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Food Fighters
Season 2
NBC 8p Thursdays

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July 2

Home cooks take on professional chefs for $100,000

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Adam Richman
Creator Tim Puntillo
EP Tim Puntillo
Christopher R. Grant
Laura Caraccioli
Ben Silverman
Packager Rio Bravo
Universal Television
Origins Universal Studios Hollywood
Airs 8p ET Tues, Fox

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You're in the Big Leagues Now
July 9
It's about to go down in the Kitchen of Dreams again as another home cook looks for $100,000 and the title of Food Fighter Supreme.

This week, Holly Haines (San Diego, web designer), a half-Black half-Filipino talent with a diverse menu combining soul food with Asian flavors. She loves to throw theme dinners based on musical artists. Hopefully the Tasting Party is full of music fans, because if she wins the big money, she's going to turn that love into a pop-up restaurant business.

But winning the money won't be easy, because you will face five seasoned pro chefs. Each chef you defeat adds money to your bank.

Beat Chef #1: +$5000
Beat Chef #2: +$10,000
Beat Chef #3: +$15,000
Beat Chef #4: +$20,000
Beat the Final Chef: DOUBLE THE BANK

Any money won is banked for keeps, but do it right, and it is worth $100,000. But if you lose to a chef, you continue the fight, but you lose the cash for that round. But it's not just about looking, it's also about strategy, because each home cook that comes into the arena is equipped with their own menu.

- Shrimp & Grits
- Steak Lettuce Wraps
- Catfish & Hushpuppies
- Chocolate Cake with Strawberries
- Chicken & Waffles

ROUND 1 for $5000 vs. ALEJANDRA SCHRADER (Latin)

She grew up in Venezuela, so she's going to bring the heat and the spice. So it would be wise for Holly to stay away from the steak. Instead... a challenge of CHICKEN & WAFFLES. Schrader's going to try and bring a Latin flare to an American classic. You each have 20 minutes... Food Fighters... FIGHT!

Holly is doing it adobo style with cane sugar, soy sauce, and vinegar. She's doing it in the stile of Bibingka, a Filipino dessert. Schrader is working with cumin, curry, & paprika with panko crumbs and, instead of waffles, panquecas - Venezuela pancakes.

WINNER: 3-2 split in favor of Chef Schrader. ($0)

But it's not over yet.

ROUND 2 for $10,000 vs. DANIEL SHEMTOB (food truck)

Last week, he took a powder in a 4-1 shot involving a classic street food. How will he do when Holly gives him the test of ... CATFISH & HUSHPUPPIES? He loves catfish. Hushpuppies on the other hand... 20 on the timer... Food Fighters... FIGHT!

Holly's hushpuppies will have longanisa, a Filipino sausage, very spicy. Chef Shemtob is working a fresh dough with some corn meal added AND fresh corn for a sweet pop. Holly's catfish has a little bit of Bay seasoning, while Shemtob is mixing various spices AND salting & peppering the fish itself. But will it be done in time?

WINNER: 4-1 in favor of... HOLLY! ($10,000)

ROUND 3 for $15,000 vs. MICHELE RAGUSSIS (seafood)

With over 20 years of seafood experience, this New England chef has just learned to bake. But how will this Greek-Sicilian nightmare handle her... STEAK LETTUCE WRAPS with chimichurri sauce? Walmart clock has 20 on it... Food Fighters... FIGHT!

Holly's steak gets grilled with fish sauce. Her chimichurri has mint, ginger & fish sauce for a little bit of Asian flare. Ragussis wants to make it simple... marinated steak with big chunky herbs with bold flavors. Holly is using vermicelli with bean paste & hot pepper paste to go into the wraps. Ragussis counters with mango & avocado.

WINNER: 3-2 split in favor of... HOLLY!($25,000)

ROUND 4 for $20,000 vs. TIFFANY DERRY (Global)

Chef Derry's Texas swag has been on display, and she's also an expert on Asian and Italian cuisines. So we have a global vs. global, like-cuisine battle. So Holly decides to flip the script... SCRIPT FLIP! ... with CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH STRAWBERRIES. Let's get 20 on the clock.... Food Fighters.. FIGHT!

Holly's cake only takes a minute to do in the microwave. The strawberries will also have balsamic vinegar with an extra hit of flavor. Derry can only think of making a chocolate budino - a mix of a cake and a pudding, almost a custard. She's adding allspice and espresso to amp it up. Holly is adding rosewater and cardamom to a mascarpone-based whipped cream. Derry also has a mascarpone creme with rum-macerated strawberries. Can Holly finish her truffle cakes on time?

WINNER: 5-0 SWEEP in favor of... HOLLY! ($45,000)

That money is hers to keep no matter what to take her mom on a family vacation. Now let's go for $90,000...


He owns three eateries specializing in high-end comfort food. He trained in Paris. He has a Michelin star. He's got a little bit of experience. All Holly has right now is SHRIMP & GRITS. Which is about as comforting as it gets. This is going to be a close one. For $90,000.... Food Fighters... 20 on the clock... FIGHT!

Holly is adding kimchi to her grits. Greenspan is making mascarpone & chorizo grits with a fig & balsamic reduction. Huge flavors.

WINNER: 3-2 split in favor of... Chef Greenspan. But don't cry for Holly, she's leaving the kitchen with $45,000!

More fights and a shot at $100,000 next time. Do not be late for your table!

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