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His name is Sir Richard Branson, and he's taking 16 would-be adventurers on a round-the-world quest for success. The prize: presidency of his entire Virgin empire.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN


Sir Richard Branson
Flight Attendants: Georgia Rossini, Frankie Harris
Creator: Tod Dahlke
EP: Jonathan Murray, Sir Richard Branson, Kevin Lee, Lori Levin-Hyams, Laura Fuest, Tod Dahlke
Packager: Virgin, Bunim-Murray Productions
Airs: Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET on Fox

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"Big Wigs in Space: Florida - Part 1" - December 28

Sorry to make this brief, but we're going into patented Brian Moore Hurry-Up! Mode on this particular ep.

Remember not too long ago we had Richard Branson all over the news publicizing that the next frontier he was going to break into would be space tourism. This would be close to the X Prize award time. Well, this week, not too different from that little venture a while back.

Before anyone goes into a mighty rocketship, though, we have to meet up with Richard. He’s on Fisher Island near Miami, as he sets the challenge: they have 48 hours to create 30-second spots for space travel and tourism to further the vision of commercial space travel as reality. Even has a name. "Virgin Galactic". Wow. And after all is said and done, TWO people will be left to go home on the tarmac.

Team 1: Shawn and Sara. Idea: Virgins in space. Sara laughs at the idea, especially in the execution, as both Shawn and Sara are trying to hook up... but can never quite do it. Sara’s thoughts... "Trying to hook up with a married Mormon is stressful."
Team 2: Gabe and Heather. Idea: Make Richard cry... He’s in the spot. Heather is just concerned with beating...
Team 3: Erica and Nikki. Idea: Sex sells. So do things that go bleep and blink. Erica directs Nikki instead of taking the model role.

Richard reviews the commercials. Sara and Shawn show their enthusiasm for Heather and Gabe’s spot. Erica is more or less bored.

Sara and Shawn’s video makes everyone laugh. Sara thinks Richard will pick Nikki and Erica’s cheeky spot over the other two. Why? I don’t know, just a fear of models...

But herein lies yet another twist. Richard tells the group that they will select the winner instead of him.

Nicole thinks Heather and Gabe are "unoriginal." Heather calls Erica and Nicole took the idea that they could get a job at Disney in 10 seconds as an insult. Shawn thinks that Nikki was stiff and that the spot lacked a coherent message. Erica demeans Shawn and Sara’s commercial. She feels that everyone will vote against her and Nikki because no one likes them. They take a paper vote. Richard asks if they put aside their prejudices when voting. I doubt it.

Is this the end? Nope. Not yet. There’s another challenge. The next challenge is to film more footage while weightless in a zero-G plane. However, two will go home before the flight takes off.

The result of the first challenge... Shawn and Sara were voted as having the best ad and as such. Heather and Gabe were second. As expected, Nikki and Erica are last. Shawn and Sara, as winners, get a free pass to the next round.

Now the hard decision. Who will go home next?

It’s Nicole and Erica. They never worked well together. So as the two leave, Erica is held back for a second... Richard asks her to take his place on the flight and report back with the findings, due to the fact that he has a prior engagement.

Erica and the foursome take off on the zero gravity flight. They flip and float as if they were weightless in space. However, awe turns into disaster as Heather begins to feel sick halfway through the journey. Shawn and Sara come up with an idea to play up the Virgins in Space theme by acting as a couple who can’t manage to get amorous in weightlessness.

The plane hits turbulence, and Heather freaks out. Erica tends to her. This meltdown affects the commercial with Gabe. Heather says that she cannot complete the flight, asking for the plane to be turned around.

What happens next? Find out next time.

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