College Championship 2005
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15 of the best and brightest take on each other from Raleigh for the chance at $100,000 and a berth in the next Tournament of Champions.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN


Host: Alex Trebek
Clue Crew: Jon Cannon, Cheryl Farrell, Jimmy McGuire, Kelly Miyahara, Sarah Whitcomb
Announcer: Johnny Gilbert
Creator: Merv Griffin
EP: Harry Friedman
Packager: Jeopardy Productions for Sony Pictures Television
Origin: RBC Center, Raleigh, NC
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"Preliminaries: UAB/Duke/Princeton" - November 10

It is an honor and a privilege as the NC delegate to GSNN to welcome you to my neck of the woods, Raleigh, North Carolina, the mecca for college basketball (well, half an hour from it, actually) for a different kind of competition. This is Jeopardy!'s annual College Championship, hosted by North Carolina State. So far, Beth Cimini of Boston University, Jayanth Ivengar of Washington-St. Louis, and Peter Elliss of NC State are still in the race toward $100,000 and a berth in the next Tournament of Champions for a quarter-mill.

The second place winner is guaranteed at least $50,000 and third-place is ensured $25,000.

Semifinalists are guaranteed at least $10,000, while all tournament players are guaranteed $5000 for participating. Any and all monies, as always, depend on how far the player moves up the bracket.

Here's your fourth qualifier.

Springfield, MA
Sophomore, Princeton
Raleigh, NC
Sophomore, Duke
Pinson, AL
Senior, Alabama-Birmingham

Jeopardy! categories: College AKA, Geek Love, The 19th Century, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Da Vinci Code, The ACC

Daily Double: $800 The 19th Century. Chris ($2800 over Adam's $400 and Chelsea's -$1000) bets $1000. The clue: much of the fighting in this war, 1852 to 1856, took place on a peninsula on the Black Sea. Chris's response: "What is the Crimean War?" Correct for $3800.

End of round:
Chris - $5800
Chelsea - $1000
Adam - $4000

Double Jeopardy! categories: We've Got More People Than You!, Characters in Musicals, Tough Stuff, Supreme Court Rejects, Pithy Quotes, The "ACC".

Daily Double #1: $1600 Pithy Quotes. Chelsea ($3800 to Chris's $7400 and Adam's $8000) bets $1200. The clue: French title of Zola's 1898 letter to President Faure. Chelsea's response: "What is 'J'accuse?'" Correct for $5000.

Daily Double #2: $1200 Supreme Court Rejects. Adam ($8800 over Chris's $8200 and Chelsea's $4600) fronts $2000. The clue: this President not only got Bork-ed, but also got smoked with Douglas Ginsburg. Adam's response: "Who is Reagan?" Right for $10,800.

End of round:
Chris - $10,200
Chelsea - $6200
Adam - $16,000

As a reminder, the winner comes back next week automatically, while the rest of the players must vie for four wild card slots.

Final Jeopardy! category: Billboard Magazine. launched in 2004, Billboard's first top 20 chart for these included "My Boo", the "Halloween" theme & "Ice Ice Baby". Correct response: What are ringtones?

Chelsea's question: What are collaborations? (WRONG) Wager: $4001. Final score: $2199.
Chris's question: What are one-hit wonders? (WRONG) Wager: $3300. Final score: $6900.
Adam's question: What is the worst songs ever? (WRONG... but true) Wager: $4500. Final score: $11,500. SEMI-FINALIST

I can breathe a sigh of relief. Duke will not be represented next week. Tee hee. For Chris, a painful reminder that games are either won or lost in the Final, so you had better go big. As it stands, Adam is another to watch next week.

Bracketology: Nothing changed, except for the fact that now Amanda and Antonia have clinched wild-card seats. Ben and Alison are still in the danger zone with $10,000 each.

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