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Twelve women who give "high maintenance" new meaning are literally dropped into the Australian Outback to try to win the heart of a boy from Oz named Jack in this hybrid of "Survivor" and "The Bachelor".

Recaps by Aldo Villanova, GSNN

JD Roberto
Creator: Bruce Nash, Mike DiMaggio
EP: Bruce Nash, Brady Connell, Scott Satin, Michael Canter
Packager: Nash Entertainment
Airs: Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET on TBS

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Episode 6 - July 27

We return this week with THE RETURN OF THE EVIL MARISSA! She is immediately back in uber-b!@ch mode being rude to all the ladies. Jack is oblivious to everything admitting he is happy to see her back and states that it probably won't take long for her to win his heart back. Marissa sees Natalie wearing Jack's necklace but cannot get Natalie to tell her how she got it. She received the necklace in her last date with Jack.  This throws Marissa off seeing that Natalie and Jack have a connection now. Marissa must have been thinking that since Adrienne and Mary were both gone, it would be smooth sailing to winning Jack's heart.

The girls are off to their next camp which means more camels! Along the way Jack decides to stop by his friend John's croc farm. Yes I did say that. John asks the girls to help them decide which sex the baby crocs are. See the problem is that all the twig and giggle berries of crocs are on the inside. So they girls have to stick their fingers inside the crocs to find out. The girls each have to pull a baby croc out of the container and pin them down. They then have to stick their fingers in and feel around for organs. This kind of stuff should be left for Fear Factor. Marissa doesn't feel anything so she states her croc was a female. Jack however proves her wrong which means she probably lost some points with him. All the other girls identify their crocodiles correctly.

The girls head back to camp where they start eating again. Marissa in uber B!@ch mode again starts a food fight with the ladies. They get real baby like with their feet on the tables telling each other if you don't like get go away. Marissa is even chipping away at Jack's patience he tells us. The ladies call it a night and it seems Jack was fed up with everything and leaves the girls behind and goes on ahead. Marissa finds Jack's note and informs the other girls. They are extremely distraught that Jack has left them alone. J D shows up telling them that their new challenge is to find Jack. The girls must pair up and decipher clues Jack has left behind to find their next destination. Sheesh, I feel bad for whoever gets Marissa, and that would be Meri De. However, Meri and Marissa are the first to cross the finish line and find Jack. For the losers, Maria and Natalie, some beers with some rugged outback men -- ill. The winner are airlifted by helicopter with Jack to a dinner. However, at the dinner table set in the middle of the outback, JD tells the ladies that Jack must choose one woman to share a dinner with. Gee, I wonder who he is going to pick. He chooses Marissa to catch up on time lost and to see where she stands.

The other girls back at the pub are upset at the fact that Jack might choose a dinner with Marissa. When Meri De shows up, they decide to leave to find Jack. One of the guys gives them a lift to the dinner much to the dismay of Jack. He was getting to know Marissa very well and the connection was reformed between them. They even rolled out some blankets and were getting their smooch on. The girls see Jack upset so they assume it was going bad between the 2. But Meri De knows better and think that they interrupted something.

The next day Jack must make another cut. All the girls make their final pleas to Jack on why they should stay. The tension can be felt through the television as they await his decision. He decides to cut Meri De. When he says unfortunately, you can pinpoint the second her heart breaks. Yes I did take that from a Simpson's episode. She begins to get teary eyed but it's only fair I feel considering how much time each of the other girls has spent in this arduous journey. Jack once again is very upset. He says each time he spends time with 1 of them he feels yeaah one could be the one. As the girls leave for the next camp we get a glimpse of the next challenge. JACK'S MOM!!! HAHAHA!!!!. See you next week!

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