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Play-er: (noun) an over-charismatic, over-charming person who isn't willing to settle down with just one person.

Used in a sentence: Thirteen players try to get with a Miami model, but if their playing ways don't get them in trouble, her girlfriends - and the unseen Player Operator - will!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Creators: Don Weiner, Happy Walters, Cary Woods, Scott Nemes
EP: Don Weiner, Happy Walters
Packager: Don Weiner Productions, IR. Immortal
Airs: Wednesdays at 9:00pm ET on UPN

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"I Have a Clucker Nest In My Bed" - September 8

Last week, we didn't have a sudden death elimination, but what we did have (jewelry, expensive dresses, high stakes gambling, and orgies) more than made up for it, as Acie got even closer to Dawn and Ananda, while the only thing Byron will ever get close to is a pillow to cry himself to sleep... on the inside, of course.

We're down to five, as Dawn plays favorites (the comfortable yet childlike JJ), saying that she wishes Trever and Bryan had more to offer. Bryan notes that Chyno is the strongest. Acie isn't worrying about small details.

Then the Playerphone rings.

Play-Op: Your next challenge is going to test you in what a player should be able to do best, spit game. In a few minutes you'll be introduced to five guys who admit their game is weak. There is about to be a posse of nerds in this house. This challenge Dawn won't be able to see you. So you'll have to make your personality shine through your nerd. Good luck, gentlemen.

NERDS, NERDS, NERDS! And here are your nerds for Extreme Player Makeover. We have Franco the Bronco (Trever), Johnny (Chyno), Carlos (Acie), Chris with the product in his hair (JJ), and Damian with the Miami flavor (Bryan). Dawn will see the Players through their nerds. She'll award two of them (best game, and best overall player personality) with dates. First up: Franco the Bronco with the masseuse action and the handcuffs. He's a little kinky for a shy guy. Next, Johnny, who.. chills. *Family Feud strike*. Next up, Carlos, who's a lock for best game simply by having Acie in his corner. Then comes Damian, aka Sexual Chocolate, who says that Dawn has ass for days before freezing. Finally, Chris who's.... taking ALL of his cues from JJ. Yeah, even the huge feet one. And the Viagra one.

Acie and Trever get the dates for tomorrow. "Hope you're not afraid of heights." Meanwhile Acie and Ananda are STILL getting it on behind closed doors, while he enlists Chyno for some backdoor help. Well, whatever it is, involves Ananda somehow while he and Trever get ready for the date. "It's going down like toilet water, escalators, elevators and midgets with kneepads. We out."

The mystery location: dinner on the roof overlooking downtown Miami. Trever thought it was skydiving. But it's actually a time of relaxation, with Dawn hoping to learn something new. She likes Trever's humor and brains, but she doesn't like his game. Come on, it's about more than game sometimes. That gives Acie some time alone with the lady, where, true to his promise, he lays down line after line. And the force works, because Dawn's will is weak.

At the mansion, it's hot tub time with "Sherri & Carrie", as the two find out if the Players have gotten a little lax with their focus if you know what I mean. And Chyno thinks he does. Boy does he think he does.

Trever gets some me-time with Dawn, and what does he have to show for it? Nothing. At least in Dawn's eyes. She's not used to intellectuals, you can tell. That's why's she's cutting him right now. Ouch. The night belongs to Acie.

They're getting back to Player Central at quarter to damn late. Before she sends Acie to bed, Ananda gives Dawn and Acie the low-down on the hot tub flirting. Dawn goes back up to her room, where the guys are waiting (read: sleeping) for her. After cleansing the room of man-fuck, she goes on the hunt for details, only to find Ananda and Acie in bed together. WTF, mate? Jinelle fills in the details that Ananda missed. Yeah, even the hand-down-the-front move. That move. "That's a good waiting room, did you get the cookies, too?" Match point, Acie again. Lovers' quarrel ensues. That's what happens when you get too deep into the game. Can't find a way out.

But that's what eliminations are for. Hold on, I'm getting to it. My guess is the person who's eliminated tonight is the person who kept the house up the longest. Acie thinks Bryan and JJ are going home. Meanwhile Ananda is thinking about putting up Chyno, with whom Dawn just made up. JJ... still not worried. Bryan, a little anxious.

Now, it's elimination time. Jinelle protects Dawn by putting up Chyno. Ananda wants to put up someone who is a player, and someone who will play with Ananda AND Dawn. That someone... is also Chyno. Open and shut case, Chyno's gone. Even as Dawn is mentally agape. Ananda acts as the voice of reason (about damn time): "Every week, it's expressed the power Jinelle and I have in this game. We feel that we have to make this decision for you."

Meanwhile, we wait for the final two shows, as we watch Dawn say through her words... "BUT THIS IS MYYYYY SHOW! YOU ALL SUCK, I HATE YOU!" Yeah, it won't last, though.

Chyno... Dude... "Game over" means "go home."

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