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Catch it: 9p ET Fox Wednesdays

Today is

Entry 1 - November 1

In the never ending quest to find the next great game show idea to come from somewhere other than a board room in Hollywood, Fox has imported a UK contest so new that it hasn't even aired yet, making the US, in that aspect, the inaugural country.

Here's what the deal is: two strangers will form a team. Two teams will bid on how many of a list they can name. It takes two lists to go on to compete in the endgame against the Rich List, where a team can win as much as $250,000. And just like Jeopardy!, there is no such thing as a five-and-out. You play until you lose. Winner stays, loser pays.

That said... America, it's time to play "The Rich List"!

First team, Eric Morris & Amy Minderhout. Eric is a Harvard graduate working on his PhD at UCLA in urban planning. Amy is a waitress/student.

Second team, Ray Barnhart & Bill May. Bill owns a flooring/cleaning company, while Ray is an expert on the Golden Girls.

Each team has their own soundproof pod a la Twenty One. When they are blue, they are off air. When Eamonn lights them red, they are on the air. It takes two lists to win the game. First up...


Bill & Ray bid 15... Eric & Amy bid 16... Ray & Bill go 18. Eric & Amy... "Better them than us." It's time to play the Rich List...

Jerry Maguire Yes
A Few Good Men Yes
Days of Thunder Yes
Risky Business Yes
The Last Samurai Yes
War of the Worlds Yes
Far and Away Yes
Interview with the Vampire Yes
Top Gun Yes
Magnolia Yes
Mission: Impossible Yes
Mission: Impossible II Yes
Mission: Impossible III Yes
The Outsiders Yes
Losin' It Yes
Vanilla Sky Yes
Eyes Wide Shut Yes
Willow No

Eric & Amy win the first list by calling their bluff. They can't believe they forgot "Born on the Fourth of July".

And folks, if you were playing along at home, "an unfinished list is unfinished business." They left out 14 other titles: All the Right Moves, Born on the 4th of July, Cocktail, Collateral, Endless Love, Goldmember, Legend, Minority Report, Rain Man, Stanley Kubrick: A Life..., Taps, The Color of Money, The Firm, and Young Guns.


Eric & Amy bid 9. Ray & Bill say go for it...

The Shining Yes
Carrie Yes
Rose Red No

So close. It was "Rose Madder". The list goes to Bill & Ray, and we've got a tie ball game. An unfinished list may be unfinished business... but this list is 157 strong.

Tiebreaker list time. This is played like Sudden Death on "Weakest Link". If one player gives a correct response, the other must give a correct response to keep playing.


Bill & Ray: Matthew McConaughey
Amy & Eric: Brad Pitt
Bill & Ray: George Clooney
Amy & Eric: Kevin Costner... Not on the list. Bill & Ray will play the Rich List!

And here's how we play the end game... They must fill in a list of 15 items. For every three, they win money...

Three items: $10,000
Six items: $25,000
Nine items: $75,000
Twelve items: $150,000
Fifteen items: $250,000

They can walk away at any time, and that's important, because one wrong item, and the game is over, and the house takes back the cheddar.


Bill says he knows two. "Two don't win you the money, Bill."

Million Dollar Baby  
The Godfather $10,000
Chariots of Fire
Dances with Wolves $25,000

Bill knows another one, but Ray isn't confident that they can get another two, so they walk with $25,000. But now they inherit the champion's pod as they face another set of opponents...

Their opponents, Benedict Burns & Ana Garcia. Benedict's strong at science, art, and music, while Ana likes pop culture. Let's play...

Round 1: TOP 50 BROADWAY SHOWS of all time, based on number of performances.

Benedict & Ana say they can name 10. Bill & Ray can go one better. Benedict & Ana think they got them for 15. Bill & Ray say rock me.

Cats Yes
Phantom of the Opera Yes
A Chorus Line Yes
Les Miserables Yes
The Lion King Yes
South Pacific Yes
West Side Story No

Challenge pays off as Bill & Ray gets the first list. Next list...

Round 2: AMERICA'S 50 MOST READ DAILY NEWSPAPERS based on circulation records from the Audit Bureau.

Bill & Ray think they can rattle off 10. Benedict & Ana say "Name them."

New York Times Yes
Philadelphia Inquirer Yes
Los Angeles Times Yes
Boston Globe Yes
Denver Post Yes
Wall Street Journal Yes
Washington Post Yes
San Francisco Chronicle Yes
New York Post Yes
Cincinnati Enquirer Yes

And Bill & Ray are going to the final once again! Which means again, we say goodbye to Benedict & Ana.

Will they roll the dice this time? So far, they've won $25,000. Let's play for more...

The Rich List: ANIMATED DISNEY MOVIES theatrically released, including Pixar.

The Lion King  
Snow White
Cinderella $10,000
Beauty & The Beast  
The Little Mermaid $25,000
Sleeping Beauty  
Toy Story $75,000
Lady & The Tramp  
101 Dalmatians
Peter Pan $150,000

"This is life changing money, and it's in my pocket, and we ain't taking it out." They're done at 12, giving them another $150,000, a two-game total of $175,000.

And they will play a new team next week. See you then.


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