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Seven women will vie for the hearts of 100 other women and up to $10,000... and the title of Most Popular!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Graham Norton
Creator Simon Andreae
EP Joe Swift
Simon Andreae
Jennifer Heftler
Packager The Incubator for WEtv
Origins Los Angeles, CA
Airs 10p Thurs, WEtv
Available In High-Definition Where Available

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Episode 1: The Bridal Episode
July 19

Seven women are competing for up to $10,000... but they won't have to do anything to win the money. Instead, an audience of 100 women will whittle down the seven to one. That one will win the cash and be crowned... Most Popular! (C-Note: Yeah, it's essentially "Without Prejudice" without the serious overtones. I mean, come on, they have Graham freaking Norton as the host and he's about as serious as Bozo the Clown. But enough of my ranting... It's time to play). Each vote is worth $100, and the one who's left standing will collect it all.


Take a look at the seven ladies. Now eliminate one. That's simple, right?

And the first woman to leave us is... #7. Why? "She sorta had that Goth look, and I associate that with being mean." "She looked kinda violent, like a ninja look." "I just didn't think she looked that friendly." Would you have changed your mind if you found out that she recently got married... suspended via flesh hook at a fetish wedding? Tasty.

In fact, all of the women competing tonight are brides-to-be or newlyweds. Let's meet'em!


1) Graison, 42, talk show host, recently engaged after... having relations 53 days after meeting him
2) Valerie, 26, stay-at-home mom, gave husband an ultimatum: marry her or else!
3) Ebony, 31, office manager, set up a humongous wedding only to be married at city hall
4) Shirin, 32, corporate auditor, engaged to another woman
5) Kelli, 31, housewife, saved herself for marriage
6) Misty, 29, social worker, her husband planned the entire wedding

Now to vote again to send one of them down the aisle... which is appropriate as they have changed into their wedding garb. One of them is about to get left at the altar...

... and that woman is GRAISON. Why? "She made a hasty decision based on her history." "She's a serial bride." "Didn't like her to begin with." Would you have changed your mind if you knew that her first husband had cheated on her with a man?


Over the break, the girls have changed into their wedding-day dresses.

Ebony just wore a Sunday dress to city hall. Shirin's bride is also going to wear a gown (hopefully not the same one she's wearing). Kelli is NOT wearing her dream dress (the joke: Ebony is). Kelli's also been featured on "Bridezillas". She found a designer by a fluke. Misty was also featured on "Bridezillas". Her husband liked the dress. Valerie was ALSO featured on "Bridezillas". Her husband was kinda pushing for the wedding. She has more respect for her husband after marrying him.

Now it's time to say ... "I don't." Vote now... And the third woman leaving us... VALERIE. Why? "I just think she talks too much." "She wasn't making very good decisions. She's been married twice and she's 26."


Each person has brought with them their least favorite photo.

Kelli brought... A picture of her "looking like a maniac". Most women don't like to be photographed eating. Misty brought... a picture of her looking like Superman... only without the super. She's wearing her brother's work gear. Ebony brought... a picture of her wearing her underwear outside. A nursing bra, to be exact. Shirin brought... a soccer picture when she was at 16... you know that awkward age.


It's your customary Wheel of Questions round. Each wedge has a topic, and each question is an opportunity to make the audience love you more... or hate you less.

Misty gets... a SEX question. "The morning after your bachelorette party, you wake up in bed with someone else. You have no idea if anything happened. You leave before you wake up. Do you tell anyone?" She would.

Ebony gets... a RELATIONSHIPS question. "The only thing your fiancÚ wants is a full Star Wars themed wedding, replete with Stormtrooper attendants and R2-D2 ringbearer. What do you do?" "I say no."

Shirin gets... another RELATIONSHIPS question. "If your new spouse found joy in a new religion, would you convert with them?" She'd be open to finding out about new things, but she wouldn't convert. She wouldn't be closed off, but she would be supportive.

Finally, Kelli spins out.... RELATIONSHIPS. "Your mother's always dreamed of you wearing her wedding gown. You think it's horrible. What do you do?" Her mother wore hot pants, so...

Did the bridal party live up to your expectation? After the vote... and after Shirin has changed out of her dress due to the fact that should she make it through to the next round she wants to keep it a secret from someone who'll appear on stage...  the audience has fallen out of love with... MISTY. Why? "She seems like she couldn't make decisions for herself." "Just because of the controlling husband."


Each player has brought with them someone to vouch for them.

Ebony brought her BFF Melina. She says Ebony makes people cry with her bluntness, especially when it comes to customer service. Ebony says that the old adage "there's no such thing as a stupid question" is a lie.

Shirin brought her fiancÚ Karen. She says that Shirin has some gross habits that she thinks are pretty funny, like biting her toenails and having stinky breath.

Kelli brought her older sister Robin. Emotionally, Kelli can be an ice princess. She's very logical, and when her friends give her advice, she uses logic and is usually devoid of emotion.


The question: "What is the single best thing you've ever done and the single worst thing you've ever done?"

Shirin spent the last day of her grandmother's life at the hospital with her... intoxicated. She feels so terrible about that. One of the best things she did was go to Mexico and built a house for an impoverished family.

Kelli had a poor judgment call. She could've stopped a rapist outside herself, but she went to the police, allowing for said rapist to make a getaway. Proudest moment: she spent her summer before her senior year with her 98-year-old grandmother who had Alzheimer's.

Ebony helped an elderly woman at a grocery store. She couldn't speak for herself and had a computer to speak for her. Her low: she didn't go to college right after high school. She's going back in the fall, though.

By now you have a full picture of these three ladies. Hopefully you have one more vote in you. Fifth person to get the shaft is... EBONY. Why is that? "Her worst moment was 'I'm going back to school'... There was no flaw?" "She sucked."


Shirin's back in her wedding dress now that Karen has left the building.

Each woman will ask the other yes-or-no questions. The question cannot be "what will you spend the money on", because we don't want the audience to vote out of guilt. This is guilt-free television... By the way, both women are wired to a lie detector, so if they're trying to pass you a few bills under the table, we'll all know about it.

1) Are you going to keep investing in mints after the wedding?
- Yes... TRUE

2) Would you ever pressure your wife for kids?
- No... TRUE

3) Do you believe in God?
- Yes... in the sense that there's a greater higher spiritual... thing. ... INCONCLUSIVE.

1) Since you waited to marry to have sex, is your sex life more robust?
- Yes... TRUE

2) Do you believe that gays should have the right to marry?
- Yes on the right, but no on the word "marriage" ... INCONCLUSIVE.

3) When you said that you called the police, do you consider that the absolute worst thing you ever did?
- Yes... TRUE


The women have 20 seconds to say why they should get your vote... or why their opponent shouldn't.

Shirin says that she doesn't want to tell you why you shouldn't vote for Kelli... and that was it before time was called.

Kelli says that coming this far was enough for her, thanking the other six for giving her a good go at it.

And now for the final vote... Remember, the 100 women are voting for a winner. Each vote is worth $100. If it's unanimous, then she'll take away $10,000.

And after the vote has been counted, the Most Popular woman is... SHIRIN! How popular is she? She wins... $5300. So the vote was even more or less.

Well, we hope you enjoyed the special Wedding Sunday premiere of "Most Popular". New episodes air every Thursday at 10p... there's another one THIS Thursday. Hope to see you then.

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