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His name is Sir Richard Branson, and he's taking 16 would-be adventurers on a round-the-world quest for success. The prize: presidency of his entire Virgin empire.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN


Sir Richard Branson
Flight Attendants: Georgia Rossini, Frankie Harris
Creator: Tod Dahlke
EP: Jonathan Murray, Sir Richard Branson, Kevin Lee, Lori Levin-Hyams, Laura Fuest, Tod Dahlke
Packager: Virgin, Bunim-Murray Productions
Airs: Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET on Fox

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"Sing or Strip: London" - November 30

A night in the jungle led to Jermaine sleeping on the job.. and getting the axe for it. Next stop on Branson's Big Adventure: London.

Meanwhile, Steve & Jessica are still making cutesy faces at each other... at least Steve is, as Jessica says, "Steve and I have a forbidden love. Steve loves me. And I forbid it."

Branson meets the players at the crypt, as we rock out. Jessica & Steve are chosen as leaders... of the opposing team! Jessica thinks that she has the edge because of her three rules: respect, admire, and fear.

The teams arrive at a mansion as Steve goes shirtless... and you can see his tanlines. Ew. He gets dressed for dinner and a drink as the group takes in the London scenery. Meanwhile, some playing around with Michael & Jessica gets Steve a bit miffed. And by a bit, I mean seriously foaming at the mouth. He has it out with her at the ladies' room, saying "I can make you look so bad." And now everyone thinks that Jessica doesn't really like Steve that much. The two later meet to discuss professionalism and manipulation. "I think I'm scared that if I keep hanging out with you, I'm going to start feeling more." They agree that they could be each other's downfall, which opens the door for Steve to begin planning Jessica's downfall.

The next day, the teams meet Branson at V2 Music (home of the White Stripes). After detailing the history of Virgin Records (which in and of itself is the history of the Virgin empire), Branson sets the challenge: find an unsigned band of four predetermined bands and bring them to V2 and V Fest. The winning team's band will play V Festival. The losers will go to elimination challenge: sing or streak.

The four bands: 1) Rachel Mari Kimber. Indie rock. The music's alright, but the presentation's lacking. So says Jessica.

2) Exit Ten. Progressive alt-rock. Jessica is moved.

3) The Naked Apes. Another rock band. "A great career in commercial jingles." -Steve.

4) RED. Hardcore rock'n'soul chick band, wearing lingerie on stage. "Took me all of six seconds to realize that they have no musical talent." -Steve again.

Team Steve go to sign Exit Ten. Shawn and Team Jessica want... RED? Well, we'll see. They have the band, but now they need to sell it. One of the potential buyers, Chris Allen, manager of the All-American Rejects ("Swing Swing"), who are playing at V-Fest. They agree to hear Exit Ten at a van parked outside. Jessica, meanwhile, is preparing her spiel on RED at the Megastore.

Chris Allen... likes Exit Ten. Shawn.. REALLY likes RED. Steve needs the panel to feel them, so he's resorting to... theatrics. Will it work, though?

RED is up first at the Megastore against Branson, James Kidd (brand director, Virgin Mobile), Kelly Bryant (formerly of Eternal), and Emma Banks (director of Helter Skelter agency). The band... looks FINE... They rock, but Jessica was a little disappointed. The night before was better. Kelly believes that they have to be capable musicians and have to develop a sound as a band. Talk about tearing Shawn apart.

Steve shoulders the entire spiel himself. Here comes Exit Ten. A bit over the top, but it grabs the judges' attention. Exit Ten backs up the talk. But Kelly is a hard sell, thinking that the challenge was about bringing something more than just the band to the table. She's not pleased. But who wins the challenge? We'll find out at V-Fest... Tomorrow.

And it's tomorrow... Opening up for V-Fest... Exit Ten! Steve's team wins, and Jessica is faced with a hard decision: who to pick for the elimination challenge. She picks Sean. Branson has questions on that choice, as Jessica says that Shawn wants to lead all the time. Shawn says that he wasn't more proactive in this task.

So onto the challenge: One will sing. One will streak. Shawn doesn't streak on religious beliefs (Like Lena & Kristy, Ken Jennings, and my best friend from high school Rachel Kenney, Shawn's a Mormon). The song Shawn must sing, that old reality TV standard... "Oops! I Did It Again".  How does it go over?

"You fat bastard!"

Something like that, yeah. Get him off! And as for Jessica? She gets to run around as God made her... plus a few body paintings: RED and Virgin (of course). Steve is very "disturbed".

Now Branson has yet another tough decision to make. The time has come and the ... helicopter is fueled. Nicole hopes Shawn stays, and Steve echoes that sentiment. Richard holds Jessica accountable for taking in the wrong band. That said, Jessica gets the sole ticket... which leads directly back to America. Shawn says that she was a strong competitor, while everyone wonders why Steve, who wanted to get rid of Jessica, is now so emotional. Branson doesn't believe that she has what it takes to run his company, but Jessica believes that she had the best four weeks of her life.

Meanwhile, the remaining players remain in London, waiting for their next task.

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