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Play-er: (noun) an over-charismatic, over-charming person who isn't willing to settle down with just one person.

Used in a sentence: Thirteen players try to get with a Miami model, but if their playing ways don't get them in trouble, her girlfriends - and the unseen Player Operator - will!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Creators: Don Weiner, Happy Walters, Cary Woods, Scott Nemes
EP: Don Weiner, Happy Walters
Packager: Don Weiner Productions, IR. Immortal
Airs: Wednesdays at 9:00pm ET on UPN

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"This Game Is About Game" - September 14

Game was proven to be more than just face value for Trever and Acie last week, but Trever's lack thereof cost him on his date as he's left for dead on a Miami rooftop. Acie then starts macking his game on Chyno, causing him to be tossed by Ananda AND Jinelle. Dawn, ever the teenage angst case, rushes to her room crying. Now, it's down to the Final Three as we pick up from last week's.. errm, love fest.

Jinelle & Ananda have no regrets, while Dawn confides in Acie that to have them make her decision is insulting, thinking that Ananda's player ways with Ben, Acie, and Chyno is a vendetta against her. "I feel that just because I'm feeling him, she's going to make her move."

The next day, the cool-looking triangular box makes a freaky noise. Hmm.. What does this button do?

Play-Op: I've seen you operate in this environment. Now I want to see how you operate on your own turf. Over the next three days you'll each take Dawn to your home town to meet your crew. Be sure to show Dawn a great time, because at the end of this week one of you players will be sent back home. While the other two will play on, to see how this game ends.

So we're going home. Pack your bags, gentlemen. First stop on the World Player Tour, Scottsdale, AZ, casa de JJ. JJ says his friends bring out the best in him, so expect Dawn to be blown away. We start by meeting JJ's family. "Jason never ceases to amaze me," says Barbara, "Jason's" mother. "My son, he may be a player, but he's got a big heart."

And he had small hair, too. Can you believe that? His brother and sister think the world of him, and Dawn notices that there isn't many people who don't like him, as he's warm and caring with his family. How is he among friends?

We find out as we roll to a party with all his family and friends. And, every player's nightmare, a few ex-girlfriends. "I didn't invite any of them girls to that damn barbecue. My mom set me up!" We hear from Lauren, Makeisha, and Christina (he say he's just a friend... for now), as JJ applauds himself on his game.

That night, it's off to a candlelight dinner in a park. And massage. Dawn reveals that he's come a long way since "the naked pool incident", but he still has a long way to go, as JJ leans in for the kiss only to find that Dawn thinks he needs some Winterfresh or something.

Next stop on the World Player Tour: H-Town, Houston. Greeting Dawn is Acie's mother, Tamara. Because every player deep down still lives with his mother. After meeting his friends, Dawn concedes that it's like "meeting a whole tribe of Acies." From home, they go to Studio 7, where Acie asks Dawn to exit her pod and approach the microphone. They dance to some of Acie's music, which Dawn calls "powerful." From THERE we go to Belvedere's for an exclusive model shoot. Acie says that this isn't a game, this is his life. This is who he is. And you know, good on him for keeping it real... for once.

The shoot impresses Dawn. And Dawn is impressing the shooters. "He thinks far ahead, and you can see it in his game." Acie is feeling her as well.

Meanwhile, JJ returns to the mansion from Scottsdale to the greeting arms of Ananda & Jinelle, who want to hear every bit of Scottsdale. Jinelle calls him a little boy as if she thought it was cute. Trust me, from a guy who gets that line every day, it wears thin after a while. Ananda thinks that JJ has grown from "silly white boy" to "great man".

Back in Houston, Acie takes Dawn to dinner at Mark's. He's feeling the feeling of the feeling or something as they toast to "more pleasurable moments". This day was all about her, and she's digging it. Hey, you two... Get a room. "You're going to make me start chanting the Nigerian language."

Bryan makes final arrangements with his mom, Ananda, and Jinelle while he's on the phone. You can tell he's the most nervous. He really shouldn't be, as he travels... not that damn far. In fact, we don't even leave the city. Dawn meets him at the Tasty Pelican while thinking that Bryan is the most nervous. Bryan takes Ananda's advice to heart in ordering up drinks. Bryan can't talk, can't move without Dawn saying something. But once he gets going, he gets going. "You can't sleep on me." Bryan's going to step this one up, as they head to the beach, where a plane flies by with...

"DAWN & BRYAN...???"

That's pretty much what I said. "It leaves you to fill in the end yourself." Oh. Nice. "Less is more." True, as Bryan confesses that he wants somebody.

From there we go ... back to the mansion. Acie didn't "feel this place" because Dawn wasn't there. Well, keep looking on the street, man. You'll find her. Ananda wants to hear everything poolside. Acie doesn't want to reveal too much, which strikes Ananda as odd because a) she thinks that there's something there, and b) they've always been "buddies".

Ananda reveals that it's Dawn's decision as to who goes home this week, meaning that 3... 2... 1... you've outlived your usefulness.

Bryan goes home with Dawn to meet the folks, who are "very Latin", so they're warm and nice and all. Dad makes the toast with the family: "To Dawn and Bryan... Dot dot dot." Geez, can't you guys say anything besides "dot dot dot"?

Bryan's friends join the party and... they're just as reserved as he is. Could be the kiss of death.

The players are reunited in Dawn's room, as Dawn has an idea of who she wants. Let's just say that Bryan doesn't stand a chance. Acie bounces as soon as Dawn takes off her shirt for a massage from JJ. "Until she says, JJ leave, I'm not leavin'". Acie second guesses his decision and gets in on the action.

We all know Acie is targeting for the kill zone right here.

It's the last day for one of the players and... Hold on, I gotta take this....

Play-Op: Tonight's elimination will be different. Jinelle and Ananda won't be
nominating anybody. All three of you will be considered for elimination, with Dawn choosing the one player to who will get kicked to the curb, leaving only two of you to compete for the title of the Ultimate Player. Good luck, gentlemen.

Dawn goes over the dates with Ananda & Jinelle while listening to Freek-a-leek on her Media Player. Bryan was all about her. JJ was all about him. Acie did both. Dawn is still going over the decision in her mind.

Elimination time: JJ saw a lot of people happy, and offers the "princess" his heart and a pearl from her grandmother's engagement ring. Acie did not prepare for this, and just wants to keep it real. Bryan says that "what you see is what you get."

That said... Bryan is faulted for a slow start, but an open finish. "You're completely right about 'what I see is what I get.' That can be good, or that can be bad." Dawn thinks Acie is a trendsetter, but his massages don't last long enough. JJ is a playful kid, but he can be serious... even though he is maybe a bit shy.

Hard choice. But she makes it... Bryan, it's over. Game to Dawn is words. Game to me is a four-letter word. So we're down to the final two, and tomorrow, there will only be one in the game, and to the ultimate player goes the bling.

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