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June 10


Twenty-four stars of the culinary world have come together on a common battlefield to play the Top Chef game for charity

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Kelly Choi
Judges Gael Greene
James Oseland
Jay Rayner
Gail Simmons
Creators Dan Cutforth
Jane Lipsitz (based upon "Top Chef")
EP Dan Cutforth
Jane Lipsitz
Shauna Minoprio
Andrew Cohen
Dave Serwatka
Packager Magical Elves for Bravo
Origins Los Angeles
Airs 10p Wed, Bravo
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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The Lost Supper
June 17

Last time, we met the first of 24 superstar chefs as they were taken back to school. Hubert Keller ended up schooling the other three and earned a spot in the Champions Round.

Tonight's Masterclass is...

Graham Elliot Bowles
chef/owner, Graham Elliot
"punk rock"
American Heart Association
Suzanne Tracht
Los Angeles
chef/owner, Jar
West Coast American
Wylie Dufresne
New York City
chef/owner, WD50
Molecular Gastronomy
Autism Speaks
Elizabeth Falkner
San Francisco
chef/owner, Citizen Cake & Orson
Pastry Chef
The Edible Schoolyard

Quickfire Challenge: Hope you have a roll of quarters. From season 2, create an amuse-bouche from ingredients in a vending machine. Judging are three people with some experience in this area: Ilan Hall, betty Betty Fraser & Michael Midgley, three players from the original Vending Machine Quickfire.

The results after thirty minutes... Wylie can't stop saying the f-bomb.

WYLIE: Red Onion & Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Dr. Pepper Reduction. Presentation is lovely, but the sauce is overreduced and as a result, it solidified.

SUZANNE: Fried Shallot Rings with Microgreen Salad & Dr. Pepper Aioli. It's fun and yummy.

ELIZABETH: Braised Beef Jerky with Orange, Lemon & Horseradish Ice Cream. Michael calls it "a wonderful thing". The flavors don't work for Betty.

GRAHAM: Tuna Salad with Pickled Shallot, Ginger Orange Bubbled & Beef Jerky Miso Powder. It's described as "a tuna salad that came from an Ivy League School." It's clean, simple... Good.

The scores...

Elizabeth: 3.5
Graham: 4.5
Wylie: 3
Suzanne: TOP MARKS, 5 STARS!

Remember, only one chef will win $10,000 for charity. And 20 stars are up for grabs in the Elimination Challenge, so think positive.

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE: Before you are several tropical ingredients. You're going to use them to create a dinner for the creators and writers of one of Kelly's favorite shows... "Lost" (C-Note: Overrated.). The writers wanted to know what would happen if four star chefs were lost on an island. You will not get a pantry, but you will get $200 and a list to shop from approved by the Dharma Initiative.

They get 45 minutes and $200 at Whole Foods. Suzanne's biggest concern: no fresh herbs. Elizabeth is thinking about spice. Wylie and Graham... are excited to go shopping, drawing comparisons to "Mutt & Jeff". They have an ongoing rivalry, and they'd like to beat each other.

Back in the kitchen, they have two and a half hours to cook something for the "Lost" writers.

ELIZABETH: Ancho-Beer Braised Boar Loin Sous Vide, Coffee-Scented Poached Boar Loin, Yam Papaya Pudding.

GRAHAM: Trio of Tuna (Maki Roll with Tuna & Dehydrated Pineapple, Tuna Nicoise, Tuna a la Plancha).

SUZANNE: Risotto with Uni, Clams & Prawns; Wild Boar Strip with Oyster Beer Sauce; Mango Corn Salad

WYLIE: Roasted Chicken with Poached Egg, Beets with Dried Corn, Plantain Puree

Judging the dinners tonight will be Gael Greene, James Oseland, and Jay Rayner. Also judging are Damon Lindelof (co-creator), Carlton Cuse (EP), and the writing staff of "Lost".

And in the kitchen, it's a race against time. Elizabeth went over due to the fact that she didn't hear a "time's uuuuuuuuup."

First up, Elizabeth's dinner. The challenge: can you make boar taste good? You can, apparently. The plating, though, was "confusing". A little more saucing might have helped.

Next up, it's Graham. His dishes are really good. They work beautifully.

Wylie's plate is next. He forgets chicken on James' plate. Not good. One of the writers has two chickens. Woops.

Finally, Suzanne's dish. She can't remember her own dish. Heh.

After getting lost, we find ourselves at the Critics Table. Wylie went with chicken and wanted to come up with something using fresh eggs as well. His eggs were slow-cooked in a water bath, and it turned out delicious. Graham tied in his experiences living on Hawaii or Miami and stuff. He likes giving an earthy profile. The judges loved how everything worked. Elizabeth likes having a lot of techniques in the pastry world and using it in the savory mode. The pudding was a challenge to her, but the judges thought that the texture reminded them of baby food. All in all, the plate was very dry. Suzanne loves to cook for a lot of people. She produced a little happy family style. The boar was well-cooked, and the sea-urchin was delicate.

Now the judges go to score. They all took to the challenge very well, and the results were an evocation of what they did well.

Graham had 4.5 stars going in. The diners gave him 4.5 as well. The judges... another 11.5 for 20.5 stars.

Wylie had 3 stars. The diners....3.5. James is the only one to give him perfect marks. Overall, the judges give him ... 13.5 for a total of 20. Not enough to beat Graham.

Elizabeth had 3.5 stars. The diners give her another 3.5. The judges... 9.5 for a total of 16.5...

So it's all on Suzanne. She led with 5. Diners.. 4.5. She needs at least 11 stars from the judges to tie, 11.5 to win this round. The judges give her... 13 to win with a score of 22.5! Her charity will receive $10,000 and she's going on to the Champions Round.

Next week, six more chefs... another classic Quickfire... and another place in the Champions Round filled. Until then... tip the veal, try the waitress.

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