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Imagine the great TV and movie stunts that ever were. Now imagine three teams of two reenacting said stunts in an effort to win $10,000. That's Scream Play, Hollywood's ultimate competition.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Matt Iseman
EP: David Hurwitz, Joel Klein, Mark Koops
Packager: Reveille Productions, E! Entertainment Television
Airs: Sundays at 8:00pm ET on E!

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Episode 10 - September 1

Welcome to the first episode of "Scream Play" for September. Here's what the heck happened.

The teams were...

Adam and Abby - Just Friends
Andrea and Deena - Work Buddies
Kurt and Marcus - Best Friends

The ball got rolling with the first stunt from the movie "Blade." Each teammate went on a hanging platform tossing a dummy and jumping from one side to another over the gap. Each player kept on going until either the s/he fell off, the dummy fell off, or a maximum of five minutes have expired. The team with the highest total amount of completed jumps won a trip to Aruba.

Abby and Adam were the first team to take on the challenge. Abby completed 10 jumps before throwing the dummy off the platform. Then Adam completed 33 jumps before five minutes of time ran out to make a total of 43 jumps. Andrea and Deena had their turn next. Andrea was stopped in her tracks after she threw the dummy off the platform. Deena went in next with 24 jumps completed within the time limit. Unfortunately, they're ineligible for the Aruba trip. Finally, Kurt and Marcus had their chance to do some jumping. Kurt beat Adam's score with 34 completed jumps. And Marcus sealed the deal by completing ten jumps to beat Adam and Abby's score of 43 with 44. The Aruba trip is theirs, but they're not done yet.

The second challenge was based on the movie "Dracula." Each team had to eat three heads of garlic and then drink four cups of blood. It's another gross-out stunt that should pale in comparision to "Fear Factor"'s animal blood stunt which ended with insane results. The two teams who've finished in the fastest time will move on to the final scene while the other team is out.

Adam and Abby went first clocking in a time of 13:27. Andrea and Deena went next in line, but had problems with the garlic and the blood so they yelled CUT. That put them on the bubble giving Kurt and Marcus their chance to complete the stunt. They've completed it in a time of 13:18 meaning they'll be joining Adan and Abby in the final stunt. As for Andrea and Deena, they're on the cutting room floor.

Tonight's final stunt was called "The A-Team" Cabbage Cannon Challenge. Each player individually shot their hand-held cannon with 15 heads of cabbages to their teammates who'll be on the hanging beam. Players continued until their teammate falls off the beam or they've ran out of ammo. The team with the highest total number of hits won $10,000.

Since Kurt and Marcus won the previous stunt, they chose who went first. Adam and Abby were elected to go first and Adam got first dibs on the cannon. He had managed to hit Abby 6 times and she hit Adam 5 more times for a total of 11 hits. The pressure is on Kurt and Marcus who needed 12 hits to win. Kurt hit Marcus nine times while he hit Kurt 3 more for a total of 12 hits giving them the win. Not only that, they had managed to win all three challenges in a single show.

What movies and TV shows will "Scream Play" be inspired by next? You'll have to tune in and find out.

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