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August 6 (1)

Three strangers have a chance at thousands of dollars... but there's one thing standing in their way. The Chaser.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Brooke Burns
Chaser Mark "The Beast" Labbett
Announcer Shawn Parr
Creators Danny Carvalho
Pete Faherty
Chris Gepp
Elliot Johnson
Matt Pritchard
Amanda Wilson
EP Bob Boden
Michael Kelpie
Martin Scott
Packager ITV Studios America for GSN Originals
Origins Hollywood Production Center; Los Angeles
Web gsntv.com/shows/thechase
Airs 9p ET Tues, GSN

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August 6

So far, the Beast has made afterthoughts of one team of contestants, but it's a new game, and it's a new team of players matching wits. If they survive, it could mean tens of thousands of dollars.

Tonight's trio of runners are...

Alexandria, VA
MBA graduate
valedictorian of her college class
Cory Anotado
graphics designer
in the game show fandom, he is "Pacdude"
chess master

The game is played in three rounds, and each runner will play all the first two. Round 1 is the Cash Builder Round. Brooke will ask each Runner rapid fire questions for one minute worth $5000 each. The money they win in this round is put on an eight-space game board for Round 2, the Chase Round. The Runner can stay where they are, but if they step one space away from the Chaser, they will play for a lesser amount, but will have less questions to answer. If they take one step TOWARDS the Chaser, they will play for bigger money, but will have to answer more questions correctly. Compounding that, if the Chaser answers a question correctly, HE will move one step down on the board. If a Runner gets caught before he or she banks the money, they - AND THE MONEY - are out of the game. But if they bank the cash, they will move on to the Final Chase, where the team will compete against the Beast one more time for an equal share of the bank.

First up, we have JONATHAN, a chess master who teaches the game in elementary school. If he wins, he's going to take his students to the nationals.

CASH BUILDER: 8 out of 12 for $40,000.

 BANK          $40,000      

If Jonathan wants to move one step towards the bank and take the easy way to the cash, Mark will offer... $20,000. If he wants to play hardball and step up to the Beast, he plays for... $90,000.

Jonathan is a gamer. HE'S GOING FOR IT! So for $90,000... THE CHASE... IS ON!

If working in an old factory ruined your olfactory receptors, what sense was most affected?
Sight Hearing Smell
 BANK           $90,000   CHASER

Jonathan: Smell
Beast: 35

Which is NOT one of the "Four Corners" states
Utah Colorado Wyoming
 BANK          $90,000   CHASER  

Jonathan: Wyoming
CORRECT: Wyoming
Beast: Wyoming

Ecuador and El Salvador used what monetary unit as their official currency?
The US dollar The peso The bolivar
 BANK        $90,000   CHASER    

Jonathan: The US dollar
CORRECT: The US dollar
Beast: The US dollar

If your dog runs over to the dining room table and takes a pupu, what's he stolen?
An appetizer A side dish A dessert
 BANK      $90,000   CHASER      

Jonathan: An appetizer
CORRECT: An appetizer
Beast: A dessert

What horse race was named in honor of the colt who won the Dinner Party Stakes in 1870?
Belmont Preakness Kentucky Derby
 BANK    $90,000     CHASER      

Jonathan: Preakness
CORRECT: Preakness
Beast: Preakness

Which singer had a song in the Billboard Top 40 every year from 1970 to 1999?
Billy Joel Elton John Michael Jackson
 BANK $90,000     CHASER        

Jonathan: Elton John
CORRECT: Elton John (BANK: $90,000)

Jonathan banks the cash and we're on our way. Next up, a friend of game shows, a friend of this site, and a friend of ours, it's CORY, a game show nerd who wants to put a ring on the lovely and talented Liz.

CASH BUILDER: 7 out of 12 for $35,000. That's enough for a decent-sized diamond. If he wants to move closer to the bank, he'll play for a ribbing from Gordon Pepper and $15,000. If he wants to move to the Kardashian-sized diamond, he'll have to step up to the Beast and play for $70,000. Cory... will take the sure thing. For $35,000... The Chase... is on!

Which of these subatomic particles has a positive electron charge?
Electron Neutron Proton
 BANK          $35,000     CHASER

(C-Note: That should read "positive electrical charge", but I'm not paid to write the questions, so...)

Cory: Proton
Beast: Proton

Which is not an official Mattel Barbie doll?
Totally Stylin' Tattoos Barbie Cat Burglar Barbie Beauty School Dropout Barbie
 BANK        $35,000     CHASER  

Cory: Beauty School Dropout Barbie
CORRECT: Beauty School Dropout Barbie
Beast: Beauty School Dropout Barbie

Which of these originated as a Coney Island amusement park ride in the late 1800s?
Elevator Escalator Glass-bottom boat
 BANK      $35,000     CHASER    

Cory: Escalator
CORRECT: Escalator
Beast: Elevator

Which of the following horror movie franchises had the most films?
Friday the 13th Halloween A Nightmare on Elm Street?
 BANK    $35,000     CHASER      

Cory: A Nightmare on Elm Street
CORRECT: Friday the 13th
Beast: Friday the 13th

If you're a bird watcher with a fondness for brown boobies, where would you find a wild pair?
Nassau Toronto Zurich
 BANK   $35,000   CHASER        

Cory: Toronto
Beast: Nassau

In the famous "Monkey Trial" of 1925, John T. Scopes was found guilty of what?
Drug trafficking Cruelty to animals Teaching evolution
 BANK   $35,000 CHASER          

Cory: Teaching evolution
CORRECT: Teaching evolution
Beast: Teaching evolution

In 1997, Kleberg County, Texas said "hell no" to "Hello", designating what as their new greeting?
Heck-o Heaven-o Halo
 BANK $35,000 CHASER            

Cory: Heaven-o
CORRECT: Heaven-o (BANK: $125,000)

Now it's all on HEATHER, an MBA grad who LOVES tests and quizzes. She should feel right at home, then. If she wins, she's going on a tour of the world. Maybe she'll run into the other three Chasers in the UK.

CASH BUILDER: 11 out of 13 for $55,000. "The better they are, the better I like it." But still, she can play the safe route for $25,000, stay where she is, or... "Let's make this interesting. $110,000 says you can't beat me."

She may be better, but she's not cocky. Heather stays put, and the Chase is on....

Men's Health says playing what aboriginal instrument can relieve sleep apnea
A banarang A wungawunga A didgeridoo
 BANK          $55,000     CHASER

Heather: A didgeridoo
CORRECT: A didgeridoo
Beast: A didgeridoo

Unearthed in the '70s, China's favorite army of sculpted warriors are made of what material?
Stone Terra cotta Wood
 BANK        $55,000     CHASER  

Heather: Terra cotta
CORRECT: Terra cotta
Beast: Terra cotta

Which actor appeared in three Best Picture Oscar-winners?
Sidney Poitier Denzel Washington Morgan Freeman
 BANK      $55,000     CHASER    

Heather: Denzel Washington
CORRECT: Morgan Freeman
Beast: Morgan Freeman

What was the first man-made fiber?
Nylon Rayon Polyester
 BANK      $55,000   CHASER      

Heather: Nylon
Beast: Rayon

What 730-square-mile southern US lake has an average depth of only about 10 feet?
Lake of the Ozarks Lake Ponchartrain Lake Okeechobee
 BANK      $55,000 CHASER        

Heather: Lake Okeechobee
CORRECT: Lake Okeechobee.
Beast: Lake Ponchartrain. Heather stays alive...

Apollo 12 astronaut and artist Alan Bean uses what material in his out-of-this-world paintings?
Pieces of his helmet Meteorite scrapings Moon dust
 BANK   $55,000   CHASER        

Heather: Meteorite scrapings
CORRECT: Moon dust
Beast: Moon dust

When first created in 1967 in San Francisco, what was called "The Pleasure Pit"?
The discotheque The bean bag chair The water bed
 BANK    $55,000 CHASER          

Heather: The waterbed
CORRECT: The waterbed
Beast: The bean bag chair. Heather's safe again...

All the Grammys Elvis Presley ever won were in what genre?
Rock Blues Gospel
 BANK $55,000   CHASER          

Heather: Gospel
CORRECT: Gospel (BANK: $180,000)

All three of our Runners are through to the Final Chase with $180,000 in the kitty. Which means that if they do this right, each one could win $60,000. But like they say, it's only half over, now the real business begins.


The Runners will get rapid-fire questions for 2 minutes. For each correct response they buzz in with, they will move one step ahead of the Beast. There are three people playing this Final Chase, so they will begin with an automatic three step head-start.

For $180,000, the Final Chase... IS ON!

Heather: 1 for 1
Cory: 10 for 13
Jonathan: 4 for 7

Time runs out before Jonathan gets on the buzzer, but they rack up an amazing 18-step advantage on the Chaser! But is it good enough? Mark will now have 2 minutes to answer as many questions as HE can. Every correct answer puts him one step closer to the Runners. If he answers a question INCORRECTLY, the clock stops and the question is thrown to the Runners. If they answer the question correctly, they will push the Beast back ONE step. If Mark catches the Runners before two minutes is out, then the Final Chase is over, and the Runners leave with nothing. If Mark fails to catch the Runners in time, then the Runners will get an equal share of $180,000, $60,000 a piece! This would be a record payout by a GSN original series.

It's time for the FINAL CHASE!

Beast: STOPPED at 2 (1:45)

- Anne Elliott is the heroine of what Jane Austen novel? They go with "Emma"... but it was "Persuasion". No movement.

Beast: STOPPED at 6 (1:20)

- Who directed the movie "Star Trek Into Darkness"? JJ Abrams... IS RIGHT! Beast is pushed back to 5.

Beast: STOPPED at 5 (1:16)

- On what Rio de Janeiro mountain peak does the Christ the Redeemer statue stand? The team says... Areciba... But it was Corcovado. No movement.

Beast: STOPPED at 9 (:51)

- What type of cheese is in a traditional Monte Cristo sandwich? "I had a Monte Cristo for dinner last night. It's Swiss." GOOD JOB CORY! Beast is pushed to 8. Mark has to run out and has only 51 seconds to do it.

Beast: STOPPED at 10 (:36)

- Mark Zuckerberg was famously sued by of twins with what last name? Jonathan says "Winklevoss?" IS RIGHT! Beast pushed back to 9, and has 36 seconds...

Beast: STOPPED at 9 (:32)

- What Greek philosopher said, "The whole is more than the sum of its parts"? Plato... Aristotle. And Cory had it. No movement.


So Jonathan, Cory, and Heather take home $60,000 each in one of the most thrilling Final Chases on EITHER side of the Atlantic!

Hope you enjoyed the two-hour premiere, and stay tuned, because this "Chase" is JUST getting started.

Follow the action with a rotating panel of game show experts at "The Chasecast" on CLW83.com. If you would like to become a contestant on "The Chase", go to ChaseCasting.com. For more information on the show, go to gsntv.com