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Imagine the great TV and movie stunts that ever were. Now imagine three teams of two reenacting said stunts in an effort to win $10,000. That's Scream Play, Hollywood's ultimate competition.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Matt Iseman
EP: David Hurwitz, Joel Klein, Mark Koops
Packager: Reveille Productions, E! Entertainment Television
Airs: Sundays at 8:00pm ET on E!

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Episode 4 - July 7

What do coffee cups, a car, leeches and a ladder have in common, its episode 4 of Scream Play.

The teams who have joined us this time were...

Annie and Phil
La Tiesha and La Tonya
Dave and Chad

The first stunt came from the driving test segment of the movie "License to Drive." Each team rode on a car with one person driving and the other navigating, not including an Asian driving instructor who sat in the back. Each team drove through an obstacle course while grabbing 12 paper coffee cups before hitting the panic button. Simple, right? Not when a blindfold had to be worn by the driver. The team who grabbed all (or had the most) of the cups in the quickest time won a trip to London.

Annie and Phil - 11 cups in unknown time
La Tiesha and La Tonya - 12 cups in 4:27
Dave and Chad - 12 cups in 3:53

Coming from the movie "Stand by Me," the teams took part in the next stunt. Each team went into a water tank filled with 50,000 leeches (I assume they aren't the blood-sucking kind). In the tank there were also black and white stones. Each team had three minutes to get as many white stones as they could into the paint can. The two teams with the most white stones advanced to battle for $10,000. While the other team will be done for the show.

RESULTS (In Order of Play)
La Tiesha and La Tonya - 7 stones (Eliminated!)
Annie and Phil - 39 stones (Finished 1st)
Dave and Chad - 13 stones (Finished 2nd)

Tonight's final stunt was from the movie "Judgment Night." Teammates individually traversed across a beam spanning 35 feet while releasing paint cans hanging above and then pressing the panic button. The team with the combined total of released cans in the fastest time won ten grand in cash.

RESULTS (In Order of Play)
Dave and Chad - 12 cans in 1:59
Annie and Phil - 12 cans in 1:43

Congrats to Annie and Phil, the winners of $10K. As for Dave and Chad, they hear the words "that's a wrap."

And that WRAPS up this episode of Scream Play. What other challenges await the next trio of teams? You'll have to tune in and find out.

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