Rock Star: Supernova
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Today is

Round of 15 Results - July 6

You've heard the performances, you've voted online. Now it's the moment that these 15 rockers have dreaded. In every show, someone has to have the dubious honor of being the first to go home.

If you remember, Chris, Phil, and Magni were in the bottom three when the show ended last night. Has your votes changed that? We'll find out later, but first...

A recap of the bits that, if you have a broadband connection, you were able to catch on innertube, CBS's internet channel.

.... okay, enough of that.

Chris has no regrets about his rearrangement or challenge of "Roxanne" last night. He acknowledges song selection, but doesn't regret his move.

Phil will try to take song selection a bit more seriously.  And he wants to punch Lukas in the face.

The rockers returned to the mansion to celebrate their first show together... but the party was not without its share of edited drama. Lukas tells it like it is.. "A lot of you (^_^) sucked." He thinks Chris, Dana, and Jenny are in the bottom three. Jenny's reaction: "We'll see how the chips fall." Chris' reaction: "If we weren't the best, we wouldn't be sitting here right now. Dana's reaction: "That's a really uncomfortable situation. Could you help me get the steak knife out of my heart?" Matt turned it around.

Tommy brings out the season's first encore performance... from Dilana! She reprises "Lithium."

But back to business. Magni, Phil, and Chris were all singled out as being in the bottom three at the end of the show. Does that change? Yes.

Your second set of bottom threes: Zayra, Ryan, and Matt.

The other nine singers: safe.

So who's in the bottom three this week?

First up... Chris. He'll try to win the judges over with "LA Woman" by the Doors. "It's one of the rock songs that got me into rock'n'roll."

Next... Phil. His appeal to the judges? "Stars" by Switchfoot. "It's one of my favorite bands. When I look for inspiration, I look to them."

Finally... Matt. Magni is safe, as are Ryan and Zayra, as they sit beforehand. Redemption performance is Duran Duran's "Planet Earth".

So who stays and who pays? It's up to Supernova. Jason: "Next week, go for the song you want the most, and bring it to us."

That said...

Chris had good song choice tonight. A good job all around, but vocals are still questioned.

Phil is liked melodically, but hated performance-wise.

Matt's song choice is questioned...

Here's Tommy... "Phil... You're safe, baby, sit down." That leaves Matt and Chris.

"Matt... we've said how important song choice is... and the song choice for this... didn't cut it. You're the first to go."

With that, Matt Hoffer is the first casualty of "Rock Star: Supernova", as he believes that they're still his heroes, the judges.

Fourteen rockers remain, but only one can be the rock star. Next Tuesday, they'll take the stage again. And next Wednesday, another one will leave. Because that's how it's done on Rock Star. See you then.


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