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Twelve women who give "high maintenance" new meaning are literally dropped into the Australian Outback to try to win the heart of a boy from Oz named Jack in this hybrid of "Survivor" and "The Bachelor".

Recaps by Aldo Villanova, GSNN

JD Roberto
Creator: Bruce Nash, Mike DiMaggio
EP: Bruce Nash, Brady Connell, Scott Satin, Michael Canter
Packager: Nash Entertainment
Airs: Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET on TBS

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Episode 2 - June 29

Ah, so here we are back for episode two for Outback Jack. We are now down to 8 women competing for the love of Outback Jack. Last week Jack eliminated Jillian, Laura, and Summer. Natasha quit the show because she did not enjoy the lifestyle.

We left off with the women entering their canoes and paddling downstream. Paddling, if you can call it that because, none of the women seem to know what they are doing. Making it worse are the hundreds of spiders and spider webs hanging above the streams. There were enough spider webs and giant spiders to make a tough guy cringe. Eventually all the canoes capsize and the women are floating down the river. This isn't a problem considering all the women had life preservers. However, once again Marissa is playing the weak role, and Jack is forced to swim after her, put her on his back, and take her to safety. This is either an extremely elaborate plot that will win Jack over or backfire in her face. They have to walk to camp now. Funny thing is, the only way to the camp is through Alligator Alley, a stream full of dangerous salt water crocodiles. Luckily for them, nothing goes wrong.

All the ladies wake up, some angry at all their bug bites, some just normally cranky. Jack takes them to his friend Sharon's farm. His friend?? Do men have female relations who are just friends??? The girls are all feeding the animals and then they sit down to eat with Sharon. Sharon tells the girls that she feels it would be best if they came on strong to Jack instead of waiting for him to approach them. This is why I stated in the previous episode that Adrienne and Mary are the favorites, they are aggressive. Sharon also reinforces that the way to Jack's heart is through his stomach. Too bad most of the women can't cook!!!!!

JD shows up with the first challenge for the ladies. Basically, the women have to go out and catch the food. The food being an Australian fish called the barramundi. The "catch" is that the woman who collects the most fish will choose the other three women who will have dinner with Jack. Not only that, but the winner will also win some alone time with Jack. On top of that the other four women not chosen will have to prepare the food!! This is going to cause some SERIOUS beef between women. Beef being slang for problems.

The women go and Jack gives them some advice at catching the fish. The water isn't very high so it's best to just isolate and grab. Marissa is being EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE and can be seen throwing elbows at the other girls. She must be taking lessons from Ty Domi of the Toronto Maple Leafs. At the end of the competition, Adrienne is the winner. Not a surprise becomes she seems very confident and is even enjoying the situation she is in. She chooses Cortney, Natalie and Shannon to join her and Jack for dinner. I cannot stress the greatness of this strategic move. She has basically selected all the girls who feel uncomfortable and are the least of her threats in the competition to join her for dinner. The move moves Mary, Maria, Melissa and Harmonie to cooking. Mary and Marissa are easily the biggest threats to her winning the competition and by making them cook makes them lose precious time with Jack. You may think its grimy (underhanded and dirty), but I LOVE IT!

Jack and the girls all have dinner and spend some quality time with Jack. Highlight Number 1 of the show comes when Adrienne gets her free time with Jack in a tree house. She reinforces how much she is enjoying her experience. She realizes that they are there because Jack really is special. They share Jack's first kiss with one of the women. Later on, JD shows up to tell Jack that tomorrow he will be forced to eliminate two more of the women. He then sends each of the women one by one to see Jack.

While Jack is sleeping, Marissa comes to his tent and asks Jack to join her for a walk!! He accepts and they start walking and it gets really intimate. They hold hands and gives Jack a veryyyyyy sensual kiss. Marissa is in here to win ladies and gentlemen.

The next day the ladies are sad because they know that two more will be eliminated. They have all shared a great experience and will miss each other. Jack says its harder for him considering the time he spent with them and the bonds between them. JD shows up with some nice 4x4 trucks. However, there is only room for 6, so two ladies must go. Jacks calls over Harmonie and says she's a wonderful girl but he has to send her home. Obviously, something did not just click between her and Jack. They hug and Jack once again is very emotional. He then calls over Shannon. Jack felt that Shannon was not giving a full effort to get to know him like the other girls. Shannon agrees saying that it is very difficult for her to open up. Shannon states that it is too personal for her, probably made even worse by the fact its on TV.

So now we are down to Cortney, Natalie, Maria, Mary, Adrienne and Marissa. This is going to be a very interesting week 3! See you then!

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