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Food Fighters
Season 2
NBC 8p Thursdays

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Home cooks take on professional chefs for $100,000

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Adam Richman
Creator Tim Puntillo
EP Tim Puntillo
Christopher R. Grant
Laura Caraccioli
Ben Silverman
Packager Rio Bravo
Universal Television
Origins Universal Studios Hollywood
Airs 8p ET Tues, Fox

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This Cheerleader's Got Game!
July 23
Tonight entering the Kitchen of Dreams, a woman who's used to giving cheers is going to be receiving them as she tries to cook her way to $100,000.

Amber MacDonald (San Francisco; former NFL cheerleader) is a stay-at-home mom who was taught traditional Italian recipes from her Sicilian grandmother. She hopes to pass those down to her daughter Ava. Her parents have moves from Missouri to California to help Amber raise her daughter, but it's been a financial struggle, so tonight, she's playing for them.

But winning the money won't be easy, because you will face five seasoned pro chefs. Each chef you defeat adds money to your bank.

Beat Chef #1: +$5000
Beat Chef #2: +$10,000
Beat Chef #3: +$15,000
Beat Chef #4: +$20,000
Beat the Final Chef: DOUBLE THE BANK

Any money won is banked for keeps, but do it right, and it is worth $100,000. But if you lose to a chef, you continue the fight, but you lose the cash for that round. But it's not just about cooking, it's also about strategy, because each home cook that comes into the arena is equipped with their own menu.

- Spaghetti & Meatballs
- Chicken & Wine Sauce
- Shrimp Scampi
- Sausage & Peppers Sandwich
- S'mores

ROUND 1 for $5000 vs. SHARIFF HERNDON (American Comfort)

A former boxer and a captain chef in the Navy, he cooked for 50,000 Marines & sailors, so there's nothing that can scare him. He takes his fighting as seriously as he takes his food. The opening round features... CHICKEN & WINE SAUCE. Let's throw down. Twenty minutes on the clock... Food Fighters... FIGHT!

Amber is using a Madeira wine sauce with beef broth & mushrooms (porcini, Asian, king oyster and morels) & a side of mashed potatoes. Herndon wants to sear his chicken, then add a Chardonnay sauce with butter, shallot, garlic and pancetta for added flavor. He also has a balsamic reduction and... a piece of toast?

WINNER: 4-1 in favor of... Chef Herndon. ($0) But it's okay, because we still have four more....

ROUND 2 for $10,000 vs. SARAH SIMINGTON (diner food)

The last time she was here, she lost. And she lost big. She's out for revenge, but she'll have to get past Amber's SHRIMP SCAMPI. It just so happens to be one of her favorites. Let's put 20 on the tick-tock... Food Fighters... FIGHT!

Amber is going to put it on angel hair pasta instead of bread. Simington is using a traditional scampi recipe, but she'll serve hers on a piece of bread. Amber's sauce has white wine, basil, oregano, and cream for a little alfredo action. Simington adds pancetta, but she needs color, acid... cherry tomatoes to take it to the next level.

WINNER: 3-2 split in favor of... Chef Simington. ($0) There's still time. Don't lose hope.

ROUND 3 for $15,000 vs. VIET PHAM (International)

He's a James Beard finalist multiple years in a row, and he loves to cook anything and everything, calling himself the MacGyver of the kitchen. Let's see how he fares with S'MORES... Just so happens that he was a former Boy Scout. Walmart clock has only 15 on it... Food Fighters... FIGHT!

S'mores are a simple recipe. Chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows. There is one little catch to this recipe... NEITHER kitchen has marshmallows. If you want marshmallows, you're going to have to make them from scratch. Pham can't find graham crackers, so he's going to use bread instead. Just so happens that if he looked below the bread, he would've found graham cracker crumbs. Amber's going to make a s'mores parfait with chocolate mousse, while Pham is making a meringue (heated with a brulee torch to make it glossy) with bread & sugar crust and a little cayenne & cinnamon to his chocolate.

WINNER: 4-1 in favor of... AMBER! ($15,000)

ROUND 4 for $20,000 vs. BRENDAN COLLINS (Global Comfort)

The British bad boy and owner of four award-winning Los Angeles eateries, do any of them serve SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS? Let's get 20 on the clock.... Food Fighters.. FIGHT!

Collins' meatballs will be made of beef, veal, pork, and powdered morels, what he calls an "umami burst". AND he's going to make fresh pasta. Amber's using the same mince, but she's using a nice traditional red sauce, while Collins is going for a red wine reduction with garlic and shallots. Collins' pasta dough was not left to rest, so he ruins that. Amber's meatballs are overdone. Both dishes have their shortcoming, but one can be rectified rather quickly. The other... will have to come off the shelf.

WINNER: 3-2 split in favor of... AMBER! ($35,000)

The $35,000 in Amber's pockets are hers to keep no matter what. Now let's play for double. But in her road to greatness... a BIG roadblock...

FINAL ROUND for DOUBLE vs. NADIA G (Modern American)

Nadia is the star of a cooking show that is a hit in 14 COUNTRIES! She's also a fan of Italian casalinga.... which is Italian for "I'm gonna kick your butt." She's saved her best for last, a SAUSAGE & PEPPERS SANDWICH. This is how we do it on Food Fighters... 15 on the clock... FOOD FIGHTERS, FIGHT!

Amber's using Italian sausages and grilled rolls. Her sauce will have peppers, onion, garlic, and tomato sauce. Nadia's going to cook the sausage into bits, using Fresno chiles grilled and rainbow chard with cider vinegar and maple syrup. And Amber's sausage is raw. That's not good.

WiNNER: 3-2 split in favor of... AMBER! The first Final Fight where the chef goes down! She wins $70,000!

More fights and a shot at $100,000 next time. Do not be late for your table!

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