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November 17 (1)

Finally, a gas station that pays YOU.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Greg Fitzsimmons
Creators/EP James Burstall
Nick Rigg
Julian Locke
EP Robert Ecker
Patti Wheeler
Packager Leopard Films USA for Speed Channel
Origins Sunoco gas stations in the Tri-State area
Web speedtv.com/pumped
Airs 9p & 9:30p ET Thurs, Speed

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Episode #1
November 17

There are over 250,000 gas stations in America. There's only one that will not only fill up your tank, but fill up your wallet. Pull up to your petrol, and if you find Greg Fitzsimmons there, he'll quiz you while you're getting your gas. The more answers you get right, the more cash you earn, but if you're running on fumes, it's game over.

It's Cash Cab in a gas station. Let's get Pumped! (presented by Sunoco... relevance)


First up... Tim Walker rolls up in his 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Still in operating condition. That's good. But it looks like crap.

REGULAR for $25: Tim has three for four. He continues on with $75 and 3/4 of a tank.

Let's have a look at this car... He's got an after-market engine dropped as evidenced by a dual exhaust, and as pointed out by Greg in one of this round's questions, he has no passenger mirror.

PLUS for $50: Tim wins one on the "need for speed", then loses two on Bud Light and the Pinto. Final question with half a tank.

4) What type of medieval combat weapon consisted of a spiked ball chained to a handle?
a) Anduril
b) Flail
c) Scepter
d) Atlatl

He goes with the anduril... it was the flail. He's down to a quarter-tank. But he still has $125.

BONUS ROUND: Squeegee Challenge. That's a dirty windshield. There are five clues underneath that filth. Get the puzzle right in the first try, it's $200. Second, $100. Third: $50, and so on.

- Clue #1: Olympic gold.
- Clue #2: Oldest heavyweight champ.

GEORGE FOREMAN is right for $225! And over the course of the game... Tim loses a tire. For real.

HIGH OCTANE: Down to a quarter tank with $225. One wrong answer, and he has to hit the bricks.

1) What scenic stretch of California state Route 1 is abbreviated PCH?
- Pacific Coast Highway... is right... but Tim times out. He leaves with $225.

Still in East Meadow with a hot pink Challenger belonging to tiny Cassandra Caponi (2010 Dodge Challenger R/T Classic... hot pink). She's going to watch herself on Speed Channel, because she's a fan.

REGULAR: $25. Cassandra misses a question on In-n-Out burger, but gets one on Rocky. Tight turns gives her the pass through to the next round. Fourth question... Marlins, Diamondbacks, Rockies, and Rays all played in the World Series.

PLUS for $50: Cassandra misses a beer question, thinking that Blatz was not founded in Milwaukee (it was, but Yuengling wasn't). Down to a quarter tank.

2) What TV show damaged more than 300 orange Dodge Chargers during its seven-season run?
a) The Dukes of Hazzard
b) The King of Queens
c) Knightrider
d) Highway to Heaven

A... is right for $100 and a half tank! She loses half of her tank on a question about Manny Ramirez's female fertility drugs.

4) What was the original factory price of a 1908 Ford Model T?
a) $450
b) $850
c) $1850
d) $1500

She goes with D... Sorry, Cassandra, but she pumps out with $100.

Finally, we leave the greater NYC area and end up in...


Cynthia Devlin (2009 Dodge Caliber) was pumping gas alone... but it turns out that she's actually equipped with baggage, her partner Brett Bostic. He was in the store.

REGULAR for $25: They get their two, but miss on a question about pumping your own gas in Oregon (C-Note: my friend Jackie can tell you, it's illegal). They go three for four for $75 and 3/4 a tank of gas.

PLUS for $50: They miss a question on Joe Montana, but get one on the location of the deltoid. Cynthia picks up a Daily Extra of a $50 gas card.

BONUS ROUND: Bumper to Bumper. We're looking for 2010 winners of motoring series.

- Sprint Cup Series: JIMMIE JOHNSON (ding!)
- Nationwide Series: TODD BODINE (Brad Keselowski)
- Camping Truck World Series: BRAD KESELOWSKI (Todd Bodine)
- IndyCar: DARIO FRANCHITTI (ding!)

That's another $150 for a total of $375!

HIGH OCTANE for $100: Cynthia and Brett go two for four, but that first question that they got gives them enough play to try for the Top Off Challenge if they want to double their cash to $1150... or halve their bank to $287.50.

... they're going for it!

TOP OFF CHALLENGE: The New York Yankees hold a record 27 World Series championships. Which team is second with 10?
a) Dodgers
b) Giants
c) Cardinals

Cynthia defers to Brett. He goes with C.... It was Colin Powell. NO, IT WAS THE CARDINALS! That's $1150!

In total tonight, our players pump for $1475!

And that's all the gas we have for tonight. Don't forget to leave your personal electronics in the car when you leave!

To see this episode in its entirety, go to speedtv.com/pumped.