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Play-er: (noun) an over-charismatic, over-charming person who isn't willing to settle down with just one person.

Used in a sentence: Thirteen players try to get with a Miami model, but if their playing ways don't get them in trouble, her girlfriends - and the unseen Player Operator - will!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Creators: Don Weiner, Happy Walters, Cary Woods, Scott Nemes
EP: Don Weiner, Happy Walters
Packager: Don Weiner Productions, IR. Immortal
Airs: Wednesdays at 9:00pm ET on UPN

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"Slumber Party" - September 1

Last week, Alex was shown the door simply because there weren't enough seats on the helicopter to Dawn's next date. Too bad we can't say the same for Ben, who despite scoring a date or two, was sent home after Dawn chose to keep Trever. So what's next in store for our players? Here's a hint: Nighties are involved.

Dawn gets an idea to hold a slumber party. And I love how Dawn thinks. Chyno doesn't, as her teasing is getting him a little bit hot under the collar. He excuses himself after Byron gets all up on her like... yeah, that. "Byron got game, and Chyno got jealous." She tries to remedy it by blowing bubbles. Must've worked, because next thing you know, Chyno's the meat in a model sandwich up in Jinelle and Ananda's bed, while Acie shares a bed with Ananda. "Simple logic. If Ananda is the one making decisions, why wouldn't I go to Ananda first?" Smart man.

A little too smart. Methinks Ananda is starting to fall for him. And right in front of Dawn, who now thinks that Ananda has forgotten her role in all of this.

Next day, the guys think that Dawn's the one with the player mentality. And methinks that Ananda has game, and Dawn's getting jealous. Case in point, Ananda and Acie. Dawn confronts the issue at breakfast. Ananda does think Acie's attractive. "I don't think Dawn is acting like a full-out diva... yet." Then you haven't been watching the same show that I have apparently.

Thank goodness, I needed the Playerphone to ring to pull me out of ... whatever that was.

Play-Op: What's the deal, players? This is the player operator. At the end of this game, there will be only one ultimate player, so it's time for you to step it up in the next player skills challenge, which will allow Dawn to see if you're really a high roller or just fronting. You'll be taken to a casino boat where you'll be given $100 to gamble and win as much as you can. After the challenge, you will then have one hour to shop for Dawn, using only the money you've won. You'll receive further instruction when you reach your destination. Good luck, players.

Altogether now... "Profit in my paaaaaants..." We're going on a boat, out in international waters first. Then we're going to play blackjack, roulette, craps, and slots to try and make as much money as you can. Then you'll shop for one... and only one... gift for Diva... err, Dawn. Pretty much what the Play-Op said. There are two winners: the most expensive, and the one that Dawn likes the most. The two winners get to date.

Chyno thinks that a Player don't have to buy anyone nothin'. JJ on the other hand needs this one to stand a chance. Byron swears to stop at $50. Acie shoots dice to go up to $125. Chyno, $190. Bryan is the only one up at the BJ tables, $240 to Byron's $40 (oh well...) and Trever's $80. Acie's up $160. And in dead last, JJ... with five bucks. And he even manages to lose that. Byron ends up with $24. Chyno breaks even, Trever loses $50, Bryan triples his stash, and Acie is your big winner today with $350. Now, as Pat Sajak used to say, "Let's go shopping."

JJ gets a free lollipop. Well, you know what they say, "Love don't cost a thing." Acie wants to pocket his winnings, while Trever goes for the gold... literally. "I love shopping." Sure you do.

The guys love competition. Case in point, Chyno and Byron in the weight room. Trever thinks he can top him... Nope. Shoulder goes out, and he heads for the ER. That night, Dawn and the girls scope out Byron's acrylic "Follow your heart" plaque ($20), Trever's bracelet ($48.23), Chyno's perfume bottle ($45.81... *Feud strike*), Acie's pearl necklace ($321.18), Bryan's pink dress ($300), and JJ's lollipop and poem... priceless. So Acie takes slot #1... and Bryan gets #2. And the girls can't stop talking about the dress and Bryan's A-game. "He better follow up with something serious on this date, or else he could be in some serious trouble."

Bryan's worried about sudden death on the date, and so has Acie. More Acie than Bryan, even. You know, that whole thing with Ananda and her bed and all.

Dawn enters in the dress Bryan bought her (and the necklace Acie bought her), as they head for the Villa Vizcaya for some lunch. Acie's opinion of Vizcaya: "Once a woman sees this.... panties.... comin' off. For real." Uh... yeah. Dawn notices that Acie loves to talk while Bryan's more of a laid-back guy. Mr. Talker gets some me-time with Dawn first, as they just partake in the sexiness of the moment (hey, her words). Dawn likes to mess with Acie's personal space, so she plays on that. Next stop a cave, and Dawn is sensing that Acie's going to make his move. And ... there. So what does Dawn do next? Bring up Ananda, of course. Acie's story: "You're trying to put me in a certain position where you're trying to eliminate me." Nice use of passive/aggressiveness. You rarely see that in a man, especially in the face of a beautiful woman.

Back at the mansion, Chyno's at home for the first time, and Ananda... likes it? Like likes it? Seems like everyone's a player nowadays. "I don't regret it. I need to have fun, too."

Back as Vizcaya, Bryan and Dawn feel out vibes and go with those. Dawn thinks he's shy, but he's coming around. They go to a bridge and a kiss ensues. "Just that little connection changed the game for me." Dawn thinks Bryan's kiss looked passionate... but that's it.

That night, dinner. And Trever returns! Meanwhile, Byron and Dawn share an intimate moment in her bedroom. Dawn thinks that he's coming at him with game, and she's trying to neutralize it. "Come and talk to me like Byron, don't come at me like Player Byron." Jinelle also thinks that his game is a little lie.

The next day, Chyno leaves a gift bag (or at least the contents thereof) on Dawn' bed.  She feels that there is a connection, and that his game is an equal to hers. Enter Ananda, who tries to keep him away from Dawn. Strategy? Or is Ananda moving in for the kill now?

Is Acie really using Ananda to get to Dawn? That subject could play a part in tonight's elimination. Hmm.. No sudden death this week. Jinelle nominates the Jekyll-and-Hyde player Byron, while Ananda chooses happy-action-but-sloppy-game Acie. Bombshell. Dude, you were just played. Acie thinks it's a shock and that he's been the realest. Byron admits to being slow to make a move. But it's only because he's been pacing himself out, not revealing all the good bits. Taking that into account... Dawn chooses Acie's persona over Byron's game. Sorry, bro, but we'll have to wait for the DVD to come out.

Acie and company live to play another day, but guess what... we've got nerds next week. Nerds that probably have more game than you do. Well, maybe not.

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