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n new castaways will outwit and outplay in the Orient. Nine castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Eric Pierce, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons
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Origin: China
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I Lost Two Hands and Possibly a Shoulder
October 4

Night 6: Giggle loop.

Fei Long sleeps after yet another victory, but at what cost? Jean-Robert is snoring and taking up the whole bed. And not wearing a short or undies. And snuggling. Ew? Amanda & Courtney go to great pains to avoid his advances... to no avail. He keeps saying he needs to be warm. Everyone swears that the first time they go to Tribal, he's going to the house.

Day 7: We eat tonight!

James finally catches a crab using the crabnets. Courtney thinks that it would be better boiled, because then you have crab soup and rice. Amongst eight people. The guys aren't getting fed, and Leslie thinks it's making them crabby. Will crab stock and rice make you any less crabby? Probably not, but right now, they'll try anything. Especially James, who's never been to anything like this.

Over at Zhan Hu, another day, another wound to lick. Peih-Gee tells Dave to rest. He doesn't. He doesn't have a clue that he's running on empty. He's checking himself constantly, he says. "In order to save your energy, you must be willing to expend some. Camp doesn't sort itself out," Dave says.

So it's back to the bricks with him and Frosti. Everyone still tells Dave to rest a moment to recover his energy. He hasn't busted his ass, and he's already done. But it would be great if he had more energy for this...

R-CHALLENGE: Battle Boats (for kerosene, rope, blanket, pillows, and tarp; Todd & Courtney sit out).

Three on three, the tribes will engage in hand-to-hand combat on a boat. First tribe to get all the opponents off the boat get a point. First to three wins.

Women vs. women (Sherea/Peih-Gee/Jaime vs. Amanda/Leslie/Denise)... Zhan Hu lead, 1-0.

Men vs. men (Frosti/Eric/Dave vs. James/Jean-Robert/Aaron)... Fei Long tie, 1-1.

Women vs. women... Zhan Hu lead, 2-1.

Men vs. men... Tied up again, 2-2.

Women vs. women... Zhan Hu wins their first challenge! Yay!

And because they won, they will kidnap a tribesman from the opposite team... It's Leslie. She gets a note to open in private.

The guys say that they'll watch their mouths and keep their drawers on. Leslie says that to be excited having lost two people is still impressive. They are the happier tribe, although the home tribe has their own abrasive personality. They get the same results, but the Zhan Hu tribe do it in a happier way.

This prompts Leslie to do what she's known for... opening up about her special relationship with Jesus.

James, meanwhile, says that Leslie, as a Christian, will not last long. Courtney listens in on everything, including the part where James says that Courtney will be the first to go. Todd's thinking, "Dude! She's right here!"

Over at the lake, Action Bob is talking about "getting a million dollars and some ass." He and James plot to vote for Leslie out. Todd's attitude has changed. "Got to take out the trash, and as far as I'm concerned... James and Jean-Robert are the trash."

Day 9: The note...

Over in private, Leslie opens the letter... a third clue as to the location of the Hidden Immunity Idol... "You must give this sealed clue to a member of the tribe before the next Immunity Challenge."

She gives it to Jaime as a thanks for the first clue.

The clue reads...

"Waste no more time in search the ground,
Look towards the heavens for what may be found."

It's right in front if her face.. No, really.

I-CHALLENGE: Flying Discs (Denise & Leslie sit out)

Four choppers race one at a time to cut wooden beams to release wooden discs. Two puzzle solvers will then have to put those discs in order. The combined tribe will drag the finished column to the finish line for the win.

Zhan Hu is first to get all the bundles, but thanks to James, Fei Long cuts away at their lead. It's to no avail, as Zhan Hu wins their first Immunity Challenge.

Took them long enough.

Back at camp... Fei Long prepares to go to their first Tribal Council. Courtney laments her injuries. Jean-Robert reaffirms the need for strength on the tribe. Leslie notes that Sherea, Jaime, and Eric are Christian, so the decision to kidnap her was an easy one.

What kind of bonds will be forged upon the merge?

Leslie & Courtney tell Todd that Jean-Robert is their target. Todd tells Amanda that it's either Courtney or Jean-Robert on the block. Todd doesn't want to vote him off because of the challenges. Leslie is more dangerous because of her ties with the other camp, but does that trump Jean-Robert's penchant for jumping ship down the line?

Or what about weakness? Jean-Robert plays that card, suggesting that either Courtney or Leslie must go for the betterment of the tribe. "This game is not just physical right now," Todd says. "Who knows?"

Night 9: Tribal Council

For the first time, Fei Long gets fire.

Jean-Robert knows that they have two big guys and two weak girls (Courtney & Leslie). Courtney balks that it's been a case of getting Leslie, Todd and her not to play. Jean-Robert backtracks, but doesn't sugarcoat. "We're playing for a million dollars. Feelings are going to get hurt. I'm keeping it real." Leslie says that she saw a strong heart in Zhan Hu. If they don't have heart, they're not going to make it. Action Bob is concerned that it might be him on the line tonight. He's one of two or three people on the block tonight.

Aaron: LESLIE. "Sorry, Mother Hen. All your chicks in China are grown up."
Courtney: J(ean)-ROBERT. "When you snore at nighttime it sounds like someone's choking a walrus."

And the others...

Denise: "Sister Christian" (LESLIE)
James: "Mom :(" (LESLIE)
Amanda: LESLIE

And not that it matters...

Jean-Robert: LESLIE.

So Mom... Sister Christian.... Leslie... THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.

This tribe needs to have fun and to utilize each other's unique strengths. But will they? Stay tuned...