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Twelve women who give "high maintenance" new meaning are literally dropped into the Australian Outback to try to win the heart of a boy from Oz named Jack in this hybrid of "Survivor" and "The Bachelor".

Recaps by Aldo Villanova, GSNN

JD Roberto
Creator: Bruce Nash, Mike DiMaggio
EP: Bruce Nash, Brady Connell, Scott Satin, Michael Canter
Packager: Nash Entertainment
Airs: Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET on TBS

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Episode 4 - July 13

We left off with the girls mounting camels to head to their next camp site. As you know, riding camels is not an easy task and many of the girls, especially Natalie, are complaining of bruising. They arrive at a waterfall where Jack tells them to reach their new camp they have to jump of the 25 foot cliff into the water below. Jack goes first, though hesitant all the other women follow. They sit down and start a little picnic in their bikinis, how nice. Then it happens……

JD Roberto shows up to inform the women that their new competition has arrived. JD points to the cliff to the 5 AMAZONIAN SIZE women who are repelling down the cliff. All five girls have a different background in athletic competition explaining their physical superiority over the other women. There's: Meri De, Rayne, Laura, Angela and Jennifer. Our usual females, like a pride of lions, do not like these new women invading their territory and express their anger. It gets worst when J D tells the women that in the morning they will be competing against one another in a physical challenge. If the new girls win, then Jack must eliminate one of the regular females and take an Amazonian... haha. Mary states guys like women with curves. Plus, the new girls will also be camping with the originals. It's nice to see this type of competition, but I don't like the fact that a new girl gets a chance just like that when these girls have struggled through so much so far.

So the next morning, we are at what looks like a typical army obstacle course. We've got a wall, some nets that must be climbed, and a mud pit. Jack says he wants his original women to win because he doesn't want to send one home. Adrienne is doing her best from the start and its pretty even up till we get to the last obstacle. The mud pit is about 5 feet in length with a log running over it that you can use to walk across. Adrienne makes it across the log but by the time she has all the new girls have JUMPED ACROSS WITHOUT USING THE LOG! It's a moot point but the originals want to finish the obstacle course. They do and give each other a group hug. What we see is an emotional Jack crying since the new girls crossed the finish line knowing he must eliminate someone. He chooses Meri De to join the group. In a surprise move, he sends Mary home. Mary takes it very well saying she has truly enjoyed herself the whole time. They embrace while the other girls cry as they see the person who is basically their emotional leader leave. I am very upset by this considering she was probably the most charismatic person left.

The girls welcome Meri De to their camp. But deep in their heart, we all know and see that they resent the fact that she was basically added on with the expense of Mary. Jack sees that the women are not being genuine with Meri and he takes her away for some 1 on 1 time. When they come back, the girls do not like that fact she was alone with him. Out of nowhere here comes some good news, and from JD Roberto to boot! He informs the girl that will in fact get some 5 star hotel time and a big shopping spree in Perth. Now jack is upset for he will be out of his environment... Again, haha. The next morning the girls are packing for their trip and guess who shows up! J D tells them that the plane is ready to leave. However, there is only room for 4 women and Jack must eliminate 1 more before they leave. The show ends here as we must wait to see who is eliminated!! THE TWISTS CONTINUEEEEEEEE.

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