. EX CIA are 2nd while the Fogels are 3rd. Margie figures out that the poem has to do with the map. Geniuses/Miss USA tied for 4th. Air Force are 6th. EX CIA find a box, but the key doesn't open it, but they mark it on the GPS. Air Force are ready for this due to their survival training. Miss USA and Geniuses are trudging through the unforgiving swamp. Browns are last.
The EX-CIA arrive at the SUN box and open it to find more keys. They start to realize the order of the boxes. Fogals and Southies bump into each other and decide to work with each other as well as the Air Force/Miss USA. "Nothing had prepared us for the difficulty of the swamps."--Miss USA. Southies/Fogals 2nd to the Sun Box. Ex-CIA are the first to the QUAIL box. Air Force/Miss USA are fourth. Southies and Fogals are tied for 2nd and one of the Southies said they feel for the slaves that tried to escape during the "1700's". Uh, the underground railroad was in the mid 1800's. Please do your research. The Geniuses are 6th at the Sun Box.
The Southies look on as Katie Fogal pulls a massive drama queen fit. "I can't go on!" she cries. Brad Fogals said that Katie needed to "push through the pain. I didn't see any blood." She screams that she wants to quit. The Southies say that if they pulled a stunt like this that they would have been left in the swamp. Air Force/Miss USA are tied for fourth. Geniuses say Sam isn't used to this physical activity.
The EX-CIA team are first to the OLD MAN box. Laird calls them and says the team has a decision to make. The next part of the journey has to take place by boat. But the boat only takes 2 people. They have to decide if they go back for the third member or have two people and take a three hour penalty. "What's more precious--Time or Team?"
Southie/Fogals are 2nd. The Southies go in as 3 and will win as three. Katie screams, "I Can't Go ON!" And she begs them to leave her behind. The Browns are last, and one team member tears a muscle in the swamp. Air Force/Miss USA are 4th at the Old Man Box. Air Force are going to go as 3. Katie is still whining and crying as the Ex-CIA returns for Todd. Geniuses are 6th. Southies get Matthew and the Fogals(stupidly) return and get Katie. Her Mom couldn't leave her behind. AF return for Matt.
The Ex-CIA and Southies are 1-2 to find the next box and the money...and the EX-CIA open the box first and see coins which represents the $30,000. They are told to take the coins and need to get to the safe house with the American flag. One member of the Brown is out medically with a torn muscle. Tonny Brown wants to continue the hunt and make sure his torn muscle wasn't in vain.
The Geniuses are 6th at the OLD MAN box. They leave Sam behind and take the boat to the next part of the hunt....on the boat they discuss whether to take Sam along or not, knowing he is a hindrance...
Do the Geniuses take Sam along? Will Katie survive the hot swamps of SC? And who will be the next team eliminated from the hunt on Treasure Hunters!

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