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You're good enough, you're wacky enough, and doggone it, people like you. So what's missing? I know! Your very own reality series!

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN


Dan Levy
Panel: Andy Dick, rotating
Creators: Jerry Mahoney, Adam Cohen, Cara Tapper, Joanna Vernetti
EP: Adam Cohen, Cara Tapper, Joanna Vernetti, Andy Dick
Packager: Superdelicious for MTV
Origin: Tribune Studios; Los Angeles, CA
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:30pm ET on MTV

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The Reality Show Results Show - September 27
September's nearing the end and for those of you who didn't care for "The Amazing Race: Family Edition", you might have watched this installment of "The Reality Show".
Tonight's judges are...
Bam Margera from "Jackass" and "Viva la Bam"
Andy Dick from "The Assistant", "NewsRadio", etc.
Corey Clark from "American Idol" [How the heck did he show up there?]
Last week Karisha/Bansri, Heather, and Cyndee/Toi were at the bottom three. And when the voting has closed, America has cancelled...Cyndee and Toi's show.
And now we get to see the 30-second mini-episodes of the shows from the remaining players/teams.  First up we get to see Shelley's from "After the Reign". This is where she goes to the Trump Towers in a meeting with Donald Trump. The man whose pageant had changed her life.
We then get to see the second mini-episode from "Life With Uncle Bobby". Andy has a girlfriend, but his uncle's a big advocate of treating women miserably.
Heather's next showing off "Ramona", where she's "crushing" on a few guys. One of those guys is helping her playing guitar.  Another guy she scopes out, gets her into a hot tub. Ooohhh!
From Niki's "Love You to Death", Niki needs a car but they have to share one...which is a van that's from the funeral home.
Jacob and Jude next present their clip from "Nearly Identical" which offers something for everyone.  Jacob goes with jude to a gay bar hoping a connection can be made. This didn't end well, unfortunately.
Up next from "There's Something Funny With Kaitlin", on her way to "The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno", Kaitlin dresses up like Jessica Simpson and plays like her at a small diner. And the employees over there thought she was Jessica Simpson. They have noticed her camera crew with her. Vegas, here she comes!
We then go "Out of the Woods" with Kipchoge, where he and his friends make a bike trail to crash at some festival. Unfortunately, the trail is failing them and they have to use the vegetable-powered bus to get there.
The next excerpt from "Nick Roses: 10% Teen" shows us how to deal. He's so busy running his agency that he hasn't had a haircut in quite a while. He misses ten calls while he's getting shampooed
We round off the feature presentations with "Karma Chameleons". The cousins have another day off and they think their parents don't know what's up. Their parents left voicemail after not recieveing their calls, saying that they want to know what they're doing and they would like to come over and that's their final decision. I think this is going to get pretty ugly.
While the judges confirm with the producers for their "bottom three" selections.  Andy thinks that Kaitlin, Kipchoge, and Karishma/Bansri will be in the botton three.  But here's what Andy Dick chose...
1) Kaitlin
2) Kipchoge
3) Karishma and Bansri
This is Karisha and Bansri's second time in this position. Who'll avoid cancellation this time, find out next week on "The Reality Show".

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