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Play-er: (noun) an over-charismatic, over-charming person who isn't willing to settle down with just one person.

Used in a sentence: Thirteen players try to get with a Miami model, but if their playing ways don't get them in trouble, her girlfriends - and the unseen Player Operator - will!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Creators: Don Weiner, Happy Walters, Cary Woods, Scott Nemes
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"You're Really in Love If You Go Swimming with Some Alligators" - August 25

Last week, pageantry proved to be the death knell of Eian as a mistimed answer sent him home. Then the fun began, if your idea of fun is trashing the girlfriend's room. Surprisingly, the three players responsible, Ben, Trever, and AJ, live to play another day, while the intelligent brother Marvin gets the boot. What sort of gator swim does Dawn have in store this week?

Yes, we said gator swim. And Chyno's the gator, holding down his first-place place like a champ. Alex is also the gator, in this Armani suit and... uh oh, watch out for the Super Soakers! But they're not the only gators. Here's the Play-Op:

Play-Op: As you all know, it's a jungle out there in the dating world, and to earn your next date with Dawn, you'll have to prove you can survive in the wild. You're off to the Everglades, players. Don't hate the gators.

Yep, we're off to the Glades for some gator punching. Everyone's scared... except for Alex: "I went to Florida State. So I'm ready to take some Gators OUT!" On the other side of the swamp, dancing hotties. But why are we here? Simple. To split up into two teams of four and rescue Dawn. To do that, you have to get keys. To do THAT, you have to complete three challenges: archery, ice breaking, and swimming with gators. First team in Dawn's tent wins... Oh yeah, did we mention that Jinelle and Ananda, your team captains, are going to be carried in sedan chairs? Good luck.

Jinelle's team: JJ, Alex, Chyno, and Trever. Ananda's team: Acie, Ben, Byron, and Bryan.

Once again, Alex needs a pair of sneakers. Archery: Acie sucked, and JJ ruled. Bryan pummeled the ice to break even. JJ has to beg Trever for help at the gators. Still deadlocked, it's a race to see who can get their locks opened... That race goes to... Jinelle's team. Ananda's team finishes anyway, but in dead last, Ananda's not pleased, especially since some of the guys on Jinelle's side already had some quality time before. Acie blames himself for the loss. He'll have plenty of time to make up for it, as JJ, being the sport that he is, gives up his spot for him, saying "it ain't no fun if the homeys can't have none."

Dawn leads the team, now Acie, Alex, Chyno, and Trever, to a helicopter... which only has three seats. You know what's coming up, right? Right... "He's a really cool guy, but it's just not clickin'." Sounds like Alex. Is Alex. Well, he can finally go home... and get some sneaks. "It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game. And at the end of the day, if you still have respect, you're the winner." True.

The group heads to the spa to explore their more sensitive side. With some golf thrown in... because you have to have golf. Dawn thinks Acie's funny. I think Dawn can't golf worth a... anyway, Chyno just tells her to swing real hard. But then again, they have an unspoken relationship, which is cool... if you're into that.

Back at the house, Ananda brings Byron and Bryan into pep talk mode, telling them to get her attention. Byron thinks she's doing it more so for Bryan. Byron demonstrates on Jinelle. Bryan says "WHATEVER!"

Back at the golf course of doom, it's yoga time with beer thrown in for... well, something. "Because it empowers your mind, body and spirit." Dude, that's what Red Bull is for. Acie's concentrating... on the yoga instructor. Dawn isn't concentrating on that so much as she's concentrating on the beer. Trever can't take the whole inability to become double jointed, so he just jumps in the pool. And that's supposed to make it all go away, isn't it?

Needless to say, it'll take a miracle for Little Mr. Prankster to make it to the next round. The guys return to the house with some bad news... Alex? Gone. Meanwhile, Ben steps up his game to Dawn, who's seen him in a Speedo and still hasn't gone out with him. Well, she promises that he'll get one, but what's that worth, the promise of a woman?

Now it's time for reflexology for dummies with JJ and Dawn. Is he really an expert in reflexology? No. Does Dawn believe otherwise? Yeah.

That night, it's a tent and a campfire.. eventually. Ben's just being... Ben, no game, just a real person (for once?!). This according to Ananda at the campfire with everyone... except for Chyno and Dawn. "Surprise, surprise!"

Seriously, they're in the bath. And they'll be in the bath every day for the next week. "My whole approach is to make sure that the female understands that you really do care for her." Game ensues. Dawn wants to know if his game will overshadow his feelings, because both are there, and he could, for purposes of the game, play her.

Out back, Ben asks Jinelle if she's going to get Chyno's... well, they edited that out, but Jinelle heard it, and she's going to the bathroom with it. Either to tell Dawn or to get Chyno's whatever it was. Turns out it was both, as Jinelle, Dawn, and Chyno make it to the camp site, where Dawn calls Ben out to just drag him over the coal. Owwww...

What's even more painful, though? Ananda siding with Ben. "Honestly, I think he said it because you were being missed. You weren't here."  Dawn, being the drama queen like Cupid's Lisa before her, faults Ananda on forgetting why she's here. Chyno also faults her, saying that Dawn's going to think that she's sided. Well, in a way, she is. Because if Dawn doesn't... well, let's just say that we're dealing with more players than we know. Or really need.

Bryan is the only one with no dates, and he says that it would be a shame if he went home without one. So he moves in for the kill up at Dawn's place, which she likes, but she's still waiting for more game. She sure takes this game seriously. "The potential's there, but I don't think it's enough."

So who's going home? Nobody knows. I mean, Ben's sure it's him. Bryan thinks that he's the dark horse, Trever's name is being thrown around. We'll know for sure in a bit, because it's elimination time. Jinelle puts Ben on the block. Ananda puts Trever on the block. Trever likens himself to Al Bundy. Good trick. Ben thinks that this has been fun, and he is over the whole deal from earlier. Dawn with the final decision... chooses to keep Trever around, hoping that he'll mature a little more. The rest of the players live to play another day, while Ben is on the next ride out.

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