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Today is

"Episode 1.5: Girl Power" - August 6

It's Monday night at the Bee, and we're going for a full hour of Girl Power. Who's "Every Woman"? Even if they're a dude? Let's find out!

Round 1:

- 2005, Pussycat Dolls & Busta Rhymes, "Don'tcha"
Band: "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me / Don't cha wish your girlfriend..."
#26: "Was a freak like me." RIGHT!

- 1982, The Waitresses, "I Know What Boys Like"
Band: "I know what boys like / I know what guys wants / I know what boys like / Boys like ... "
#196: "Boys like me." RIGHT!... and scary. See, this dude's a dude. Heh. Two down, one to go on this special hour of the Bee...

- 1962, Little Eva, "The Locomotion"
Band: "Everybody's doing a brand new dance now / C'mon, baby, do the locomotion / I know you'll get to like it..."
#84: ".. If you give it a chance now." We have three!

Time to meet these three guys. #26 D'nez (Sacramento) is an executive assistant and cheer coach, #196 David (Washington, DC) is a pro fighter, and #84 Nicolas (Chino, CA) is a police officer.

The bee continues with..

Round 2, Lyrics Scramble:

- 1993, Melissa Etheridge, "I'm the Only One" (gone the only your one promises all When I'm are)
D'nez: "I'm the only one."... WRONG. Correct line: "When all your promises are gone, I'm the only one."

- 1964, The Supremes, "Baby Love" (I make did stay to so do me long tell wrong what away you)
David: "Wrong..." Yeah, pretty much. It's "Tell me what did I do wrong to make you stay away so long".

- 2002, Kelly Clarkson, "A Moment Like This" (that some search for kiss special people forever)
Nicolas: "Some people search... for that one special kiss." You forgot forever.

- 1996, Fiona Apple, "Criminal" (I of ever because love knew all he's)
D'nez: "Because he loves me" Nope. He doesn't. It was "Because he's all I ever knew of love."

- 1989, Indigo Girls, "Closer to Fine" (to life me less my help is seriously)
David: "Is to help take..." Nope, "Is to help me take my life less seriously."

- 1987, Salt-N-Pepa, "Push It" (hear can't I you would you hard wish pumpin' like the music's)
Nicolas: "I can't hear the music"... You really can't. It's "Can't you hear the music's pumpin' hard like I wish you would."

Tiebreaker time! 1978, Blondie. That's D'nez. He's going for it. The song is... "Heart of Glass."

Band: In between / what I find is pleasin' me and feelin' fine / Love is so confusing, there's no peace of mind / If I fear I'm losing you... "

D'nez: "It's just no good, you leave me in the..." No! It was "... you teasin' like you do." D'nez is out, and David and Nicolas are still in it.

Next tiebreaker... 1963, The Angels. That's Nicolas. He... passes. David, your song is... "My Boyfriend's Back".

Band: "My boyfriend's back to save my reputation / Hey na, hey na, my boyfriend's back / And if I were you..."

David: "I'd take a permanent vacation!" David moves on to the final face off...

Next up, six more contestant prepare to "Bee" all over again. "Respect!"

Round 1:

- 1979, The Pretenders, "Brass in Pocket"
Band: "I'm special / So special / I gotta have some of your attention..."
#57: "Give it to me!" RIGHT!

- 1968, Dusty Springfield, "Son of a Preacher Man"
Band: "Billy Ray was a preacher's son / And when the daddy would visit... "
#134: "I don't even know where she stopped..." That's not good...
#161: "Son of a preacher man." Got the title right at least...
#44: "The only boy who could ever teach me..." No....
#2: "He'd come along." THAT's the words... One more.

- 1978, Alicia Bridges, "I Love the Nightlife"
Band: "I love the nightlife / I got to boogie..."
#184: "under the disco skyyyy." Wrong and inhuman.
#134: "On the disco riiiiide..." Nope.
#161: "On the disco liiiiight..." Nope.
#44: :"On the disco round!" We have three!

Our next group of three: #57 Foots is a line producer, #2 Natalie (Oakland, CA) is a caretaker, and #44 Tiffany (Bakersfield, CA) is a deputy DA.

The bee continues with..

Round 2, Lyrics Scramble:

- 1977, Abba, "Dancing Queen" (time life having you your the jive can of you can dance)
Foots: "You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life."... Right!...

- 1976, Thelma Houston, "Don't Leave Me This Way" ('Cause only good free set your can lovin')
Natalie: "'Cause only your good lovin' can set me free" Right!

- 1983, Cyndi Lauper, "Time After Time" (time after you if fall I'll catch time be will I waiting you)
Tiffany: "If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting, time after time" Right!

Three-way tie.

- 1966, Peggy Lee, "Big Spender" (mind on going my what's say like you in wouldn't know to)
Foots:  "Say wouldn't you like to know what's going on in my mind" Right!

- 1981, Olivia Newton-John, "Physical" (horizontally nothin' to talk about it's 'less there's)
Natalie: "There's nothin' left to talk about... it's." So close. It's "'less it's horizontally"

- 1977, Linda Ronstadt, "Blue Bayou" (through I'd that sleepy happy how familiar eyes sunrise be)
Tiffany: "Through familiar eyes"... No! It's "That familiar sunrise through sleepy eyes how happy I'd be." It's David vs. Foots for the trophy!

Round 3, Sing the chorus:

- 1984, Madonna, "Like a Virgin"
David: "Like a virgin / touched for the very first time / like a virgin / with your heartbeat..." Not right, but love the camera angles. Correct: "... WHEN your heart beats next to mine."

- 1987, Whitney Houston, "So Emotional" (C-Note: Wasn't this song on LAST week?)
Foots: "I get so emotional baby / when I hear..." Nope, it's "every time I think of you".

- 1983, Pat Benatar, "Love Is A Battlefield"
David: "We are young / heartache to heartache we stand / No promises no demands / Love is a battlefield / We are strong / No one can tell us we're wrong / Searchin' our hearts for so long / Both of us knowing / love is a battlefield." With the standing O!

- 1963, Lesley Gore, "It's My Party"
Foots: "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to / Cry if I want to / Cry if I want to / You would cry too if it happened to you."

TIEBREAKER! The song: 1964, Mary Poppins. Foots fires... he passes The song: "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".

David: "Is something quite atrocious." DAVID WINS!

Now the hard part begins, as we head to... The Final Countdown...

Ray: "It's the Final Countdown!"

The only men singing, and it's Europe... Go fig. Seven songs, seven missing phrases. For each one you get right, you get $5000. Get five, and you're going home $50,000 richer. Get a song wrong, it's a strike. Three strikes, you're girl-powerless...

Song #1: "It doesn't matter what you wear, just as long as you are there / come on every guy, grab a girl / Everywhere..."

David: "Around the world..." That's one!

(1964, Martha & the Vandellas, "Dancing in the Streets")
Song #2: "Let me fill your heart with joy and laughter / Togetherness, well it's all I'm after..."

David: "Just call my name, and I'll be there." Two for two!

(1992, Mariah Carey, "I'll Be There")
Song #3: "Stand by your man / and the show the world...."

David: "You love him". TURKEY!

(1968, Tammy Wynette, "Stand By Your Man")
Song #4: "Let's give'em something to talk about / A little mystery to figure out / Let's give'em something to talk about..."

David: "How about love..." How about four! One from the money...

(1991, Bonnie Raitt, "Something To Talk About"
Song #5: "Someone left the cake out in the rain / I don't think I can make it..."

David: "Cause I took so long to make it."... Strike one. It's "Cause it took so long to bake it." Walk it off, try again... I believe in you...

(1978, Donna Summer, "MacArthur Park")

$20,000 X    
Song #6: "I don't want to be free / I'm staying / I'm staying / And you, and you, and you...."

David: "... Better stay here too?"... Looks like the next song is all or nothing. It's "you're gonna love me."

(2006, Jennifer Hudson, "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going")

$20,000 X X  
Song #7: "And it can't be wrong / Take my heart and be strong / You're simply the best..."

David: "Better than all the rest..." THAT YOU ARE!

(1989, Tina Turner, "The Best")

$50,000 X X  

And all it took was a little girl power. Next time, six more singers play for cash, glory, and the right to BEE called singing champ. Take us out, Ray.

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