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More than fire heats up Gordon Ramsay's kitchen as he searches for the scion of his new LA eatery.

Recaps by Don Harpwood, GSNN

Host: Gordon Ramsay
Maitre D'
: Jean Philippe Susilovic
Sous-chefs: Scott Liebfried, Maryann Salcedo
Narrator: Jason Thompson
EP: Paul Jackson, Arthur Smith, Kent Weed
Packager: Granada Entertainment, A. Smith & Co.
Airs: Mondays at 9:00pm ET on Fox

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"Back Burner/Every Chef For Themselves" - July 11

The last time that we saw Hell's Kitchen, pasta was the order of the day, and each team had to not only cook for a service, but they had to serve for a service as well. And after the blue team proved to be better overall this time, Michael pulled a strategic move in his nominations, which paid off, as Chris, whom he felt was a threat to him, was booted out. Only 6 competitors are left going into tonight's doubleheader...


Following the elimination, as the teams returned to the dorms for the night, Elsie was still in shock about Chris' departure. And Jessica was there to try to cheer her up, even giving her a hug. Elsie thought that she was going to be eliminated instead of the "executive chef", but it was Ramsay's decision in the end. Meanwhile, Ralph is seeing the message that Ramsay is expecting more from the more experienced chefs than he would from the others, and he may be getting worried that he could very well be next. And Michael is obviously glad that he now has one less serious contender to deal with.

A blind test

The next day, the teams, in their chef's jackets, line up in the dining room, where Chef Ramsay reiterated why Chris was gone. He said that Elsie deserves to be there, before turning to Ralph and making sure he got the message that was sent by the elimination. Ramsay then gets into the next challenge; a blind tasting competition. Each person will taste 4 different foods, and will have to identify them. Whichever team gets the most right, wins. Each person will not only be blindfolded, but will also have a headset on to keep them from hearing anything. The winning team will be spending some time outside the restaurant with Ramsay, while the losing team will be cleaning all the pots and pans from the night before, with another part of the punishment to come later.

Jimmy and Andrew are up first, as they are blindfolded, and the headsets are on. Ramsay makes sure the headsets are working (by calling Andrew a "jumped-up little politician" and asking Jimmy what it's like to be slim, and getting no response) before they begin. He taps each of them on the shoulder to signal for them to open their mouths for the food, and they each get a bit of chicken. Ramsay lets the others know that it is indeed chicken, then lifts part of the headset off Andrew's ear for a brief moment to ask him what it is. Andrew gets it right. Ramsay then does the same thing with the headset to ask Jimmy, and he gives an overly long answer, which is obviously wrong. Even Ramsay couldn't help but laugh. We skip the next two (which both Jimmy and Andrew miss), and for their fourth, they each get radish. Andrew says parsnip, and Jimmy gets it right to even the score at 1-1.

Elsie and Jessica are next. They get the blindfolds and headsets, and they begin. They start with ox tongue, but both say pork. Up next is scallops. Jessica says liver, but Elsie gets it right to give the red team a 2-1 lead. The third item is Caesar salad dressing. Jessica messes up again, this time saying Vinaigrette. Elsie makes it 2 in a row for herself, nailing it. Last up is hamburger. Jessica goes with beef from a Wellington. Elsie says burger, and the red team now leads 4-1.

Now, it's time for Michael and Ralph to test their taste buds. The blindfolds and headsets are on. The first item is veal sweetbreads. Ralph goes with beef with fat. Nope. Michael can win it for red if he gets this, and he says... Something from a cow. Ouch. The blue team is still alive, but the best they can do now is a tie, and that is if Ralph gets the next 3 and Michael doesn't get any. Up next is spinach. And Ralph says... Romaine lettuce. Major ouch. And just like that, the red team wins.

Ramsay asks the red team to get changed for the reward, and the blue team heads to the back to start cleaning. Andrew is quite ticked that their team hasn't had much luck with these challenges, and he shows it when he yells at the dirty dishes. Meanwhile, Elsie and Jimmy are lounging in the backyard, and Elsie is so glad that she got 3 right in that challenge. They also figure that Ralph has to be mad.

Later, Ramsay brings the red team to a fancy place for some wine tasting. He tells them that they will be tasting some excellent wines, and they indeed do so. After a bit of it, Ramsay makes a toast to the blue team, who are still scrubbing pots and pans. And yes, they're still busy with that. And they seem to be becoming very bitter towards the red team. Back at the fancy place, Jimmy drinks a whole glass of wine, and Ramsay says that he's only supposed to sip it, then shows him how. At least here, Ramsay is being nice about it, unlike in the kitchen, where yelling would normally ensue. And in the end, Jimmy asks if there's a doggy bag for that wine. Funny stuff. When the red team returns from their trip, they walk past the blue team, who are still cleaning the dishes. And although they try not to show it to the red team, they're still bitter.

Another change to the menus

Afterwards, at 7:38PM (they're so precise with these times, aren't they?), a phone rings in the dorms, and Jimmy answers it. It's Ramsay, who asks for the teams to meet him in the dining room in 10 minutes with their jackets on. Jimmy then breaks the news to the others, and they get moving, getting changed and back to the dining room. There, they line up, and Ramsay makes an announcement: for the next dinner service, the menu is theirs. That means that each team will make their own menu of 3 starters, 3 main courses, and 3 desserts. And those menus will go head-to-head, as each customer will choose which menu they want to order from. Should be interesting.

The teams each go into a separate room in the back to plan their menus. With the red team, Elsie and Jimmy each make suggestions of what to put in, and Michael wrote those, as well as a few ideas of his own, on a big sheet of paper. Meanwhile, over with the blue team, Ralph is taking control, as he just adds what he wants to the paper, and shooting down Jessica's dessert idea of chocolate cheesecake. And when Andrew suggests salmon, Ralph shoots it down, going with halibut instead. Can you see where this is going?

The next morning, both teams are busy prepping for the next dinner service. In the red kitchen, Michael helps Elsie with something, and in the blue kitchen, Ralph is trying to show Andrew how to prepare halibut. Skipping ahead to 6:32PM, and Ramsay is checking to see how the red team is doing in their prep. He expresses some concern to Elsie about her paella, giving her some advice to make sure it meets his standards. Ramsay then checks on the blue team, and after getting Andrew to explain how the halibut is being done, he shows a bit of concern.

Ramsay then calls for both teams to line up. He says that the amount of orders each team gets will be a factor, but the quality and service are still important, and they still have to meet his standards. He then reveals the second part to the blue team's punishment for losing the tasting challenge: their storeroom will be locked this evening, and it will require a combination to open it. He does give the combination, but that's the only time that they'll hear it.

Once Ramsay sends them back to their kitchens, the blue team goes right to the storeroom and uses the combination to open the door. They bring all the baby chickens from the storeroom out to the kitchen, then Andrew asks Jessica to get some masking tape for him. Why? Once Andrew gets the tape, we see why: so he can tape the latch open to make sure they don't have to remember the combination!

Interesting move, but bad timing, as sous-chef Scott happens to walk by and catches Andrew using the tape on the door. Scott orders him to remove the tape, then scolds Andrew in the kitchen about trying to cheat his way out of the punishment. Scott then has all the chickens returned to the storeroom, and they can't all be brought out at once again. Nice going, Andrew.

The menu war

The clock strikes 7PM, and Hell's Kitchen is open. Customers file in, and as the maitre d', Jean Philippe, hands out menus at a table, he explains to them that they can each only choose one menu to order from; red or blue. The starter, main course, and dessert that a customer orders must all be from the same menu. Speaking of which, we get to see some featured items from each menu. From the red menu, we see a dish from each of the 3 members of the red team, and from the blue menu, we see 4 dishes, all from Ralph. Notice some sort of theme?

Ramsay is keeping track of how many orders each team gets using magnets on a metal wall. The red team is getting their first order ready, but when Jimmy presents a scallop to the hot plate, Ramsay says it's undercooked, and has him start over. Meanwhile, Andrew has to go to the storeroom to get something, and after Ramsay calls out an order for the blue team, he calls for Andrew, who is working on the combination to the storeroom door. Ralph mentions where Andrew is, and Ramsay has him relay a message to get moving.

30 minutes in, and the blue kitchen is getting starters out, while the red kitchen is slow. But then, JP has brought back one of the blue team's dishes, saying a customer pointed out a hair in the dish. Ramsay calls for Jessica about it, and though she says the hair is not hers, he doesn't care, and yells at her about it. Then, over with the red team, Jimmy tries again with a scallop, and Ramsay says it's overcooked this time. So Michael, concerned that this is slowing the team down, offers to help Jimmy with the scallops. And as a result, the team is finally getting scallops out to the tables.

At 8PM, the red team has finally got most of their appetizers out, while the blue team has had their best start ever, and they're just rolling along. That is, until Andrew presents some halibut to the hot plate. Ramsay calls him over, mentioning that the bowls are cold. Now, they're supposed to serve hot food on hot bowls and plates, and this blunder by Andrew of using cold bowls is slowing the team down. And Ralph seems quite concerned, as he asks Jessica to help Andrew. She does so, but he is panicking, saying he can't dress the halibut quickly enough. She gets him to calm down, and continues helping.

90 minutes into the service, and all the orders have been made. The blue team received 11 more orders than red. But of course, quality still matters, and some of the customers who ordered from the blue menu have some criticism concerning their food, saying their halibut was overcooked. JP returns the food and mentions the complaint to Ramsay, who then calls Andrew and Ralph over so they can hear the complaint.

The red team, on the other hand, has managed to fully recover from the scallop problem, and are getting their main courses out. And the customers that ordered from the red menu are really enjoying their food. Then, Elsie finally gets an order for her paella, and she is excited to be preparing it for someone other than her children. Once it's ready and on the hot plate, it is immediately sent out, and Elsie is glad that her paella was approved just like that. Michael assures her that the customer will love it, but it turns out that the customer wasn't impressed. Oh well...

It is now 10PM, and we get to see a table of two, where one person ordered from the red menu, and the other ordered from the blue menu. Red's main course for that table is ready and approved, but guess what blue's main course for the table is? The halibut. Sick of waiting, Ramsay decides to just let red's main course go to the table without waiting for the halibut. At the table, JP tries to assure them that the halibut shouldn't take too long, but at the blue kitchen, after Ramsay reads out a different order, Andrew says he needs 6 minutes for the halibut. But Ramsay wants it done sooner, and Andrew thinks it can't be done sooner. After we see someone who's waiting for food from the blue kitchen resorting to trying some of the food that the guy beside her received from the red kitchen, Jimmy presents a pasta dish to the hot plate. But Ramsay says it needs salt. So Jimmy gets to seasoning it.

15 minutes remain in the dinner service, and a couple of ladies at a table near the blue kitchen waves to Ralph. (Do they know him or something?) Despite all the orders that the team still has to deal with, Ralph waves back, but Ramsay scolds him about doing that when he's supposed to worry about the orders. At that point, Ramsay orders the kitchens to be closed down, putting another abrupt end to a dinner service. Afterwards, Michael is saying that the whole scallop thing ended up keeping them from completing all their orders that night. But Jimmy blames the oven, saying that it's screwed up. On the other hand, Ralph feels that the blue team put out some great food. That's for the customers to decide, man. And I hope you're not counting the halibut.

Quality or quantity?

The teams are now lined up for the results. Ramsay starts with some good news; most of the tables got served. He then praises Michael, then scolds Jimmy about how bad he did. He then said that Jessica's performance was average, before bringing up Ralph's waving to the ladies again. Ramsay then says that 42 customers ordered from the red kitchen, while 53 ordered from the blue kitchen. He then announces that the losing team is. the blue team. Mainly because of the halibut. 19 ordered it, but 6 were returned. He then asks about who came up with the idea, and for a bit, no one speaks. But then, Andrew speaks up, saying that he wanted to do salmon, but Ralph was the one who suggested the halibut instead of that. Ramsay then chooses Jessica, who made good starters and desserts but didn't make any main courses, to nominate one person for elimination this time.

Back in the dorms, Jessica congratulates the red team, then Andrew comes in and whines about his idea of salmon being shut down by Ralph. He explains to everyone in the room (Ralph isn't in there) what happened, and he is clearly ticked off about it. Michael shows some sympathy for Andrew, but maybe he has another reason to do so; he hopes that Ralph will be nominated, so that he'll have less competition to deal with. Jessica then gets Ralph and pulls him aside in a separate room, where she says she won't nominate him. As she explains to Ralph why, Andrew is in the backyard, still whining to the red team about the halibut issue.

The halibut debate

Once again, the red team sits back in the dining room to watch as the blue team lines up for the nomination and elimination. Ramsay notes that Jessica is in a tough spot, then asks for the nominee. Jessica chooses Andrew, because she says there seems to be "something slightly missing" from him. Ramsay asks Andrew to step forward, then mentions that while he respects Jessica's choice, the final decision is his, and he asks Ralph to also step forward! Looks like the nomination may not have mattered after all, as both Andrew and Ralph are now up for elimination!

When asked to explain why they shouldn't leave, Andrew says he won't take responsibility for an idea that wasn't his, but Ralph says that Andrew should have worried more about preparing the dish, since he was the one doing so. Ramsay says he's glad they're being honest, but then, Andrew says that Jessica has a good point about being a team player, and accuses Ralph of taking over the team. But Ralph counters by saying the team basically ended up putting the burden on his shoulders, and he didn't ask to lead, then saying that he did his job without crying or anything. Andrew wanted to say something else, but Ramsay wouldn't allow it this time, and asks him to hand over his jacket. Andrew does so, and walks out, having been eliminated from Hell's Kitchen.

Next time, th- You know what, let's just go to the next episode right now, shall we?

Back in the dorms after the elimination, Ralph and Jessica talked about how they were both glad that Ralph is still there, and he mentioned that it wasn't really about whose idea the halibut was, but who was screwing it up, and Andrew screwed it up. Also, he said that this was the third time Andrew was nominated, and this was basically strike 3. Later, Ralph says to Michael that his attempts to help others could not be as good of an idea as he originally thought. Later still (at 3:07AM, to be exact), Elsie tells Jessica that she is getting tired of this, and she'd rather be home at this time. Sounds like she may be close to going the way of Jeff (but without the mouthing off).

A merge and a flambe

The next day, at 7:15AM (did they get much sleep at all?), the teams line up in the dining room, where Chef Ramsay announces that things are about to change. Basically, there will no longer be a red team or a blue team. He asks Ralph to step forward, then hands him a new chef's jacket, which instead of the team colour, has black on it. Ramsay gives the others new jackets as well with the new colour, and when he gets to Jimmy, he has him promise not to present any more dishes with dirty bowls/plates during dinner services. Once they have their new jackets, Ramsay congratulates the 5 for making it this far, then tells them to change.

In the dorms, the chefs are clearly excited, and they are basically congratulating each other as they change into their new jackets. Afterwards, the group is back in the dining room, lined up for the first individual challenge. Ramsay starts by showing them how to make a fruit flambe, which is done tableside. The reason for this is that the challenge is to make the best flambe that they can, and Ramsay will judge which one is the best. He then says that the winner will have a good time outside of Hell's Kitchen, and the losers will be cleaning the dining room.

With only 5 minutes to prepare a flambe, each of the chefs scramble to get the ingredients from the kitchen and bring them to their tableside stations. But Jessica and Elsie forgot their carts at first, and after Ramsay mentions this, they go back and get them before returning to get their ingredients. The first minute is basic chaos at the kitchen, but after that, they're each at their stations preparing their flambes. Jessica had problems when burning some sugar, and in the last minute, Jimmy got clumsy, knocking over a few things on his table. Ramsay tried to stifle a bit of laughter.

With time running out, the chefs had their flambes ready for judging. Michael was first, and while Ramsay liked the taste, he compared the presentation to that of dirty bowls that he saw from Jimmy during a previous dinner service. Next was Ralph, and though he liked the looks and taste, Ramsay noted that Ralph forgot the icing sugar on the fruit. Moving on to Jessica, and he noted a problem with hers as well. He didn't have a problem with Elsie's, though, saying it was nice. Finally, he gets to Jimmy. Ramsay found his to be nice as well.

So, Ramsay says that it's down to Jimmy and Elsie, and after some thought, he declares the winner to be... Jimmy! He's obviously amazed that he won, but now, he has to pick one of the others to come with him for the reward. And after thinking about it for a moment, Jimmy chooses... Michael, because earlier, when Chris was eliminated, Michael didn't nominate Jimmy. But Elsie didn't like that decision, though she didn't show it to the others. Ramsay then asks Jimmy and Michael to get changed, and the rest to start cleaning the dining room.

Bitterness in the dining room

Jessica mentions that she's bitter over not having won any kind of a chance to spend time outside the restaurant with Ramsay thus far, but Ralph doesn't seem worried about it, as he cleans chairs. Meanwhile, a limo escorts Jimmy, Michael, and Ramsay to a helicopter (which happens to have the HK logo), where they're going to get a helicopter tour of L.A. During the copter ride, they pass by some beach houses, and Michael tells Jimmy that they could be living there at some point, side by side. As they enjoy their ride, back in the dining room, Elsie and Jessica are still cleaning, while talking about why Jimmy choose Michael to go.

Eventually, the helicopter reaches a landing pad on the roof of a building, where Jean Philippe happens to be waiting with a few glasses of champagne, and a couple of waiters are waiting with covered plates. In the dining room, now it's Ralph talking with Elsie during the cleaning about Jimmy's decision. Back at the pad, the copter had landed, and they get their glasses of champagne. There, Jimmy mentions that at least it was a clean plate, and Ramsay tells him not to get over-excited, since it's just one plate. All in all, Jimmy and Michael enjoyed themselves, and Michael felt that Jimmy deserved this prize.

Afterwards, in the dorms, Elsie tells Ralph and Jessica why she really thinks Jimmy chose Michael, and then those two arrive from their trip. They tell the others about the trip, and Ralph seems envious of them. But at least he's not as mad as Elsie, who expresses a bit of her anger by telling Jimmy not to touch her when he tries to pat her head. I wouldn't be surprised if an explosion of emotions is in the future as far as Jimmy and Elsie are concerned.

A tense prep

A new day arrives, and everyone sat in the dorms, silent. Eerily silent, to be exact. Nobody was talking. Afterwards, the group headed out to the kitchen for prep, and the sous-chefs, Maryann and Scott, were there to oversee things. They then explained that the custom menus from the previous day would be combined into one, and made it a little fancier. Elsie, who was a little lost, asked Maryann what she would have to do, and after getting her answer, everyone went to work with preparing for the dinner service.

At 6:28PM, Ramsay gets the group to line up for a bit, then says that one of them will be serving the flambe, as well as a Caesar salad, to customers at tableside for this service. He then asks Jimmy, who won the flambe challenge the day before, to select someone to do it, and after some thought, he chooses... Elsie, since she was second best in the challenge. Ramsay then asks Elsie to follow him so he can show her how to prepare the salad, and for the others to get moving with prep. But Elsie thinks that Jimmy chose her in the hopes that she'll screw up in front of the customers.

Ramsay demonstrates the making of the Caesar salad to Elsie, while back in the kitchen, everyone else is still prepping for the service. Then, moments before the opening, Ramsay has one more thing to say to the group; Maryann and Scott are taking the night off. That's right; they won't be in the kitchen to oversee the group during the dinner service this time, so they'll truly be on their own. He then gets everyone to their sections, and Elsie back in the dining room, ready to go.

[By the way, it should be noted that the group is using the blue kitchen for this service.]

Fiery tempers and a fiery pan

It is now 7PM, and once again, Hell's Kitchen is open for business. As the customers file in, JP mentions to some customers at a table that it's a good thing they're early, because it means they have a better chance of getting served. I think he's getting used to this. JP then lets them know about Elsie's tableside services before handing them the menus. In the kitchen, the other chefs are still preparing for the first order, which should soon be on the way. We then see where Maryann and Scott will be spending their night off; having a few drinks at a table in the dining room, where they do have a good view of the kitchen behind them.

Moments later, after the orders start coming in, Michael and Ralph get their first starters out, and they get sent to the customers, who enjoy the food. Meanwhile, Elsie, who is about to start her first tableside Caesar salad, realizes that the bowl needed for it is missing. She goes to the kitchen to get the bowl and returns to the dining room to get the salad going. She serves it and heads to her next stop. Back in the kitchen, Ramsay is starting to wonder why everyone is ordering meat and not fish, and he tells JP that they gotta sell some fish. As a result of all the meat orders, Jessica has a lot to do. And that fire in the pan apparently isn't helping. Jessica tries to blow it out, as the sous-chefs notice the smoke from the kitchen.

45 minutes in, and things are moving along very well. Ramsay asks Ralph to join him in dressing some of the food at the hot plate. But the next moment, the lights go out. Literally. All over the restaurant. Luckily for the customers, they have candles, so they can keep eating or waiting for their food. Elsie is wondering what happened with the lights while preparing another salad. And the others continue working through it with what little light they still have (emergency lights, I assume). Moments later, the lights are back on, and everyone in the dining room applauds.

Jimmy is dealing with the halibut and lobster, and he has been dealing with everything just fine so far. But wait a minute... Did he just throw out a dish that looked like it was about ready to go to the hot plate? He did! And when Ramsay asks for lobster, Jimmy can't find it. Uh-oh. Jimmy then starts another one. But Ramsay is still wondering where the first one went. Jimmy keeps saying it got misplaced. Meanwhile, Elsie serves another Caesar salad at tableside, and JP checks to make sure the customers are satisfied. It seems that Elsie forgot to remove the stems from the leaves. JP informs her of this, and sends her back to the table to fix things up. She does so, and keeps a good attitude about it.

90 minutes in, and the popularity of the meat is starting to get to Jessica. And now, after a request for more filets, she can't find any. She asks Michael for help in finding them, and he looks in the fridge. Meanwhile, Jessica brings up the problem with Ramsay, and he's not happy with it at all. He says they need 27, and Jessica says she only has 2. Ramsay is clearly ticked. As he yells at Jessica, Michael heads to the back to apparently look for them. And after Jessica heads to the back, out pops Michael with the meat! The next moment, Jessica returns and gets going again, albeit through more yelling from Ramsay. Could there have been some sabotage there? Jessica doubts it, but she did consider the possibility. Hmm... Jessica then says she doesn't know what she's doing, and asks for some help. So Michael suggests that she goes with the desserts, and let him worry about the meat.

Meanwhile, it's time for Elsie to get started with flambes, and she goes to the kitchen to get something. But while she's there, Jessica asks her if she could get some pans from the dishwasher. Elsie says no, and after getting what she needs, she returns to the dining room. Then, as she prepares the flambe, she can't seem to get the fire to burn off the alcohol going. She ends up serving it after a few tries, and after she heads off to another table, the 2 customers there think she hadn't served salad or flambe before. Well, they'd be mostly correct.

2 1/2 hours in, and everything is once again going well. But then, Ramsay asks Jimmy about a risotto, and gets no answer at first. He asks again, and Jimmy says it's not ready yet. Now, Ramsay is getting really sick of Jimmy's screw-ups, and starts yelling at him again. He then questions why some of the fish stock ended up on the risotto, and Jimmy isn't giving the response that Ramsay wants. Then, after some more yelling, Jimmy apologizes. But Ramsay isn't done, as he now explains to others what Jimmy did, and yells some more. Back in the dining room, Elsie is now getting the hang of preparing flambes, and she's serving them rather quickly. And the customers are voicing their approval of those desserts.

At 10:12PM, Ramsay gives another order, and asks Jimmy about the lobster. He then asks about why the fish isn't in the pan. No response. He asks again. This time, Jimmy yells about trying to do two things at once. Ramsay tells him to "come here", and Jimmy... says "no"? Oh, dear... Ramsay goes on to scold Jimmy, while telling him to calm down, and eventually, he gets Jimmy to get back to what he's supposed to be doing. And then, another fire appears in one of Jessica's pans, and she once again tries to blow it out. This time, Ramsay catches it, and decides that he's had enough for the day. Ramsay orders the kitchen to be shut down and the restaurant closed, and mentions that it's because of Jessica and Jimmy.

Tough decision

The group lines up in the kitchen, and Ramsay goes over how he felt about how the dinner service went. He was proud of how the first half of the service went, but said that things eventually collapsed, and they couldn't accomplish the whole service. He then asks Ralph, who shined on this night, to nominate 2 of the others for elimination this time.

In the dorms, Ralph is pulled aside by Elsie, and she actually asks to be nominated! She says she's just tired of everything, and she wants to just let the experience be over with She then explains to the rest of the group why she wants to be nominated, and that she's becoming unable to keep up with everyone else. Ralph, though, feels that he has a tough decision to make when it comes to the nominations. And Jimmy? He feels worried, but he is hoping that he'll survive this one. And Jessica? Since she didn't nominate Ralph the other night, she's hoping that he'll return the favour and not nominate her.

From 5 to 4

The 5 remaining contenders line up in the dining room, where Ramsay verifies that Ralph has decided on his nominees. Ramsay asks for the first nominee, and Ralph chooses Jimmy, because of how he had slowed down the kitchen by talking back. Ramsay asks for the second nominee, and Ralph chooses... Jessica, because of her own apparent hindrance to the service. So much for returning the favor... Ramsay then asks both Jimmy and Jessica to step forward.

Now for them to plead their case to stay in. Jimmy says that he tries to be a team player, but he realizes his mistake in what he yelled, and apologizes. Jessica says that she's also a team player, and she'll do what she can to do better next time. As Ramsay ponders his decision, we see flashbacks of Jimmy's yelling and Jessica's own troubles. He then chooses to eliminate... Jimmy. Jimmy removes his chef's jacket and hands it over, and after Ramsay offers some final words of encouragement, Jimmy walks through to the dorms, through the back, and out of Hell's Kitchen.

Next week, things will really get fierce, while the final 4 will find themselves switching stations in the middle of the service, and Elsie will apparently get very agitated. This oughta be good.

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