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September 20

n new castaways will outwit and outplay in the Orient. Nine castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Eric Pierce, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Origin: China
Airs: Thursdays at 8pm ET on CBS


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My Mom Is Going to Kill Me!

Is a mutiny on the horizon?

Our yellow tribe, Zhan Hu, is now of the mindset that Dave may not be the best leader after all. And to think that the leaders were the one decision they finally made…other than voting out Chicken. They definitely have to pull themselves together and fast.

Speaking of pulling together, Todd and Amanda are aligning at Fei Long. They have decided that they will both play the game strategically from the background but that they need someone to be their goon. Enter Aaron. Aaron joins in the alliance aloof to his actual status and the first Survivor alliance of 3 is born.

Back at Zhan Hu, Ashley who narrowly escaped an early exit is whining about not eating. She accurately points out that they received flint at tribal council but never attempted to make fire a full day later. Yeah, that might be a little too lazy for Survivor.

Ashley’s problem however is that she vocalizes this and as a result won the ire of the tribe. Maybe she can earn back some points at the reward challenge.

Jeff will release 2 large wooden balls into a mud pit and 3 players from each team will have to try to push either one of the balls through the goal on the opponent’s side of the field. First team to 2 points will win.

It’s a knock down drag out mud fight and heads are being turned and clothes are being torn off. But all in all it is one sided as the balls keep moving against Zhan Hu. Fei Long wins their second challenge in a landslide.

As a result they receive fishing gear and also get the right to kidnap one member of the opposing team. They choose Jaime and Jaime is given a private wooden tube by Jeff Probst to read at Fei Long’s camp.

Jaime fins a private spot to read the tube and realizes that she has to choose one member of Fei Long to whom she will give a clue to the immunity idol.

After some deliberation and witnessing some fights between Jean-Robert and Aaron, Jaime decides that she wants to give the idol to the member of their tribe that she perceives as being the weakest. She catches Leslie in private and gives her the clue. Leslie is overjoyed and convinced that this is a gift from the lord.

Meanwhile, at Zhan Hu, Ashley is continuing to ruffle feathers as she is hesitant to do work. She eventually gets up and pitches in, but her oversensitive attitude is ticking people off. Realistically, she is likely in big trouble unless Zhan Hu can pull together and win the immunity challenge.

However, at Fei Long where everyone gets along, (except for Jean-Robert and Aaron, much to the delight of Amanda and Todd, but much to the disdain of Courtney), Immunity is already within grasp. Leslie who was given the clue reads it and learns that the immunity idol is within plain sight and because this will make the idol so easy to find… Leslie decides to share the information with Todd! Todd is shocked that Leslie gave him this information and thinks that she is an idiot. In fact, Todd is hopeful that Leslie might get voted out leaving him as the only one who knows the information about the immunity idol.

Todd will only get that chance for Leslie to leave however, if Fei Long loses the immunity challenge.

Jaime returns to Zhan Hu and the game is on. For this immunity challenge each team will pick six members to man a battering ram. They will then have to batter through two wooden walls before inserting their ram into a pole maze through which it can fit only way. Once the battering ram is through they will ring a gong. First team to complete this will win immunity.

Both teams run off to a strong start, but Fei Long gets through the first wall first with Grave digger James leading the way. Zhan Hu catches up, but at the second wall, Dave falters and Frosti has to take over to help carry the weight of the team.

At this point, Fei Long is already through the second wall and working on the maze. Jeff Probst motivates Zhan Hu to get moving and they finally make it to the pole maze. With a little luck and Fei Long hitting a dead end, Zhan Hu takes the lead.

Then because turnabout is fair play, Zhan Hu hits a dead end and Fei Long reclaims the lead. This time Fei Long does not relent and with the ring of a gong, Fei Long wins their third challenge in a row.

Zhan Hu will be heading to Tribal Council twice in a row and everyone seems to be debating between Ashley and Dave, the taskmaster with whom Ashley ahs the most conflict. Everyone seems to want some peace at camp so we can be sure one of them is going, but which one?

At tribal, Jeff Probst runs everyone through some tribal therapy, but Zhan Hu is having none of it. They don’t understand why they are losing and seem more than ready to cut some dead weight. The votes are counted.

…And by a vote of 6-1, Ashley the tribe has spoken. Ashley in convinced that in her exit, Dave hurt himself and that she will be seeing him out of the game sooner rather than later. She calls him a tool and departs until the reunion.

Zhan Hu is now two down and is really going to have to pull some magic out to get back in the game. We’ll see if they can do it, …next week.