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Today is

"Episode 1.2" - July 17

The Singing Bee is back on, and it's time for a "Celebration". One of six people, #142, #119, #5, #200, #73, or #48, will have a chance at $50,000... It's Bee time!

Round 1:

- 1991, Nirvana, "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
Band: "With the lights off, it's less dangerous/here we are now, entertain us..."
#142: "And I can't be, without..." Oh, could you get any more wrong?
#119: "I'm stupid and contagious..." Closer, but not.
#5: "I'm a liar, I'm a liar..." No, that comes later...
#200: "I feel stupid and contagious..." RIGHT!

- 2005, KT Tunstall, "Suddenly I See"
Band: "Suddenly I see, this is what I want to be/suddenly I see..."
#73: "Why the hell it means so much to me." RIGHT!

-  1985, Katrina and the Waves, "Walking on Sunshine"
Band: "I'm walking on sunshine, whoa/I'm walking on sunshine, whoa/I'm walking on..."
#48: "... sunshine, whoa, and don't it feel good!" RIGHT!

- 1983, Eddy Grant, "Electric Avenue"
Band: "Now in the street there is violence/and, and a lot of work to be done/no place to hang out our washing/and, and I can't blame all on the sun, oh, no/we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue..."
#142: "Gonna take you higher." Wrong.
#119: "And then we'll take it higher." RIGHT! We have our four!

Round 2, the Karaoke Challenge:

First up is #200, Lori (Long Beach, CA; stay-at-home mom) vs. #73 Royce (Valencia, CA; singing telegram delivery girl).

In this Karaoke Challenge, you sing along with the band, but some of the words are missing. For every blank you get right, it's a point. Most points moves forward.

- 1981, Toni Basil, "Mickey"
Lori gets the full 15. Royce needs that many to stay alive.

- 1983, Billy Joel, "Uptown Girl"
Royce... gets at least six... wrong. Seven.. Eight... Nine....  Lori moves on!

Next up, #48 Katie (Chicago; works for a nonprofit) vs. #119 Roger (Temecula, CA; sales manager... makes no profit).

- 1984, Foreigner, "I Want to Know What Love Is"
Katie ... perfect with 15. Roger needs all 15 to stay alive.

- 1973, The Steve Miller Band, "The Joker"
Roger... misses one. Katie moves to the final.

Round 3:

Lori: 1992, Billy Ray Cyrus, "Achy Breaky Heart"... "Don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart"... You forgot the but... This is a break for Katie...
Katie: 1971, John Denver, "Take Me Home, Country Roads"... "Country road take me home/to a place..." Road should be "roads". Joey even said it in the title.

We're down to one final tiebreaker. So soon? Anyway, artist and year will be given. First one to buzz in can either play or pass. The song: 1957, Elvis Presley. Katie is in... She plays it. Here we go!

The song is "Jailhouse Rock". Ray?

Band: "Warden threw a party in the county jail/The prison band was there, they began to wail,/The band was jumpin' and the joint began to swing,/You should've heard..."

Katie: "Everybody sing..." No, it's "Those knocked-out jailbirds sing." Lori is the Singing Bee champion tonight! But her work isn't done yet, because here it comes... The Final Countdown...

Ray: "It's the Final Countdown!"

We never get tired of that...

The band will play seven songs. For each phrase you sing correctly, you win $5000. Get five out of seven, Joey's gonna hand over $50,000 cash money... But if you get three strikes, it's game over.

Song #1: "Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye?/Did you think I'd crumble?"

Lori: "Did you think I'd lay down and die?" CORRECT!

(1978, Gloria Gaynor, "I Will Survive")
Song #2: "Okay, here's the situation/My parents went away for a week's vacation/And they left the keys to the..."

Lori: "... Brand new Porsche." TWO FOR TWO!

(1988, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, "Parents Just Don't Understand")
Song #3: "With sweet love and devotion/Deeply touching my emotion/I wanna stop..."

Lori: "... and thank you baby" THREE!

(1975, James Taylor, "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You")
Song #4: "From the town of Bedrock, they're a page right out of history/Let's ride with the family down the street..."

Lori: "Then that cat will stay out for the night." No, that's the second verse. Correct: "Through the courtesy of Fred's two feet."

(1961, TV theme, "The Flintstones")
$15,000 X    
Song #5: "Shooting at the walls of heartache, bang, bang/I am the warrior/Well, I am the warrior/And heart to year, you'll win..."

Lori: "... if you survive." That's four!

(1984, Scandal, "The Warrior")

$20,000 X    
Song #6: "You're begging me to go/And then making me stay/Why do you hurt me so bad?/It would help me to know/Do I stand in your way..."

Lori: "Or am I the best thing you've had?" THAT'S 50 G'S!

(1983, Pat Benatar, "Love Is a Battlefield")

$50,000 X    

So far we're two for two as trophies are flying off the shelves. Come back next week to see who'll sing to a title?

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