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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs Scott Liebfried
Andi van Willigan
Maitre d' Jean Philippe Susilovic
Announcer Jason Thompson
Creator Gordon Ramsay
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
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ITV Studios
Origins Century Studios, Los Angeles
Web fox.com/hellskitchen
Airs 8p Tues, Fox

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10 Chefs Compete
June 29

The red team fought AGAIN... so they lost... AGAIN... Maria and Scott were both sent packing in two disastrous services for them, while Ben was called to take their place (much to his dismay), leaving ten to take Ramsay's heat. Needless to say, the reds are tired of losing.

The next day brings a new challenge, one 50 years in the making. Meet Sal & Marcy Locacia, married 50 years. The challenge: update the reception menu... Steak Diane, Chicken Kiev, and Trout Almandine. They have 30 minutes... from NOW!

Under Ben's tutelage, there was an eerie calm in the red kitchen. In the blue kitchen, Salvatore's idea for a chicken meatball... doesn't sit well with Autumn, especially after it's cooked... not entirely all the way.

Nilka: Crab & Mushroom Reduction with Red Wine Chervil & Parsley... but no cognac, cream, or mustard.
Ed: Pan-Seared Filet with Crab Cake
WINNER: BLUE (Blue leads, 1-0)

Holli: Panko-crusted chicken with lemon & parsley butter.
Autumn: Chicken Meatballs ("An inside-out Chicken Kiev"). "Disastro."
WINNER: RED (Tie game)

Ben: Puree of Almonds, Chanterelles & Vanilla
Jay: Almond streusel.

So Chef Ramsay will cast the tiebreaking vote... for the Red Team. Red Team win a challenge! Red Team win a challenge! They're going to party all day, '50s style. The Blues will be getting the place ready for tonight. Washing up, cleaning up, everything. Oh, and they'll be building a dance floor, blowing up balloons, and making a cake. Lucky for them sous-chef Scott has seen his fair share of cakes as host of "Food Network Challenge". No. SERIOUSLY.

Nilka: "We got LeBron James on our team." Good thing someone does! At the reward, we learn that Holli may have a huge butt, but Siobhan has a nice pair of hips on her... because she dances and hula-hoops. With the best of them.

Next day, it's time to get it up for the service. On the menu tonight, Ben's challenge-winning trout dish. But first, we have an injury on the field, as Jay suffers one heck of a cut. He goes to medical for that.

Remember, we can't let Sal & Marcy down. Every steak Diane will be served tableside. Ed and Nilka will handle that. JP in a snazzy new jacket shows them really quickly.

Quick enough. OPEN HELL'S KITCHEN!


We start with the Red Team serving up the guests of honor first. Once the hosts have been served, the teams are now free to start sending apps out. Autumn scores on the crab cakes, but the real cake in the dining room is starting to wobble and tilt to one side. Ed and Jay fix it, and back to work. But the good times come to a half quickly as Ben's crab cakes are cold in the middle. And then they're burned.

Red Team starts on the Locacias' steaks. Meaning that Ed and Nilka start their tableside services. They have to be in sync. And... they are! Now for the rest of the dining room. Salvatore has a little problem keeping up with the rest of the crew. Meanwhile, Holli's duck is overcooked and the chicken... undercooked. Meanwhile, Nilka is entertaining as she cooks. Remember... Dijon mustard... and cognac... are from France.

And who's on the (^_^)ing garnish in the red kitchen? Fran's starting to panic. Salvatore... is looking to get in trouble. But the Blue Team is sending out their last entrees, while the Red Team struggle to catch up. Stoves off, desserts up. And now... a toast! To the golden couple!

Fran... Salvatore... Holli... ALL CALLED OUT. But the winners.... BLUE TEAM. The Reds have to come together and decide on two nominees.

Fran goes with Holli and Ben. Ben thinks Fran and Holli. Nilka goes with Siobhan and Fran. Siobhan goes with Holli and Fran. Ben decides to go to the Blue Team to make his decision easier.


Holli nominates Fran (was slow) and Siobhan (worst cook in the kitchen). Ben seconds that emotion. Siobhan says that she has the passion and the heart. Fran says that Siobhan is over her head, saying that she is tough and determined. But Ramsay said that she's peaked. Fran is sent back to the line.

.... and SO IS SIOBHAN. Because there was one chef who has run out of time. Salvatore... one out of seven services good. Jacket off, GET OUT. Grazie... pero no grazie.

"Salvatore had a big heart... too bad he couldn't cook with it."

Let this be a lesson... NO ONE is safe in Hell's Kitchen. The ramifications in a moment, but first we must pause 10 seconds for station identification. This is "Hell's Kitchen" on Fox.


To see this episode in its entirety, go to fox.com/hellskitchen.