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Who'll be rescued from the REAL Gilligan's Island?

Visit Voodoo Village to see who's still left in the game!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Scott Lasky
Creator: Sherwood Schwartz (based on original characters)
EP: Mike Fleiss, Sherwood Schwartz, Lloyd J. Schwartz
Packager: Next Entertainment, Telepictures Productions
Wednesdays at 9pm ET on TBS

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"They're Back!... and THEY'RE Back!" - June 8

The next day, Ken expected to be on the block, "because it's the Skipper's job to lead the way." Meanwhile, the Bounces made their own private mini-golf course. Crazy Charlie takes some time to chill on it while mulling his fate.

Zac is looking all over the island for Mary Ann Mandy. He finds her... in bed with Professor Andy! Enter a threesome. Andy swears that it won't go past that.

Then comes the discovery of ants in the rations. And it's Randi being "unappreciative", right on cue.

Ken gives himself an edge, while Crazy Charlie calls himself. Scott calls both.

"Attention castaways! Attention Skippers! That sinking feeling means only one thing. It's time for the head-to-head competition. Grab your Minnow-mates and head to the lagoon."

And head to the Lagoon we do, as we await the first H2H Challlenge. And it's still "on like a chicken bone." Howie doesn't like heights. Well, this isn't the place you need to be. Now to the challenge. It's basically a bail out of a boat with holes in it. Every minute, a castaway will swim to safety, although when they do, the hole they are tethered to will unplug. This will continue until there are only the Skip and the Gilligans left. The Skipper who keeps his boat afloat will float to the Final 7. Erika will not compete, but is a darn good cheerleader.

And here comes the water! Mr. Millionaires are first out the boats. Crazy Charlie still with a smile on his face. Orange team is panicking. Mary Anns are out. Now the Professors are out, and we soon discover that another member of the Orange team can't swim. Tiy-e almost drowns, as Scott breaks from his host duties to rescue him. I'd like to see Pretty Boy Probst have to do that. Howard joins him, and Tiy-e is pulled to safety. So it's back to focus on the boat. Meanwhile Scott takes his perch just in time to say "Miss Millionaires out!" Zac blew the call and jumped out, leaving Charlie to bail. Get back in your boat, Gilligan! He does, and the Orange team is REALLY struggling right now. And down goes the gondola. Glub. Glub. Glub. That means Charlie is one of the seven finalists, and Ken is banished to the other side of the island.

Meanwhile, Tiy-e gives mad props to Scott for saving his life. And Donna starts talking about ... a curse. Here's one for ya: the green team gets fishing equipment. Well, there was a curse on gold last season, wasn't there?

The fishing equipment awaits Skipper Charlie at his hut. Meanwhile Tiy-e tries to rally the forces together... which does nothing for Randi as she wishes that he told everyone that he couldn't swim. "That could be a liability to the team." Well, she was a lifeguard. Why didn't she save him? "I've been trained in shallow water." Millionaire Jim thinks that her life-saving skills are better suited to "a kiddie pool".  Tiy-e calls her selfish. And speaking of calls...

"Attention castaways! Attention castaways! Please make your way down the coconut path."

And that's what we do, arriving at a makeshift movie theatre. They eat as we get a screening of "Angie's Finger of Death: The Movie". Here's what our benched movie star has to say. "I'm sitting here in the hospital after my operation. I severed two tendons. They sewed me back together, but unfortunately I'm going to have to cast off. Erika, represent for Hollywood. A celebrity can win. Mandy: I have such a good time teaching you how to walk. You're so adorable, so I'm sending you my shoes."

After the movie, Zac tries to make a hat for Mandy. "She's playing him like a fiddle," Erika says. Zac gets the props, but I doubt it was all his handiwork. Meanwhile, it's time for the sojourn to Voodoo Village. Charlie & Erika take the box back to discover that... there's only one millionaire. So unlike the first TRGI, the Millionaires compete separately.

The two sets of Millionaires spend one last night together. And so does Mary Ann Mandy and Prof. Andy. "You really can't create romance. Sometimes it just comes to you. Prof. Andy makes me feel safe. He makes me feel happy." And Zac is "a little jealous" about the whole thing.

The next morning, the castaways give Tiy-e the nickname, "The Rock." Howie got some pain because of his rescue effort. Tiy-e calls him out to tell him that "he forgot how to swim." "It's been so long." "The guy is like off the wall," Howie says. "I am who I am," Tiy-e says.

As Donna spends her last days with Jim musing, she thinks she can feign sympathy if she is left by herself. Howie spends his time doing pushups, while Charlie tries to stop him. Jim eggs him on for more. "Once Mr. Schur is out, anything can happen."

"Attention castaways! Attention Mr. Millionaires! A stroke of good luck could come in handy right now. Grab your Minnow-mates and head to the beach for your Head-to-Head competition."

We're playing golf as the Mr. Millionaires have to drive avocado pits provided by avocados that the castaways will be carving. The Millionaire with the most pits wins. Charlie & Zac sit out. Let's grip it and rip it!

Orange gets the first shot. Orange gets the second pit. The Green team kept getting pits on the green... but kept having them bounce off. Final score: Orange wins, 2-0, meaning it's Game Over for Howie Schur. Soe he says goodbye as he is banished to the other side of the island. As a reward, the Orange team gets a chest of beer and a pool. Melissa says it was never about the money and that she still wants to win.

As for Jim... "Now it's me and the two millionaire women, so it's menage-a-trois time!" A lot of celebration on Green's part, meaning Tiy-e shots a lot "Who's your daddy? I own you! You're nothing!" "I am the gloating king!" Well, you're not a king of swimming, that's for sure.

Meanwhile Andy and Mandy get away from the camp to spend some... quality time is. Zac decides to spy on the couple. And by that, we mean play "third-wheel". Zac says that his mom needs a lung transplant, and because of that, he's "between years" in school. "I'm really competitive," Zac says.

Meanwhile it's time to head to Voodoo Village again. Mandy and Mr. Bounce head out in the rain and come back with the box of fate. And out pops... Miss Millionaire. So either Miss Melissa or Donna will join Howie soon enough. Melissa: "I have nothing to lose at this point."

She may have something to lose (like, say, a game?) next time on Gilligan's Isle.

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