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Home cooks from all over the country have a shot to become the newest star in the culinary firmament.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host/Judge Gordon Ramsay
Judge Joe Bastianich
Graham Elliot Bowles
Announcer ?
Creator Franc Roddam (based upon "MasterChef")
EP Adeline Ramage Rooney
Elisabeth Murdoch
Gordon Ramsay
Howard T. Owens
JD Roth
Mark Koops
Pat Llewellyn
Todd Nelson
Robin Ashbrook
Packager One Potato Two Potato
Origins Los Angeles
Web fox.com/masterchef
Airs 9p Tues, Fox

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Round of 12: The Few, The Proud, The Hungry
August 18

As you've just seen, a trip to China ended in us saying "zaijian" to both Avis and Sheena, leaving 12 cooks to head to ...


On the outskirts of San Diego lies Camp Pendleton, where the men and women of the United States Marine Corps train to do most honorable battle. Here, the twelve home cooks will also do most honorable battle... against each other. Two teams of six will serve 400 of the Marines and their families.

And all of them are cooking one entree, two sides, and one dessert. All at 1500. The winning team will be safe, while the losing team will face a Pressure Test and, on the back of that, an elimination.

Mike won the Chinese invention challenge. He picks the teams....

BLUE: Mike, Jake, Lee, Tracy, Tony, Sheetal
RED: Sharone, Faruq, David, Slim, Whitney, Jenna

Three hours to prep and cook... STARTING NOW!

Sharone steps up to be the leader of the Red Team. They're going with steak, potatoes au gratin, roasted vegetables, and an apple turnover. Meanwhile, Mike is going with an apple raisin stuffed pork loin, corn salad, scalloped potatoes, and a berry napoleon.

The Blue Team starts to discover that Mike isn't really the leader that he's chalked up to be. He's frantic, he's passionate, but he needs to slow down on his head. That leaves Mike and Jake in the grips of a power struggle. Mike decides to use extra loins and cook pork two ways, while Gordon enters the Blue Kitchen and basically confirms Mike's fear.

In the Red Kitchen, Sharone is keeping the Red Team above water, but David loses five pounds of bacon on the back of a mistake on the fryer. The Blue Team has 30 minutes to turn out pork loins, while the Reds are wondering if they're going to have enough vegetables.

But no one has talked portions yet. That's important. 

The last ten minutes... Mayhem.

And TIME!... to serve. The judges will also use feedback from the Marines to help them determine a winner. Two things become clear: the Red barbecue steak is a success, but their sides are running dangerously short. And... then they run out. Faruq is tasked with breaking the news to the 150 Marines that are still in line!

Now that the troops are fed, it's time to determine who's safe, and who's going to feel the pressure of the Pressure Test. The Red Team didn't succeed in feeding all of their troops, while the Blue Team's pork left little to be desired. It's 49-51 at this moment.

The winner of this Field Challenge is... BLUE!


In this Pressure Test, the Red Team will have to tell us what is in the contents of Graham's giant stock pot. It's a taste test for all the marbles. Twenty different ingredients. You have to guess as many ingredients as you can. Guess right, and keep going. Guess wrong, and you end your turn. The least correct is going home.

The dish, by the way, is a Texas-style chili with onions, celery, green bell peppers, tomatoes, beans, jalapenos, beef, garlic, beef stock, salt, cilantro, oil, cumin,

Whitney: 12
Faruq: 9
Jenna: 7
Slim: 8 (SAFE)
David: 8 (SAFE)
Sharone: .... "Cumin?" SAFE!

That means that Jenna is going to go home tonight.

So that leaves 11 dreams still alive. But what will happen when they go up against... an IRON CHEF?

To see this episode in its entirety, go to fox.com/masterchef.