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Finally, a gas station that pays YOU.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Greg Fitzsimmons
Creators/EP James Burstall
Nick Rigg
Julian Locke
EP Robert Ecker
Patti Wheeler
Packager Leopard Films USA for Speed Channel
Origins Sunoco gas stations in the Tri-State area
Web speedtv.com/pumped
Airs 9p & 9:30p ET Thurs, Speed

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Episode #1
November 17

There are over 250,000 gas stations in America. There's only one that will not only fill up your tank, but fill up your wallet. Pull up to your petrol, and if you find Greg Fitzsimmons there, he'll quiz you while you're getting your gas. The more answers you get right, the more cash you earn, but if you're running on fumes, it's game over.

It's Cash Cab in a gas station. Let's get Pumped! (presented by Sunoco... relevance)


Lorenzo Inglese is first. He only has to answer ONE question correctly for a $50 Sunoco Get Gas card. "The name of what Chevy compact car can be translated into Spanish as 'doesn't go'?" Is it the Nova? Yep! He gets help from sports bloggers Juice, Jared, and Sanford (2005 GMC Yukon), who gets to play the game proper...

The rules: You start with an empty gas tank. Round 1, or Regular, questions are true/false for $25 and a quarter of your game tank filled.  If you answer a question wrong, you will not lose any of your gas, but you have to get two right in order to continue on in the game.

1) In football, the "nickel" defense consists of five defensive backs.
- TRUE (1, $25)

2) In 2010, the most popular car color worldwide was black.
- FALSE (2, $50)

3) As of 2010, Subway has more locations worldwide than any other restaurant chain.
- TRUE (3, $75)

4) In "The 12 Days of Christmas," the gift on the ninth day is "ladies dancing".
- TRUE (FULL, $100)

Next is round 2, the Plus round. Each question is multiple choice worth $50. Get one wrong, you lose a quarter tank of gas. Get to E, and your game is over. Get a correct answer on a full tank, it's called and overspill, and Greg hands you a Daily Extra of another $50 Sunoco Get Gas card.

The trio pick up another $150 including the Daily Extra.

4) Which one of these Indy 500 drivers does not share the record of four wins?
a) AJ Foyt
b) Rick Mears
c) Mario Andretti
d) Al Unser

They go with B... but it was A. But they still have the $250 in their tank...

Bonus Round time, in this case, it's Bumper to Bumper. The guys are given five movies (The Straight Story, Around the World in 80 Days, Das Boot, The Rocketeer, and Black Sunday) and five modes of transport (jet pack, lawn mower, blimp, submarine, and hot air balloon). Match the mode with the movie within 30 seconds. $50 for each correct answer. Their answers:

- The Straight Story: BLIMP (wrong, lawn mower)
- Around the World in 80 Days: HOT AIR BALLOON
- The Rocketeer: JET PACK
- Black Sunday: LAWN MOWER (wrong, blimp)

So another $150 in the bank for a total of $400!

Round 3 is the High Octane Round. Each question is worth $100. They answer their first two correct to pin the tank with $600...

3) Nicknamed "Smoke", who is the only NASCAR driver to win a race as a driver/owner since Ricky Rudd in 1998?
- Richard Petty... is wrong (Tony Stewart). Down to 3/4 their tank.

They end their game with $700, but do they care to double it up with the Top-Off Challenge? If they want to answer one more question, they can double their bank to $1400. Get it wrong, you halve your bank to $350. The guys... are GOING FOR IT!

TOP OFF CHALLENGE: The bull on the Lamborghini log was inspired by what zodiac sign?
a) Aries
b) Taurus
c) Gemini

Scared money don't make money. They say B... It's B! That's $1400!


Melinda Rose Vazquez (2011 Mitsubishi Evolution) is next to play. She's a newlywed of one year.

REGULAR for $25: Melinda goes 1 for 3 for $25....

4) The founder of Chevrolet was from the United States
- TRUE... (False, Switzerland).

Game over, but she ends up with $25 and a wedding gift from us, a $50 Sunoco Get Gas card.

Still in Jefferson Valley with Gabe Thorn (2006 Honda Civic).

REGULAR for $25: Gabe has 1 for 3 for $25...

4) Fifty different astronauts have set foot on the moon.
- FALSE.... Only 12! He's still in the game for $50.

PLUS for $50: Gabe gets a question on Joe Montana, a question the Mercedes Benz Superdome, but misses a question on Tony Stewart's "Smoke Pit".

4) Which of these carmakers has won the Indy 500?
a) Chevrolet
b) Ford
c) Dodge
d) Maserati

A... is right for $200 and a full tank.

BONUS ROUND: Search Warrant. There's a 1973 Dodge Challenger. It's a hot car, but what's inside is important, clues for a car brand. Find the car brand on the first clue... $200. Second clue, $100. Third clue: $50. Final clue: $25. You have 60 seconds... from NOW!

- Clue 1: Malibu.... Chevrolet.. IS RIGHT for $200!

HIGH OCTANE for $100: Gabe overspills for a $50 gas card. He's sweeping it...

4) What pastry is associated with a driving maneuver in which a car's rear tires leave a series of circular skid marks?
- Donut... Hi, Don. He sweeps the High Octane round for $800!

Will he top it off for $1600? He will!

TOP OFF CHALLENGE: Held in Munich, what annual fall festival is the world's largest beer festival?

Gabe says "Oktoberfest"... HE'S RIGHT FOR $1600!

In total, $3025 is pumped from the first show... but we've got another!


To see this episode in its entirety, go to speedtv.com/pumped.