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July 19

Seven women will vie for the hearts of 100 other women and up to $10,000... and the title of Most Popular!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Graham Norton
Creator Simon Andreae
EP Joe Swift
Simon Andreae
Jennifer Heftler
Packager The Incubator for WEtv
Origins Los Angeles, CA
Airs 10p Thurs, WEtv
Available In High-Definition Where Available

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Episode 2: The Vegas Episode
July 23

Hope you enjoyed the Bridal Shower we through at you on Sunday. Right now, it's time for another seven women to be judged by the 100 women in the audience.


First vote is on first impressions... Who has the crowd already forgotten? The result is... #7 going to her car before the first commercial break. But why? "She looked desperate." "She looked very lovely, but I'm kinda young, and she looked the oldest." "She looked like a man with a wig." Interesting story, though... she has 30 half-brothers and sisters from a traveling con artist father.

We have six. Might as well meet them.


1) Meme, 36, cosmetologist and mother-of-six, more than once she's spent rent money on a shopping spree.
2) Deanna, 39, interior designer, lies about her age to everyone (just now she said she was 29).
3) Samantha, 21, waitress, her breasts are more important than her daughter... she had the money at 18 for said boobies, and her daughter is just "a monster".
4) Dena, 39, single mom & coordinator on a mental health facility, will not spend more than $20 on a purse (read: very cheap)
5) Susan, 44, chiropractor, hired a PI to discover her husband was sleeping with a 60-year-old grandmother.... AMONG OTHERS! WHOA!
6) Donnika, 26, adult film star... but her family doesn't know that... yet. Did we mention the pastor father and the nurse mother?

And you have knowledge... and the power to send one of these women home. Before we do, though... 


Over the break, the girls have changed into getups suitable for a night out in Vegas.

Unfortunately SAMANTHA will have to change back, because she's just gotten the boot. Buy why? "She was just a little too dingy for me." "I just couldn't get over the whole 'her breasts are more important her daughter' thing." What might explain it is that she was taken by Child Protective Services three times from her own mother.

Back to the dresses, though.

Deanna wanted to impress her husband with her formal number. She'd wear it to bed with him. She likes to dress to impress.

Dena is more casual, wearing shirt and shorts. Her legs are to die for, as she accentuates the positive. She likes to just dance... and use her fake name... Vanessa.

Susan thinks she's elegant, sophisticated, and sorta sexy. She had a pajama lingerie party.. which she won't talk about. Because as you know, "Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

Donnika likes to gamble, and she gambles on a dress to get people to know Donnika first.

Meme is ready to party. Nuff said.

Someone's about to cash out with less than they came in with. And that woman... DEANNA. Why's that now? "I thought she was very judgmental, and she made Dena feel bad." "She was too formal. I want to have fun and get freaky." "She was totally forgettable and super lame." Deanna's going to be more than surprised because she's been voted Miss Congeniality in pageants... more than once.


Today, it's costume day!

Susan is a hooker. "Not bad for a 42-year-old."

Donnika ... is a slutty Raggedy Ann. This was at a club for Halloween. She likes to switch it up, sometime she's a dress girl, and sometime she's a tomboy.

Meme... is a Cleopatra Jones type. She thinks that dressing up keeps the relationship alive. And she likes roleplaying. Score.

Dena... is a gypsy at work. She was a fortune teller. She won a contest.


It's your customary Wheel of Questions round. Each wedge has a topic, and each question is an opportunity to make the audience love you more... or hate you less.

Donnika starts with a weak spin... on "SEX". This oughta be fun. The question: if you had to choose between being a better lover or your partner being a better lover, which would you choose? She's a pleaser, so she'd go for herself.

Meme is next... with a little bit of oomph. She gets... "SCRUPLES". You see your best friend's fiancee making out with another person. They don't see you see them. How do you handle that situation? She would walk by and have them acknowledge her. Hopefully this would be a spur to have him go tell her before she did.

Dena is next with... "RELATIONSHIPS". If you could secretly listen as your friends and family spoke freely about what they really thought about you and your life choices... would you? "Of course." There's no secret.

Finally, Susan spins out... "MONEY". A month before the wedding, the person you're about to marry discloses that they're actually $54,000 in credit card debt. What do you do? She'd have a heart-to-heart talk... and then go ahead and marry him... maybe a little later than planned.

Time for another vote, and the one woman that leaves the crowd wanting less is... DONNIKA. Stupid question, but... Why? "I understand wanting to please your man in the bedroom, but... men have to do something too, you know." "She had already graduated school and she was still doing adult films."


Each player has brought with them someone to vouch for them.

Meme brought her BFF Latoya. "Meme shuts down emotionally. She won't let no one in." Meme says that she doesn't want to bring anyone else in and that she settles it through prayer.

Dena brought her friend Shawn. "Her opinion is the only one that matters. I'm going to sit here and argue all night long until you believe the sky is purple." She thinks she's right 94% of the time.

Finally, Susan has her friend Corrine. "She is on a dating frenzy right now. She needs to slow her role." She doesn't approve of Susan's guys. And she actually has a date after this show!


The question: "What is the single best thing you've ever done and the single worst thing you've ever done?"

Dena started a nonprofit with four single mothers to encourage them and empower them. She also is stuck in a bad relationship with her parents.

Susan graduated and became a chiropractor. The low? She had suspicions that her husband was committing an infidelity.

Meme's best: divorcing her abusive husband. Meme's worst: getting pregnant at 15... and an abortion soon afterwards.

Popularity is close at hand. ... except for SUSAN. Why? "She was really boring." "I didn't like her answer about the husband thing." "I've been trying to get rid of her for a while."


Each woman will ask the other three yes-or-no questions. The question cannot be "what will you spend the money on", because we don't want the audience to vote out of guilt. This is guilt-free television... By the way, both women are wired to a lie detector, so if they're trying to pass you a few bills under the table, we'll all know about it.

1) Have you ever spent money on yourself knowing that your children needed it?
- Yes... TRUE

2) If your underage, unwed daughter came to you and told you that she wanted an abortion, would you support her?

3) Do you trust people?
- She keeps business to herself... LIE. She DOESN'T trust people

1) Are you setting a good example to your children that you are not speaking to your own mother?
- No... TRUE

2) Did you judge Meme on spending rent money on a shopping spree?
- Yes ... TRUE

3) Do you feel that you're smarter than your friends?
- No... TRUE!


The women have 20 seconds to say why they should get your vote... or why their opponent shouldn't.

Meme says she should win because she was honest through some touchy subjects. Dena feels the same way. She came truthful and feels that everyone can relate. She's a real person.

And now for the final vote... Remember, the 100 women are voting for a winner. Each vote is worth $100. If it's unanimous, then she'll take away $10,000.

And after the vote has been counted, the Most Popular woman... won by only ONE vote tonight. That person... just... is... DENA! She wins $5100 tonight!

Back with seven more women being judged... and 100 more women judging... next week! See you soon!

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