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Food Fighters
Season 2
NBC 8p Thursdays

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Home cooks take on professional chefs for $100,000

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Adam Richman
Creator Tim Puntillo
EP Tim Puntillo
Christopher R. Grant
Laura Caraccioli
Ben Silverman
Packager Rio Bravo
Universal Television
Origins Universal Studios Hollywood
Airs 8p ET Tues, Fox

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This Kid's Got Moves!
July 16
We've seen our fair share of home cooks enter the Kitchen of Dreams and leave with life-changing amounts of money. Tonight's show features a cook whose life hasn't even begun in earnest. Our home cook today, Troy Glass from Los Angeles will put his best recipes to the test. Did we mention he was 14?

Troy (Los Angeles, student) has been a grunt sous-chef since he was 9, learning from master chefs and honing his craft. Aside from that, he's also a mixed-martial-arts fighter. Tonight, he takes the fight to the Food Fighters Arena. If he wins today, he'll take his friends out and start saving for college at Culinary Institute of America.

But winning the money won't be easy, because you will face five seasoned pro chefs. Each chef you defeat adds money to your bank.

Beat Chef #1: +$5000
Beat Chef #2: +$10,000
Beat Chef #3: +$15,000
Beat Chef #4: +$20,000
Beat the Final Chef: DOUBLE THE BANK

Any money won is banked for keeps, but do it right, and it is worth $100,000. But if you lose to a chef, you continue the fight, but you lose the cash for that round. But it's not just about looking, it's also about strategy, because each home cook that comes into the arena is equipped with their own menu.

- Pappardelle with Tuna
- Hamburger & Fries
- Banana Bread & Ice Cream
- Chicken Tacos
- Mac & Cheese

ROUND 1 for $5000 vs. HOP PHAN (Latin/Asian Fusion)

He has Latin and Asian flavors together in his kitchen on wheels, but will he get run over by Troy's MAC & CHEESE? Chef Phan... can't even eat wheat. This could be a big advantage to the challenger. You each have 25 minutes... Food Fighters... FIGHT!

Troy's mac & cheese has lobster. In his sauce, corn & jalapeno with a sauce of white cheddar, fontina, and gruyere. Chef Phan has... NEVER made mac & cheese. He's going traditional with a cauliflower crumble and a lobster tail. His sauce has gruyere & queso fresco... and his cauliflower is black. That's not good. Also not good... Troy's mac & cheese is made BACKWARDS.

WINNER: 4-1 in favor of... TROY! ($5000)

ROUND 2 for $10,000 vs. LOVELY ("comfort chic")

Lovely's style of cuisine is all about elevation, taking comfort food and elevating it through her "glam" presentation & over-the-top flavors. She's ready to bring it... so is Troy, as he draws out the CHICKEN TACOS with fresh tortilla. It's protege vs. Beyonce. 25 on the timer... Food Fighters... FIGHT!

Troy's dish has his grandfather's barbecue sauce (ketchup, Worcestershire, brown sugar, and frozen orange juice) tossed in, and will be served with a chipotle mayo a watermelon radish slaw. Lovely is going to make a spicy chicken taco with a fruit salsa with Sazon and lime.

WINNER: 4-1 in favor of... Chef Lovely. ($5000)

ROUND 3 for $15,000 vs. CHRIS NIRSCHEL (Modern American)

Nirschel was classically trained at a French school, and he says he can cook anything, from Italian to French to Modern American. Can he cook a BANANA BREAD WITH ICE CREAM? This is Troy's mom's recipe. Walmart clock has 25 on it... Food Fighters... FIGHT!

The secret to Troy's bread: super-ripe bananas with creamed butter and cinnamon. Nirschel is making a banana bread pudding with almond extract, 80% chocolate, and banana pudding. Troy's ice cream has condensed milk, buttermilk, vanilla ice cream... and liquid nitrogen. Nirschel is using Tahitian vanilla, egg yolks, and his own hit of NO2. Did we mention that there are also a flambe vs. a berry compote.

WINNER: UNANIMOUS DECISION in favor of... TROY! ($20,000)

ROUND 4 for $20,000 vs. KERIANN VON RAESFELD (Global)

Representing the US, she has taken on the world and defeated some of the culinary greats both here and abroad. Can she defeat ... a simple humble HAMBURGER & FRIES? Let's get 25 on the clock.... Food Fighters.. FIGHT!

Troy's mince will have onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and paprika with short rib & brisket. He'll finish it in the oven with jack cheese on top. Also on top... porcine gift from the gods, BACON. He'll also make sweet potato fries with barbecue aioli. Von Raesfeld will make a short rib, pork & beef mince with an onion jam and crispy fry on the side. Von Raesfeld is using a pretzel bun, while Troy is using a standard burger roll.... but his bacon... is burnt. Yeah, we can just leave that out.

WINNER: 4-1 in favor of... Chef van Raesfeld ($20,000)

Troy's got $20,000 in his pocket. He can win another $20,000, but he'll have to beat his hero...


He is the author of 11 cookbooks and is an alumnus of where Troy hopes to go one day, the Culinary Institute of America. With over 30 years of experience under his belt, this is going to be anything but a cakewalk.

Before we begin, though, diSpirito gives Troy a gift - a Kunz spoon.

The final dish: FRESH PAPPARDELLE WITH TUNA. Could be interesting. For $40,000.... Food Fighters... 25 on the clock... FIGHT!

The key to getting this dish right: the dough. Both sides have a lot of experience behind them. diSpirito is going to use guanciale (pig's jowl), while Troy is using a sauce of peppers, tomatoes, kalamata olives & capers. Will Troy's pasta be plated in time, especially with a tuna two ways?

WiNNER: 3-2 split in favor of... Chef diSpirito. But don't cry for Troy, he's leaving the kitchen with $20,000! And perhaps a job offer from the man who just beat him.

But that's not all. The CIA is impressed with his talent and potential... so much so that they have offered Troy Glass.. A FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP TO THEIR 2-YEAR DEGREE PROGRAM! Never let it be said that dreams can't come true on a game show!

More fights and a shot at $100,000 next time. Do not be late for your table!

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