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Teammates on the field of sport become teammates on the field of games.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN


Stuart Scott
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"The Episode Where Suns Rise and Bengals Catch a Cub" - April 19

Teamwork to be put to the ultimate test once again. These three are on the same team, but are they on the same page?

Today's set of teammates:
Amare Stoudamire & Quentin Richardson; the Phoenix Suns. One wants to be an actor, one wants to act rough on the court.
Carson Palmer & Chad Johnson; the Cincinnati Bengals. One majored in public policy, one's public policy is to get in your grill.
Ryan Dempster & Derrek Lee; the Chicago Cubs. Teammates before on the Marlins, teammates now on "Teammates."

Round 1: One on One

First up, Amare, Chad, and Ryan are sent to the ESPN locker room. Then Quentin, Carson, and Derrek have to predict how their teammates will answer questions. The teammates reunite, and matching answers win 15 points. Team with the most points at the end wins $30,000.

Question 1: You thought your teammate was tough until you found out he had a fear of...
Q: needles
Carson: "I never thought Chad was very tough." He says water.
Derrek: getting into the batter's box

Question 2: What is your teammate's favorite drink
Carson: "A Coke from McDonalds."
Derrek: Coors Light
Q: "He was a Kool-aid kid. Red Kool-aid. You know how we do it in the 'hood."

Question 3: Would your teammate say he looked better on the cover of ESPN The Magazine, GQ, or Playgirl?
Derrek: "First of all, it would take a lot to make him look better." GQ his answer.
Carson: Playgirl.

The teammates are back. Let's see who gets the match and who gets hit upside the head.

Question 1:
Amare: Needles. MATCH! 15 up right there.
Chad: Water. MATCH! Another 15.
Ryan: Spiders. No match.

Question 2:
Chad: "Coke. McDonald's." MATCH, and MATCH! Up to 30. "Three times a day?" Mickey D's run after the show.
Ryan: Bud Light. NO MATCH. Oh that's so not a match.
Amare: "I gotta have some Kool-Aid, man." MATCH. Up to 30.

Question 3:
Ryan: Playgirl. No match. And a story about spring training and skinny dipping...
Amare: "*arranges hair* Have to go with GQ." MATCH.
Chad: Playgirl. MATCH.

After round 1, the Cincinnati Bungles are actually ahead. Well, tied for first with the Suns. Each have the streak and 45. The Cubs... well, nothing new here. They have zero. Time for round 2 of One on One.

Question 1: If you and your teammate were on "The Sopranos", who would get whacked and who would get made?
Amare: Whacked, me. Made, Q.
Chad: Whacked, me. Made, Carson.
Ryan: Whacked, Derrek. Made, me. "He says I know everybody."

Question 2: If your teammate wasn't a football/baseball/basketball player, what would he do for a living?
Chad: basketball player
Ryan: basketball player
Amare: football player

Question 3: After a game, what will your teammate say he would kick back with; a good meal, a good book or a good movie?
Ryan: "He likes to eat." Good meal
Amare: Good meal. "Fried chicken."
Chad: Good meal.

Commercial break, then it's back to round 2... and back to Q, Carson, and Derrek.

Question 1:
Q: Made, Amare. Whacked, me. NO MATCH.
Carson: Made, me. Whacked, Chad. MATCH. Four for four.
Derrek: Whacked, Ryan. NO MATCH. "We're not really teammates"

Question 2:
Carson: basketball player. MATCH. Make that 5-for-5.
Derrek: "I know you said this, because me signed to UNC... Going to play for Dean Smith." MATCH for basketball, and the Cubs are on the board!
Q: actor. NO MATCH

Question 3:
Derrek: Good meal. MATCH.
Q: Good meal. MATCH.
Carson: Good meal. MATCH.

One on One is done and done, with the Bengals on top, 90 to the Suns' 60 and the Cubs' 30.

Now it's time for the final round, Two on Who? The teammates must work together to predict a third teammate's answer. Correct answers are worth 5 points. It's a timed round of one minute, and there are 40 points to be earned, so a lot of ground can be gained in a little time. Cubs can't win it, obviously, but they can take second.

First up: Derrek & Ryan. They need ... well, they just need to show up. Their teammate: pitcher Mark Prior. They match up on who's more likely to spoil a surprise party (Ryan), biggest joker (Ryan), the least mental capacity to store the playbook (Ryan), spends more time working out (Derrek), more likely to arrive late for practice (Ryan), more competitive (Derrek), more likely to have a sound byte for SportsCenter's Pump Up the Volume (Ryan)... and they miss the final. But they ran. If they played like that, we might've heard Stuart say "Cubs win! Cubs win!" Now... it's only about 35 points, 65 total, second place so far.

Next: Q & Amare. They need six to tie and seven to lead. Their teammate... guard/forward Joe Johnson. They match up on who's more likely to spoil a surprise party (Q), biggest joker (Q), the least mental capacity to store the playbook (Amare), more likely to arrive late for practice (Amare), and the more savvy business man (Q). Five right, 25 points... 85 total. Wah wah wahhhhh.

Finally: Chad & Carson. We're just killing time now. Stuart says they need to answer all eight to win. Heh. Yeah, right. Their teammate: wideout TJ Houshmandzadeh. They match up on biggest joker (Deltha O'Neal... Wha?), the least mental capacity to store the playbook (Chad), more likely to arrive late for practice (Chad), more likely to have a sound byte for SportsCenter's Pump Up the Volume (Chad), and... out of time... Does it really matter, though? Three right, 15 points, 105 total, yeah they had the $30K pocketed already.

That's it for Teammates. Until next week, hugs and handpounds. We out.

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