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His name is Sir Richard Branson, and he's taking 16 would-be adventurers on a round-the-world quest for success. The prize: presidency of his entire Virgin empire.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN


Sir Richard Branson
Flight Attendants: Georgia Rossini, Frankie Harris
Creator: Tod Dahlke
EP: Jonathan Murray, Sir Richard Branson, Kevin Lee, Lori Levin-Hyams, Laura Fuest, Tod Dahlke
Packager: Virgin, Bunim-Murray Productions
Airs: Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET on Fox

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"Rock the Kasbah: Morocco" - December 14

Last time, a marriage that wasn't, a soccer match that didn't, and a set of flags that were... then quickly weren't, led to Michael getting the royal shaft. Next up, Morocco, where Richard notes that whoever wins the game will have to overcome language barriers and differences in culture in order to be a success. The next challenge: designed to do just that. Meanwhile, more infighting leads us to believe that Candida, or as Nicole put it, "Can-Diva", is "a walking paradox." She and Erica make up what the girls call "The Brunette Bully Brigade".

Candida is elected team leader, as she elects Nicole as the opposing team leader.

Team Candida: Heather, Steve, Gabe
Team Nicole: Erica, Shawn, Sara

We'll get to the challenge... after dinner at the Royal Palace. Richard's notes: Steve's an "unusual animal" with a mean backhand... a VERY mean backhand.. and drive to win at all costs.

The next challenge: Richard, as homage to the parents, is opening a new Virgin resort, the Kasbah Tamadot Suites. Each team will be given one suite, $5000, and 24 hours to.. yeah, you know where this is going. It's Renovation Nation time again. The catch, the Marrakech market where they must shop is located an hour away from the resort. And no one speaks the languages (French and/or Arabic). The winning team keeps the room as it is... forever.

Nicole's team go with "Mo-Rockin'", complete with drums for tables. Candida goes for rugs, drapes, mirrors, lamps, a waterfall. Steve: "Is there a Wal-Mart?" The objective: a great splash, literally. Gabriel thinks that Candida is focused too much on the "wow" items and the icing on the cake before we even have cake. "She manages to get everyone on the team to lose all respect for her as a leader within the first hour of this challenge," Steve said.

Things to know about Moroccan bartering: prices are not set in stone all around, so if you go, shop around. Candida sees separation in her ranks as a hindrance, while Nicole sees it as help. Sara, as a result, is stuck with Nicki... So sorry for you. Meanwhile Shawn gets some carpenters on his side, and already, they have the advantage... more so. Steve and Heather, meanwhile, decide that it's time for a mutiny in the market place. Meanwhile, the girls on Nicole's team discuss pricey curtains.

"One more person grabs me or grabs my hand, I'm going to scream." That from Candida. The price wars ... and the grabbing... continues.

Nine hours to go, and now comes the decorating... well, a great deal of it.. we hope. Candida and Steve head to market while the rest of the team stays behind. Meanwhile, Sara and Erica need to get to Bouchra before closing, as she's closing in 10 minutes. And the race begins.

Candida and Steve... can't stand each other. Meanwhile, Bouchra gets the curtains in the Rockin' Team's hands before close. Heather and Steve complain about Can-Diva's fetish for blue. We don't have time and funds for fountains, and Candida can't seem to grasp that concept.

Back at the hotel, Shawn moves a ladder and... there goes the paint. Disaster! They manage to clean that up, while Candida's team gets the bed crooked. Fifteen minutes to go, and both teams are scrambling. The curtains create problems for Candida's team... and they end up looking like crap. Meanwhile over with Nicole's team, it's coming together... quickly. And here comes Tyler Harcott... err, Richard, to see the finished product. Candida's room... Okay. But all in all, it looks like a student's pad. And he hates the curtains. Stevie Wonder would hate the curtains.

Nicki's room... nice lights. Tasteful curtains. Amazing. This one's no contest, as Nicole, Erica, Shawn, and Sara get the win. So Candida must now face elimination alongside... Steve? Heather tries to put the thought in her head. Steve tries to put the thought of challenging Gabe. In the end... it's Steve who will compete against Candida.

The challenge: Find your teammates via helicopter and memory... then find Richard at the bazaar. Steve (who is confident and assured of victory over Candida) & Candida go with Richard, while respective partners Gabe & Heather go into the Atlas Mountains. Gabe and Heather must guide their partners to them via cell phone and walkie-talkie. Steve finds Gabe first, and then proceeds to part two of the challenge:

"I hope you kept your eyes open. Your challenge now is to find me. I will be at one of these places: La Palais Bleu, Fantasia, The Kasbah, Riad al-Fen. After you spot me, you must climb down the ladder and get to me on foot."

By this time, both teams have taken their helicopters, as Gabe and Steve hit up the Blue Palace, while the girls go to the Riad. He's not at Fantasia. Heather finds Richard at the Riad, so now it's a race to get to him before the guys do. They find Richard first, and get the handsome reward for doing so... a pass into the next round. But there's more to it than that, as we see at the tarmac.

Richard notes that Candida has some weaknesses as a leader because she has problems befriending people, but ultimately Richard believes that Steve has become "too Machiavellian for his own good". He loves that word.

Next time, Branson's big adventure heads to Tokyo. Sayonara!

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