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Twelve women who give "high maintenance" new meaning are literally dropped into the Australian Outback to try to win the heart of a boy from Oz named Jack in this hybrid of "Survivor" and "The Bachelor".

Recaps by Aldo Villanova, GSNN

JD Roberto
Creator: Bruce Nash, Mike DiMaggio
EP: Bruce Nash, Brady Connell, Scott Satin, Michael Canter
Packager: Nash Entertainment
Airs: Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET on TBS

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Episode 1 - June 22

The best way to describe Outback Jack is "Survivor" meets "The Bachelor". 12 women are competing to win the love of Jack. However, they believe they are going to receive the five-star treatment that accompanies most of these shows. Little do they know they will be spending the next few weeks in the outback in Australia.

The show starts off innocently enough, 3 black Cadillac CTS limousines are driving the women to a beautiful mansion. During this drive we get to meet each of the 12 women. They are:

Summer from Orlando, Florida
Mary from Brigantine, New Jersey
Natalie from Louisville, Kentucky
Laura from St. Augustine, Illinois
Natasha from Freehold, New Jersey (the hottest one in my opinion)
Maria from Ottawa, Illinois
Harmonie from New York
Shannon, also from Orlando
Courtney from Milwaukee
Jillian from Aventura, Florida
Marissa from Ocala, Florida
Adrienne from Los Angeles (The one black female)

They pull up to the mansion and all the women are excited because they believe this is the location in which they will be staying. They are all dressed up in full length dresses, as it seems that TBS decided to go with the most pampered women in the world. At the mansion, the ladies meet JD Roberto, who will be the host. He greets them and explains to them how they will be competing over one man, and that unfortunately he is not here. The women are extremely upset until he reveals to them that he is waiting in Australia and that they are all on their way there. So he instructs them to go back into their limos that will be driving them to the airport.

They get to the airport, board their plane, and 17 hours later they arrive at Sydney, Australia. They seem to be already bitter for having to fly so far, underestimating the grueling flight. Natalie states that she can't wait to get to her 5 star hotel to relax, hahahaha!!!! They are then led to another terminal where a small prop plane awaits. JD is there and explains to them that the man they are about to meet is unlike any they have met before, a world class adventurer who lives life to the fullest. The plane will take them to him, but there's a small catch -- they will be landing with parachutes! Some girls are excited because I assume its an experience they have wanted. However, Natalie looks like she wants to cry, and Natasha says she is already wanting to go home, chicken! So they put on some hot pink jumping suits over there $500 dresses. Adrienne states that this man is probably worth doing it for. That's the spirit! All the women are strapped to other men who lead them off the plane. Each women jumps, some more willing then others.

They all land and proceed to take off their jump suits back into their dresses. Picture 12 women walking around in a desert in dresses and high heels. Then Natalie says her classic line, "Okay, where's the hotel?" JD greets them again and tells them to welcome their new home, the Outback. He tells them how every few days some women will be eliminated. He then introduces the man finally -- Outback Jack. Jack comes walking in from the background in the dusk, his silhouette in the sun, a nice sight to see. He welcomes them with his thick Australian accent and tells them the adventure has just begun. The women are happy with his looks, I'll admit he's a good looking guy. Boy am I gonna get heat from Gordon for saying that. He carries some of the ladies' bags as they walk to camp. They ask if they are headed to the resort. They arrive to the first camp. We've got a couple of tents for sleeping and some wooden stalls for showers. It looked worse the stall in my high school bathroom, that's pretty bad! The faces of these ladies are PRICELESS. Some are angry like Natasha, others look like they want to cry, but once again Adrienne doesn't look intimidated. I personally feel that she has realized the theme of the competition and looks to take the challenge on full steam ahead.

He goes into explanation on how to work the showers, which are really just bags with nozzles on them. Basically while one woman showers, another woman has to pump the water. Natalie asks if there are outlets for electronics, righttttttttttttttttt!

They enter their tents to sleep. Unfortunately at night in the Outback there are like a million bugs that come out at night. They are on their beds with mosquito tents over the and giant cockroaches crawling everywhere. I can't stand cockroaches so I really feel for them.

They all wake up extremely upset because the sun came up at around 5 o'clock and that's when they have to get up. Everyone is complaining except for Mary. She goes, puts all her makeup on, and puts on a black bikini and starts posing for Jack. Finally, we got to the good stuff as she looks marveloussssssssssssssss. Her tall blonde figure is just lying in a lawn chair in full view for Jack. Jack then shows the some of the wildlife they will find in the Outback, including a giant iguana and a salt water crocodile. Mind you a salt water croc is one of the most dangerous animals in the world. Thank you Discovery Channel. He warns them to run if they ever encounter a croc.

Jack then leads them to one of his favorite places in the Outback. They take a long hike in the 100+ degree weather. When they arrive they see a beautiful 100ft waterfall. It was truly a sight to see. All the ladies get excited, put on their bikinis and proceed to sunbath and swim. Jack takes off his shirt to reveal a great physique, big chest, ripped abs and strong arms. The ladies are all in awe like OH YEAH, this might actually be worth all the trouble. Everything was going fine until they show a clip of Marissa. All the other girls looking fine but she is sweating profusely. Jack sees her condition and realizes that the situation is more serious than they thought. The EMS people respond and diagnose her with heat stroke. She was suffering from an elevated blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat. She is then removed from the camp and sent to the hospital where she could receive better treatment. Jack returns to the ladies, explains what happens, and stresses that they have to drink lots of water and to let him know if they feel ill.

Its now night time and they are all gathered together at a table with a nice camp fire in the back. All the girls are nervous and begin to question whether or not hey can go on. Natasha tells Adrienne that she wants to leave already. JD shows up and the ladies great him rudely, gee I wonder why! JD tells Jack that tomorrow he will have to eliminate FOUR of the ladies. Wow, I didn't think he would have to eliminate so many. JD sends each of the girls individually. Mary is the first and she sings Jack a beautiful song about flying and meeting him. It was really nice, and I like to see how much she is flirting and into this competition already while all the other girls are just complaining. Mary is easily one of the favorites already. Most of the interviews were ordinary, they all tell him that they want to stay blah blah blah. Adrienne comes in and says that this is such a weird but great experience that is helping her to learn about herself. Natasha lies and says she will get over the situation of being unhappy here. Jack is shown in deep thought alone by the camp fire deciding who he is going to cut.

The next day the girls are discussing what happened to Marissa. Some feels it is unfair that she is still in the competition considering she did not spend the last night at the camp. Also, some feel she is using the situation as leverage to stay in the competition. Courtney goes as far as saying that she made a bigger deal and was acting to make her condition seem worse than it was. Makes me wonder, how so you fake an irregular heartbeat and increased blood pressure? So Jack brings Marissa back to camp to mixed reactions.

Well back to normal, the ladies and Jack all put on giant back packs and start a long trek through the Outback. They arrive at a river where JD is waiting. He shows a group of canoes with room for 8 people, so it's elimination time for 4 of the ladies.

Here's the order of the ladies called:

Maria - he asks her to continue on, she agrees

Natalie - he asks to continue on, she agrees

Jillian - he eliminates, asking her to join JD she isn't mad knowing it's a hard decision for him.

Jack then shows his true genuine side, as he begins to shed some tears. He says he does not like to hurt women's feelings, its his soft spot he says.

Harmonie - he asks to continue, she agrees

Natasha - before he can make his decision she states she does not want to continue and wants to go home. He then states she had not been eliminated, she says it has nothing to do with him, she just wanted to go home. She really regrets it now that she realized she would not have been eliminated. I'm also upset because the hottest girl is going home.

Adrienne - He states how from day 1 they clicked, and how comfortable he feels around her. OH MY GOD IS THE BLACK GIRL THE FAVORITE??? FINALLY, MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED A MINORITY MAKING A CUT! She graciously accepts his offer. So it looks like it might be her and Mary if Mary makes it.

Shannon - he asks to continue, she accepts

Laura - he eliminates, she is actually happy and relieved to go home

Courtney - he asks to continue, she accepts

Marissa - Ms Heatstroke, she asks to continue, she accepts

Summer - he eliminates which means that MARY IS IN!!!

Mary gets loud and says " You know you weren't going anywhere without me!!!"

She really is the character of the ladies. Jack is upset for making the group smaller but realizes the bonds will not get stronger. They all get in their canoes. Next thing we see are white water rapids and women falling out of their canoes. This is a scene for next week as they show them feeding animals, falling in the water, and a secret rendezvous YEAH BABY!!! See you next week!!!!!

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