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Imagine the great TV and movie stunts that ever were. Now imagine three teams of two reenacting said stunts in an effort to win $10,000. That's Scream Play, Hollywood's ultimate competition.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Matt Iseman
EP: David Hurwitz, Joel Klein, Mark Koops
Packager: Reveille Productions, E! Entertainment Television
Airs: Sundays at 8:00pm ET on E!

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Episode 9 - August 18

Get your bowls of popcorn and sodas ready for this episode of "Scream Play".

The teams, ready for action, were...

Cameron and Megan - Siblings
Gina and Don - Dating
Claude and Vanessa - Sort of Dating

We hit the pool for the first challenge pulled from the movie "Blue Crush." On the bottom of the pool were five boulders, each weighing in a range of 80-125 pounds. Each team tried to carry the boulders one at a time past the line. Once all the boulders were placed past the line, one member had to press the button to stop the clock. The team who done it in the fastest time won a trip to Cancun, Mexico.

RESULTS (In Order of Play)
Gina and Don - 4:19
Cameron and Megan - 4:19 (Failed to Beat Time)
Claude and Vanessa - 4:19 (Failed to Beat Time)

And by default, Gina and Don won the Cancun trip. But the ten-grand was still on the table as the night moved on.

Exiting from the swimming pool and entering to an entrance of some business building, this was where next stunt took place. Coming from the movie "Office Space" each team had to find five parking permits hidden inside 25 fax machines. One teammate threw the machines while the other used a baseball bat to break them. Once all five permits were found, the team had to press the button to stop the clock. The team who completed in the slowest time was out of the running for $10,000.

RESULTS (In Order of Play)
Claude and Vanessa - 2:52
Cameron and Megan - 4:59
Gina and Don - 4:59 (Failed to Beat Time)

While we say goodbye to Gina and Don, the two remaining teams say hello to tonight's final stunt for $10K. This is from the movie "Reno Williams: The Adventure Begins."

Both members of each team individually walked around the scaffolding, knocking down up to 20 soccer balls. The team with the highest combined total of soccer balls knocked down won the ten-grand. In the event both teams had the same total number of balls knocked down, the team with the best time broke the tie.

RESULTS (In Order of Play)
Cameron - 20 balls
Megan - 20 balls
Total: 40 balls

Vanessa - 20 balls
Claude - 1 balls
Total: 21 balls

Cameron and Megan had won the cash the moment Claude fell into the water after knocking only one ball off the scaffolding.

And that's a wrap on this episode of "Scream Play."

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