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Today is

Round of 15 - July 5

Last year, JD Fortune, an unknown musician from New Glasgow, Canada got a chance of a lifetime to front one of rock's greatest bands... INXS.

This year... a new search begins for a new lead singer of a new band.

And here to host it all? The same Brooke Burke. I'll give you time to form your own opinion on that...

... okay and that's pencils down. You know the deal. Fifteen of the best unsigned rockers on the planet. Your votes whittle them down to one Rock Star. At stake, a chance to sing, record, and tour with a new band... Supernova, composed of rock stars Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke, and Jason Newsted. Three legends, and a quarter-billion albums sold between them.  Also, the winner has a date with the band, New Year's Eve... Vegas, baby.

The group, alongside returning host Dave Navarro, will judge the rockers, as will record producer Butch Walker.

We're playing season one rules version 1.1, meaning that the early returns that Gordon compared to broadband pissing on the public-voting reality competition will return. The final bottom three will perform a song of the judges' choosing. Then one will be eliminated.

First rocker... Storm Large of Portland, OR... that is her real name. She says that she is a performer first, although others may view her as selling her sexuality first. Her first.. The Who's "Pinball Wizard."

What they say: Dave calls it badass. Tommy wanted to know why she picked that song. "Because Tommy... I am unafraid."

What we say: I think I see where those critics are coming from as it looks like she's playing the sex card in attack mode. Not to say that she can't sing either, but one tends to overpower the other. Passable, but she's going to have to take her performance up a notch if she is to survive. Oh, and if you have to brandish a rocker attitude that hard, chances are you're not the rocker you want to believe you are.

Next up, 28, single, musician from New York, shares name with a season 1 finalist on that other musical talent show... Ryan Star. He says that the rock star is about being honest. He goes with "Iris" from the Goo Goo Dolls.

What they say: Dave thought the audience dug it. Jason was irked by the chord look-ups, but otherwise, fine.

What we say: Starts out pitchy. (C-Note: you're going to hear me say something close to this all season, so just get used to it...) Johnny Rzeznik he ain't. Sure he can command the audience, but it seemed like, especially at the end, he didn't know what the heck he was doing.

Next, a high-school-dropout surfer dude from Australia, Toby Rand. "Hopefully there's some single girls on the show. If I win, it'll be like 'Pack your bags. Let's take on the world.'" He's going to give Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" the acoustic treatment.

What they say: Dave thought the acoustics highlighted the voice. Tommy says that all the girls liked it. Gilby called it refreshing. Butch thought it sounded really good.

What we say: I'm a big fan of unplugged, stripped down, pure rock music... and Toby does the classic song and the form justice.

Next, a punk rock girl next door who toured the US and western Europe. From Austin, TX, here's Patrice Pike. "My dream in life is to make music for life." She goes with "Somebody to Love" from Jefferson Airplane.

What they say: Dave, "You seriously killed it, and it was great to see you interact the band." Gilby loves the tone, and can feel that she wants to be in the band.

What we say: At least we know where the rabid fanbase comes from. The combination of the voice, the attitude, the stage presence, the look, everything works on her. And anyone who can get Tommy jamming on the sidelines is doing something right.

Can Iceland rock? Apparently, as Magni's band is number one there. He'd give it all up to jam with superstars, though. "I'm most looking forward to singing to all of America, all of the world." Does great rock have no borders? Magni looks to prove it on "Satisfaction' by the Stones.

What they say: Dave thought it was more Vegas than Rock Star. Gilby agrees. "This is a dirty rock band."

What we say: they had the whole country of Iceland... and HE's number one? The tone's way off, and he can't command an American stage. You know that old saying, "Conquer America, and you conquer the world?" That applies here. Oh yeah, and Chris Daughtry called. He wants his face back.

When rock is your dream, nothing stands in your way... not even the Gulf of Mexico. Dallas' Zayra Alvarez hails from Puerto Rico originally, and says that nobody from her small town has ever made it. We'll see if Zayra's the first with Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life"... con sabor latino...

What they say: Butch thinks it's Mazzy Star meets Bjork. He wants to hear what's next. Jason says that she's very spicy. "Will you marry me?"

What we say: Here's that phrase again... Amy Lee she ain't. When she starts on stage, it's okay, almost Shakira-lite, but when she starts to move around... sounds more like she needs an oxygen mask, her breathing's off. But she has the moves, at least.

Jenny Galt from Vancouver, BC started singing at 6, playing guitar at 16, and now at 29, she wants to take the Supernova stage. She takes on "How You Remind Me" by fellow Canadian act Nickelback.

What they say: Dave thought it was hot and sexy and with all the right curves... the Les Paul, not Jenny. Jason thought she belonged there.

What we say: Pitch... tone... lyrics... ALL THE WAY OFF. Vancouver's calling, Jenny. It's a no from me.

Next, Josh Logan of Manchester, NH wants to bring some soul into the band. "I'm multi-dimensional. I think the definition of rock star needs to be reinvented." He's talking to the Black Crowes' "She's Talking to Angels".

What they say: Dave: "It's almost like Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes went to finishing school." Tommy thought it was a great song choice.

What we say: Dave's right in calling Josh "incredible." Reminds me of Adam Levine... if Adam Levine really kicked ass. He's got teen idol looks and a soulful voice. Is he a rock star? Yes. Is he THE rock star? Not quiet yet.

Former real estate agent Matt Hoffer is looking to get out of Chicago and into Supernova. "Life is about taking risks and following your heart." He's hoping to make the money with "Yellow" by Coldplay.

What they say: Dave thinks he can deliver, but he wants to hear something a bit heavier.

What we say: One of the people in the audience was like "okay...", and that's basically what this performance is. He can't get into that upper register, and he doesn't get into that grit that Chris Martin has. That and his Teddy Geiger looks... and pitch problems... and he's in a world of hurt.

Dilana was born in South Africa, but now she lives in Houston, still looking for her big break. "It's like my entire world changes. I own it." Next, a rock standard... Nirvana's "Lithium."

What they say: Dave thought it was insane and riveting. Tommy loves watching her.

What we say: This is without a doubt the scariest performance I've ever heard. We have a woman who looks like Lisa Marie Presley, dresses like Eminem, and sounds like Kurt Cobain. And she moves like she has Tourette's. Perfect for this song, you think? She commands the stage. Good first attempt.

Next, 22 year old Southern girl who sang backup at weddings... Can she possibly compete? Dana Andrews of Augusta, GA hopes so. She sings "I'm the Only One" by Melissa Etheridge.

What they say: Butch thought it was amazing on stage. Jason thought she's been given an incredible gift.

What we say: A good enough performance if this was a different show. You know what I mean... She's got pipes and she can command the stage, but I don't think she'll fit in with the band. That was good, but it was more like shouting in tune than it was singing.

Phil Ritchie of Ocean City, MD traded in his chemistry degree for a career touring the country with his own band. "I have to play music. It's my passion."

What they say: Dave thought the stage presence lacked. Tommy thought it was a bit pitchy, and he reminds everyone how important song choice is.

What we say: Stage presence gets an 5.5. Vocal gets a 2. Ty Taylor from last year... did it scores better.

Jill Gioia, all 4'11" of her, says, to the question "Can you handle Supernova?..." "Can Supernova handle me?" "My motto is 'All or nothing'." She's going to "Take A Piece of" Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart".

What they say: Jason compares her to a stick of dynamite, small package, big power.

What we say: Sounds like a bad Janis Joplin impersonation.

Baseball was Chris Pierson's life, then a career-ending injury led him down the path of rock'n'roll. "Music was an outlet for everything I was going through. I come to the table being just me." He comes from Atlanta with the Police's "Roxanne".

What they say: Dave thought this was the perfect song to showcase how limited his range is. Butch says he has to be careful when rearranging a classic. Gilby just says it. "That just sucked, man."

What we say: This is Chris Pierson doing Sting. Good move bringing yourself through to the performance. But before you do, make sure you can handle it first. It's going to have to be a lot tighter if it's going to wow this crowd.

One more singer, Lukas Rossi. He was on the Toronto streets at 15, and his music was his friend. "I don't put on an act or persona. I'm absolutely the real deal, and I'm not leaving until I'm satisfied." He takes on Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell."

What they say: Dave says it was insane and awesome. Tommy: "Can you say.... Rock star?"

What we say: What is with these people and wanting to do straight up covers? Sure it'll get you there at the end, but I'm still keeping an ear out for something original, and this just didn't do it. Not for me at least.

Here's the rundown...

Rock Stars: Toby, Patrice, Josh, Dilana
Karaoke Idols: Storm, Zayra, Dana, Jill, Lukas
Should've Bought a Vowel: Ryan, Magni, Jenny, Matt, Phil, Chris

And here's the early returns... the Bottom Three are Chris, Phil, and Magni. Will one of these three get the early hook, or will, contrary to the point of this series, your votes save them? You'll have to find out tomorrow. You'll get the results, and Supernova will send one of the bottom three home.



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