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Three strangers have a chance at thousands of dollars... but there's one thing standing in their way. The Chaser.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Brooke Burns
Chaser Mark "The Beast" Labbett
Announcer Shawn Parr
Creators Danny Carvalho
Pete Faherty
Chris Gepp
Elliot Johnson
Matt Pritchard
Amanda Wilson
EP Bob Boden
Michael Kelpie
Martin Scott
Packager ITV Studios America for GSN Originals
Origins Hollywood Production Center; Los Angeles
Web gsntv.com/shows/thechase
Airs 9p ET Tues, GSN

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Clyde/Lisa/James Premiere
August 6

He has an IQ of 155. He is one of the greatest trivia champions in the world. He stands 6 foot 7, 370 pounds, mostly brain. He's a mathematician and teacher with degrees from Oxford and Exeter. He has single-handedly denied many unfortunate Britons hundreds of thousands of dollars. His name is Mark Labbett. They call him "The Beast", and for good reason. And tonight, he invades America.

Three complete strangers have the unenviable task of competing against this sultan of stat. If they have the knowledge, the courage, and the speed, they could win hundreds of thousands of dollars. All they have to do is survive... THE CHASE.

Tonight's trio of runners are...

Clyde Wheeler
Silver Spring, MD
owns a dry cleaner's
started his own business at 30
Evanston, IL
opera singer
masters in voice and opera from Northwestern
Kennesaw, GA
landscape gardener
captain of college bowl quiz team

The game is played in three rounds, and each runner will play all the first two. Round 1 is the Cash Builder Round. Brooke will ask each Runner rapid fire questions for one minute worth $5000 each. The money they win in this round is put on an eight-space game board for Round 2, the Chase Round. The Runner can stay where they are, but if they step one space away from the Chaser, they will play for a lesser amount, but will have less questions to answer. If they take one step TOWARDS the Chaser, they will play for bigger money, but will have to answer more questions correctly. Compounding that, if the Chaser answers a question correctly, HE will move one step down on the board. If a Runner gets caught before he or she banks the money, they - AND THE MONEY - are out of the game. But if they bank the cash, they will move on to the Final Chase, where the team will compete against the Beast one more time for an equal share of the bank.

First up, it's JAMES, a landscape gardener who wants to backpack through South America.

CASH BUILDER: 5 out of 11 for $25,000.

 BANK          $25,000      

If James wants to move one step towards the bank, The Beast will offer "The Chicken Option, 10 grand." If he wants to gamble, Mark will offer $60,000.

James elects... to STAY where he is. And with that, for the first time on American television... THE CHASE... IS ON!

How much is 2 cubed plus 3 cubed?
15 35 97
 BANK          $25,000     CHASER

James: 35
Beast: 35

Created by Sir Henry Cole, the first commercial Christmas card depicted a family, including their child, doing what?
Decorating a tree Praying at the table Drinking wine
 BANK        $25,000     CHASER  

James: Praying at the table
CORRECT: Drinking wine
Beast: Drinking wine

In 2012, whose book, "Like A Virgin," was finally released?
Joe Jonas Richard Branson Madonna
 BANK        $25,000   CHASER    

James: Richard Branson
CORRECT: Richard Branson
Beast: Joe Jonas

The Miami Marlins Baseball Park has what unusual object directly behind home plate?
The world's largest TV screen A fish tank A BBQ pit
 BANK      $25,000     CHASER    

James: A fish tank
CORRECT: A fish tank
Beast: World's largest TV screen

Of these champagne bottle sizes, which is the biggest?
Balthazar Methuselah Nebuchadnezzar
 BANK    $25,000       CHASER    

James: Methuselah
CORRECT: Nebuchadnezzar
Beast: Nebuchadnezzar

If the band the Black Keys counted all the black keys on a standard piano, how many will they find?
20 28 36
 BANK    $25,000     CHASER      

James: 36
Beast: 36

The highest-rated news interview in TV history occurred between Barbara Walters and whom?
Richard Nixon OJ Simpson Monica Lewinsky
 BANK  $25,000     CHASER        

James: Richard Nixon
CORRECT: Monica Lewinsky
Beast: Monica Lewinsky

Which national observance takes place during Black History Month?
Flag Day Arbor Day Groundhog Day
 BANK  $25,000   CHASER          

James: Groundhog Day
CORRECT: Groundhog Day (BANK: $25,000)

James banks his cash and will move to the Final Chase. Now it's up to LISA to join him. She's an opera singer.

CASH BUILDER: 6 for 11 for $30,000. If she takes the easy way, Mark will serenade her with an offer of $15,000. If you want to gamble... ".... Think how much $75,000 will do for your career."

Lisa stays at the $30,000, and the Chase is on...

In the 1450s, what was the first book printed by Johannes Gutenberg using movable type?
The Bible Dante's Inferno The Canterbury Tales
 BANK          $30,000     CHASER

Lisa: The Bible
CORRECT: The Bible
Beast: The Bible

During the Vietnam War, which Asian country was headed by a Ho?
Laos North Vietnam South Vietnam
 BANK        $30,000     CHASER  

Lisa: North Vietnam
CORRECT: North Vietnam
Beast: North Vietnam

The first name of which celebrity child means "pickpocket" in Japanese and "horse mackerels" in Italian?
Suri Cruise Moxie Crimefighter Jillette Kal-El Coppola Cage
 BANK      $30,000     CHASER    

Lisa: Suri Cruise
CORRECT: Suri Cruise
Beast: Suri Cruise

If you're getting a Garra Rufa pedicure, what's nibbling on your feet?
Fish Beetles Turtles
 BANK   $30,000     CHASER      

Lisa: Fish
Beast: Fish

At 7359 feet, "The Beast" if the world's longest wooden what?
Picket fence Roller coaster Drawbridge
 BANK $30,000     CHASER        

Lisa: Roller coaster
CORRECT: Roller coaster (BANK: $55,000)

Finally, it's up to Clyde to build to that bank. Like the Beast, he likes comic books. If he wins the money, he's going to the World Series of Poker.

CASH BUILDER: 6 out of 11 for $30,000. He can stay there... If he takes the safe route... "Entry fee into the Main Event of the World Series of Poker, $10,000." If he wants to play ball... "You're a gambler, so gamble. $95,000 SAYS YOU CAN'T BEAT ME!"

Clyde is GOING ALL-IN! For $95,000, the Chase is on...

In the Harry Potter books, what term is used to refer to the non-magical population?
Muggles Gringotts Dumbledores
 BANK           $95,000   CHASER

Clyde: Muggles
CORRECT: Muggles
Beast: Muggles

Which of these women does NOT have any children
Halle Berry Salma Hayek Zoe Saldana
 BANK         $95,000   CHASER  

Clyde: Halle Berry
CORRECT: Zoe Saldana
Beast: Zoe Saldana

Which of these won the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize?
Aung San Suu Kyi Doctors Without Borders The European Union
 BANK          $95,000 CHASER    

Clyde: Doctors Without Borders
CORRECT: The European Union
Beast: The European Union

And with that, Clyde... the Chase is OVER. But we do have Lisa, we do have James, and we do have $55,000 to play for.


Lisa and James will get rapid-fire questions for 2 minutes. For each correct response they buzz in with, they will move one step ahead of the Beast. There are two people playing this Final Chase, so they will begin with an automatic two steps.

For $55,000, the Final Chase... IS ON!

Lisa: 5 for 8
James: 6 for 12

The team ends up with a total of 13 steps. A modest score... But is it enough? Mark will now have 2 minutes to answer as many questions as HE can. Every correct answer puts him one step closer to the Runners. If he answers a question INCORRECTLY, the clock stops and the question goes to the Runners. If they answer the question correctly, they will push the Beast back ONE step. If Mark catches the Runners before two minutes is out, then the Final Chase is over, and the Runners leave with nothing. If Mark fails to catch the Runners in time, then the Runners will get an equal share of $55,000, $27,500 a piece!

It's time for the FINAL CHASE!

Beast: STOPPED at 8 (1:19)

- Which of the Marx Brothers was the eldest? They go with Chico.... I know that guy. He's right! Beast is back to 7 with 1:19 to go.

Beast: STOPPED at 12 (:51)

- In what city did Osama bin Laden take his last breath? Abbottabad, Pakistan... is RIGHT. Beast is back to 11. The target is 13 with 51 seconds.

Beast: CATCHES at 13 (:40). First episode in, first victory for the Beast. James, Lisa.... THE FINAL CHASE IS OVER.


Follow the action with a rotating panel of game show experts at "The Chasecast" on CLW83.com. If you would like to become a contestant on "The Chase", go to ChaseCasting.com. For more information on the show, go to gsntv.com