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Teammates on the field of sport become teammates on the field of games.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN


Stuart Scott
Packager: ESPN Original Entertainment
Airs: Tuesdays at 7:30pm ET on ESPN

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"The Episode Where Flyers Shock Saints" - April 14

Take one part "The Newlywed Game" and another part ESPN, and add Stuart Scott and what do you get? Hockey-season filler!

This is "Teammates", the show where famous teammates come together to play a good old-fashioned game show. Teamwork to be put to the ultimate test today, folks.

Today's set of teammates:
Jeremy Roenick & Sean Burke; the Philadelphia Flyers
Swin Cash & Cheryl Ford; the Detroit Shock
Deuce McAllister and Donte' Stallworth; the New Orleans Saints

Round 1: One on One

First up, Jeremy, Swin, and Deuce are sent to isolation at the most feared place in Bristol, the ESPN locker room. Then Sean, Cheryl, and Donte' have to predict how their teammates will answer questions posed by Stuart. The teammates reunite, and matching answers win 15 points. Team with the most points at the end wins $30,000.

Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so, too.

Question 1: Your teammate hates it when someone borrows his/her....
Sean: toothbrush
Cheryl: makeup
Donte': girlfriend

Question 2: What is the one arena or stadium where your teammates dread going to?
Cheryl: "In Phoenix. She tore her ACL there."
Donte': "Staying in the NFC South, Tampa Bay. Raymond James Stadium."
Sean: Dallas. "I think he's got some bad blood there."

Question 3: More affected by booing, you or your teammate?
Donte': Me.
Sean: Me.
Cheryl: Me.

The teammates are back. Let's see how stuff goes down.

Question 1:
Jeremy: hockey stick. NO MATCH.
Swin: brush. NO MATCH.
Deuce: "My gloves." NO MATCH.

Question 2:
Swin: "That got to be LA". NO MATCH
Deuce: New England. NO MATCH
Jeremy: Pittsburgh. NO MATCH

Question 3:
Deuce: Donte'. MATCH
Jeremy: Me. NO MATCH
Swin: Me. NO MATCH

After round 1, the Saints are the only ones on the board with 15. Next round, please and thank you.

Question 1: Your teammate wastes too much money on...
Jeremy: "His music, his guitars."
Swin: purses
Deuce: jewelry

Question 2: Who would your teammate say is the one player he/she really owns?
Swin: Lisa Leslie
Deuce: Marcus Trufant
Jeremy: Peter Forsberg

Question 3: When it comes to game day, what will your teammate say you need more, meditation, dedication, or medication?
Deuce: "Probably medication."
Jeremy: Meditation
Swin: Meditation

Commercial break, then it's back to round 2... and back to Sean, Cheryl, and Donte'.

Question 1:
Sean: "This is a family show, right? I waste too much money on my music." MATCH
Cheryl: purses. MATCH
Donte': cars. NO MATCH. "Oh man, that was my second guess."

Question 2:
Cheryl: Lisa Leslie. MATCH
Donte': Terence Newman. NO MATCH
Sean: Markus Naslund. NO MATCH

Question 3:
Donte': Dedication. NO MATCH. (Deuce: I need a new partner.)
Sean: Meditation. MATCH.
Cheryl: Dedication. NO MATCH.

The Flyers and the Shock are ahead with 30 each to the Saints' 15. And if Team Flyers do any better, Jeremy'll dance some more. That's worth sticking around if you've ever seen hockey players dance before.

Now it's time for the final round, Two on Who? The teammates must work together to predict a third teammate's answer. Correct answers are worth 5 points. It's a timed round of one minute, and there are 40 points to be earned, so a lot of ground can be gained in a little time.

First up: Donte' & Deuce. They need three to tie and four to take the lead. Their teammate... Jim Hasley, head coach of the Saints. They match up on who's more likely to forget their hotel room number (Donte'), get more laughs at a comedy club (Donte'), be a good luck charm in Vegas (Deuce), miss a practice (Donte'), & is more superstitious (Donte'), and whether their team is more like reality TV, comedy, or drama (reality TV). Six right, 30 points, total of 45.

Next: Sean & Jeremy. They need three to tie and four to lead. Their teammate... Keith Primeau, center for the Flyers. They match up on who's more likely to get more laughs at a comedy club (JR), be a good luck charm at Vegas (Sean), be the subject of good gossip (JR), miss a practice (JR), and is more superstitious (Sean). Five right, 25 points for a total of 55.

Finally: Swin & Cheryl. They need six to win. Their teammate: assistant coach Laurie Byrd. They match up on who's more likely to forget their hotel room number (Swin), be a good luck charm at Vegas (Cheryl), and deliver a bad pregame pep talk (Cheryl). Three right, 15 points. Ties with the Saints, but not enough to catch the Flyers. They take the $30,000 wad (and might I say with the lockout, sorely needed?). And Jeremy goes a-dancing.

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