Gay, Straight or Taken?
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Today is

"Jenner, Mike, Luciano & Chris/Jilina, Vic, Ayo & Calen" - January 8

TV Math: "To Tell the Truth" plus "The Dating Game" equals... this. One woman will go on group dates with three men. One is gay, right? One is straight, right? And the third... is taken. Are you picking up what I'm putting down? If the lady picks the straight guy, they will win a dream vacation. If she picks wrong, the guy will get the vacation to share with his significant other.

First player: Jenner, 27, who works in real estate. She wants intelligence and fun with no baggage. She gets her choice among Luciano (32, bartender), Mike (25, painter/club promoter), and Chris (34, trainer).

Jenner is not scared to make fun of all three... and herself. She feels like she's at Toys 'R' Us.

Then Jenner gets a call telling her that not all the guys are what they seem to be. One is the boyfriend of the caller. All three say they're single.

... and another call. Second twist, another one of the guys is gay. And the boyfriend of THIS caller.  All three say they're straight.

And if you pick either one of them... they're going on YOUR vacation.

First impressions from Jenner...

GAY: Mike (he slipped up during introductions)
TAKEN: Luciano

First up, the pool. Chris... is wearing a speedo. And shaved legs. He's big into hair metal. And he likes opera. After this, Jenner thinks Chris... is gay and Mike is straight.

Chris noted that Luciano did anything right. Mike felt a connection while playing two-hand touch football. Chris... tackled Luciano. She still thinks Chris is gay. Now she's torn between the two others.

Luciano gets some massage time with Jenner. Luciano stresses that he's single and straight. Jenner thinks that Luciano was "amazing". Next, Chris and Jenner try out yoga. The instructor kept helping Chris... and Chris didn't seem to mind. She thinks Luciano is straight and Mike taken.

Finally, dancing! The guys take note of the distance between the two. Jenner is willing to confirm that Mike is taken.

Surprise! Jenner gets to look through the guys' cars. Chris' Saturn.. junky. Luciano's car... filled with numbers. Mike's car... full of clothes. Mike does promotions for gay travel shows. Is Mike gay? Is Luciano taken? Is Chris straight?

Time to find out. First, though, the significant others arrive. The final picks...

GAY: Chris

Chris is.. taken. That leaves Mike and Luciano... Luciano... is GAY. Which means that he and his boyfriend are going on her vacation.

Episode #2 features Jilina, a 24-year-old artist and professional snowboarder. She likes to be smart, funny, and able to keep up with her. Also with Jilina, her pet Yorkie Oscar. Dating her today are Ayo (28, event planner), Vic (28, interior designer), and Calen (29, director of corporate relations for USC).  Calen... loves Oscar. Ayo made something for her.

One girl and one guy call up Jilina to tell her that only one of the people is single and straight.

And Oscar reacts in kind.

Jilina starts by checking her hands. First impressions...

GAY: Vic

First up, we're doing some painting... of a male model. Vic dresses and does his hair... "All of a sudden, I'm gay." As for Ayo, he's sketching the... "Yeah, you gotta get right to it. Get it over with." After that, Calen is probably... gay and Vic might be straight.

Next, Vic and Jilina engage in some kung fu fighting. Vic was in the Army for a while. Could it be another case of "Don't ask, don't tell"? Might be, especially after the monkey flex... Ayo: "If you didn't know... now you know." Then, with a scantily clad sensei, Vic engages in some sparring. Vic is... back to being gay.

Next, Ayo and Jilina do some rhythmic dancing. Ayo checks out the merchandise there... And he's enjoying himself. And we're spicing up the wardrobe with... snakes. Ayo HAS to be straight. Right?

Next, Calen and Jilina share some time by a bonfire... that we're walking on. Firewalking at 1200 degrees.

Decision time. Which means... time for the others. Final decision...

GAY: Vic
TAKEN: Calen

Vic... is taken. Ayo... STRAIGHT! Which eans that Calen is... yeah, you know. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Enjoy your va-cay, Jilina & Ayo.


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