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Imagine the great TV and movie stunts that ever were. Now imagine three teams of two reenacting said stunts in an effort to win $10,000. That's Scream Play, Hollywood's ultimate competition.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Matt Iseman
EP: David Hurwitz, Joel Klein, Mark Koops
Packager: Reveille Productions, E! Entertainment Television
Airs: Sundays at 8:00pm ET on E!

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Episode 7 - July 28

Here's a look at what went down on this edition of Scream Play.

Tonight's teams were...

Trisha and Julie
Nicky and Carie
Desiree and Erin

The opener began with a stunt from the tv show were you've seen someone in a lifeguard swimsuit running on the beach in slow motion. And that show is Baywatch! Both members of each team alternated turns being pulled by a water ski, picking up a ball and putting it down at and end point. After both temmates have placed two balls at the end point, the one who placed the last ball had to hit the panic button. The team who completed in the fastest time won a trip to Tahiti.

Trisha and Julie - 9:18
Nicky and Carie - 8:22
Desiree and Erin - 7:44

Congratuations to Desiree and Erin who have won the trip to Tahiti! But there's more on the horizon.

This next challenge was taken from the movie The Princess Bride. This one was a battle of wits. Teams alternated turns picking wine glasses either containing a non-poisonus drink or a small tiny object that I don't remember about. The two teams who find that object advance while the other team is done for the show.

Trisha and Julie - Found Object
Nick and Carie - Found Object
Desiree and Erin - Eliminated

While Desiree and Erin go home to get themselves ready for their trip to Tahiti. The two remaining teams took part in the last stunt for $10,000 in box office cash. This came from the movie Barb Wire. Each team had each member taking a turn holding their teammate while being pulled up from the ground. The team with the highest combined time won.

RESULTS (In Order of Play)
Nicky - 0:42
Carie - 0:31
Total: 1:13

Julie - 0:18
Trish - ???
Total: ???

Despite not knowing the time Trish accumulated and the total time accumulated, we heard that Nicky and Carrie had won $10,000. Just another day in the office at Scream Play.

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