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Imagine the great TV and movie stunts that ever were. Now imagine three teams of two reenacting said stunts in an effort to win $10,000. That's Scream Play, Hollywood's ultimate competition.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Matt Iseman
EP: David Hurwitz, Joel Klein, Mark Koops
Packager: Reveille Productions, E! Entertainment Television
Airs: Sundays at 8:00pm ET on E!

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Episode 8 - August 11

Just when we though that it was cancelled, "Scream Play" is still on the air.

Our teams of small-town heroes play were...

Stephanie and Melia
Elise and Rob
Alonzo and Sydney

The night kicks off with a stunt from the classic TV show "Green Acres." Each team climbed up to ten poles to answer as many as ten phones. The team who answered all ten in the fastest time won a Colorado ski vacation.

This has got to be the most difficult stunt, ever, in the short history of this show. It was a matter of who answered the most phones since two of the teams failed to answer all ten of them. No times were recorded in that situation.

Stephanie and Melia - 6 Phones Answered
Elise and Rob - 9 Phones Answered
Alonzo and Sydney - 10 Phones Answered

Alonzo and Sydney have won that Colorado ski vacation, but there were more things on the horizon as the show moved on.

The next stunt was inspired from the 1999 movie, "The Mummy." A team in play had one member find keys in the five holes of a mock-up of an Egyptian building. Each hole also had surprises like insects, worms, and the like. Their partner went into a clear sarcophagus which was then filled with cockroaches. Ten keys were hidden and only two of them unlocked the locks on the clear coffin where their teammate rests in with some worms, insects, and the like. When one teammate had found all ten keys, their teammate tried to unlock the locks on the sarcophagus. Once their teammate was freed, they then pressed the panic button to stop the clock.

RESULTS (In Order of Play)
Elise and Rob - 3:50
Alonzo and Sydney - 8:59 (Eliminated)
Stephane and Melia - 6:00

Alonzo and Sydney thought they were going all the way, but got stopped in their tracks. If there was any consolation, they did win that Colorado ski vacation earlier.

And what better way to end this episode of "Scream Play" than jumping into the water with a stunt based on the "Waterworld" movie. Teams lifted sandbags from the pool to reveal six numbered times in which they form a combination to unlock a chest which contains a jar of dirt. Once they were done, they hit the panic button to stop the clock. The team who completed it in the fastest time became the stars of the night...and win $10,000 in cash.

RESULTS (In Order of Play)
Stephanie and Melia - 16:11
Elise and Rob - Time Not Given (Winners)

Although the recorded time by Elise and Rob was not mentioned, they did finish in less time than it took Stephanie and Melia.

More insanity next time on "Scream Play."

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