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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Heist Fear Factor - December 6

So it's a little late this year. But it's still here, and that's what matters. Welcome to Season 5 of Fear Factor. Joe Rogan is back, and so are the themed episodes. The first theme is - 'Heist' Fear Factor, where teams can win as much as one million dollars - but they have to steal it. We have the four teams, so let's meet them...

Josh Hall / Jessica Hall (LA, CA - Boyfriend/Girlfriend)

Angela Nolfi / Zach Cohen (Pittsburgh PA / Miami Beach, FL - Spooning Buddies. Uhhh....ok.)

Laura Aldred / Linley Edwards (Miami Beach, FL - Dating for 2 years)

Tara Scotti / Charles Scotti (Queens, NY - Siblings)

Nice new snazzy computer graphic opening, by the way.

Here's how this episode works - the one million is hanging out inside an armored car. The four couples will be going after keys that will open up said armored vehicles. In addition, the teams will be competing for a Universal Studios vacation.

ROUND 1: CAPTURE THE INCREDIBLY DRAFTY FLAG: Who's up for the first event of the new season? We are, so here we go. All you have to do is to climb up a cargo net and collect flags. By the way, that net is attached to a helicopter going over 100 MPH. Whoever gets the least amount of flags - or get all of them in the slowest amount of time - will only be dreaming about the Universal Studios vacation.

We start with Josh and Jessica, who _____ already goes after because she thinks that Jessica is weak. The 'Weak' Jessica will be going second, but maybe Josh is the one that should be weak, because he loses a flag. Jessica also loses a flag, so in total, they only get 8 of the 10 flags. Unless any of the other teams make a serious error (like falling out of the plane) then Josh and Jessica will live up to their 'Weak' moniker.

Next up is Zach and Angela...or should I say 'Man'gela, because that's what Zach calls her. Angela says that she will deal with that after the show, and I'm wondering if the next spooning session will turn into a spanking session. Zach is struggling, but he gets all of the flags. Angela has no problems getting her flags and while the group affirms Angela's nickname, they get all 10 flags on 6:38 and they are safely into the next round.

Laura and Linley are next to go, and Linley says that he's going to be like Spiderman and Work it out. Laura warns him about being too cocky, but Linley is already spending the money. Linley may be a little too hyper, as he almost falls off the cargo net, but he gets his 5 flags. Laura gets her flags and they get it done in...6:37. That's the best time so far, and should they keep that time, then they will decide the order for round 2.

Charles, who moonlights as an exotic dancer, says that if they get through this that he will strip for them. All of a sudden, I have a desire for Charles to go flying off of that cargo net. Charles says that he's doing this for his mom - and that he's deathly afraid of heights. Despite that, he gets his flags, Tara gets her flags, and Josh and Jessica get flagged right out of the competition. At least there's plenty of blame to go around, since they both lost a flag.

ROUND 2: TIME TO VENT: After Joe gives the surviving teams the first key to the truck, and after Charles does a strip tease dance (ew), we move on to the second stunt. The teams have to go through a building ventilation system and navigate their way through sewage, bugs, spiders, darkness, and the furnace system. The two quickest teams will go to the finals and play with the armored car.

Laura and Linley get to decide the order, and they have decided that Tara and Charles will go first. As they go through, Tara slows a little, but Charlie is right behind her and shoving her along the way. They find all of the levers to switch off the fire blocking their path, but they do struggle to get the last ventilation door open. Their time is 2:18 - which also is Tara's birthdate. Tara says that they aren't going to go home on her birthdate and Charlie says that they are superhuman. Well, since they had the slowest time, I'm not sure about their superhuman skills.

Laura and Linley decide that going next will be...them, because Laura is impatient. They are making very good time - but they pass the lever which shuts off the flames. That will cost them 15 seconds, and those 15 seconds could be very costly, because their finishing time - 2:09 - would have been good enough for first, but because of the penalty, it's now 2:24. Ouch. What's even more painful is that Linley screwed up his toe on the challenge, so he's going to go to the medics to have it checked out while Laura stays behind to see what happens.

If Zach and Angela can get through in 2:23 or less, then they will be going on to the finals, but everyone is wondering how that's going to happen if Angela, who needs to get in the final chute via Zach, is going to get up there. The answer is that Angela is going to go flying through the course, and Zach is just going to follow like a tumbled rag doll. Angela needs no help to get into the final cubicle and the couple has no trouble getting through the stunt. Their time is 2 minutes even, and they will be joining Tara and Scott. Laura will be joining Linley in the medical room as they have been eliminated - and adding insult to injury.

ROUND 3: THE GREAT SUNKEN CAR ROBBERY: We get to the final stunt, which features that armored car, which is now submerged in the water. The women have to unlock the cages filled with money, and the men have to take the bars and coins from the car to the surface. Whoever gets the most amount of money out of the car in 10 minutes gets to keep everything, go to Universal Studios Orlando and will be declared champions.

Although Charles is being overpowered by Zach, Zach hopes that Charles is going to wear out. Charles lost his flippers, but he thinks that he doesn't need it. He's wrong, as Zach outperforms him, but Angela is too afraid to get into the armored car. Meanwhile, Tara has no such problems, and it seems to be a battle between Zach and Tara for the money. Joe is yelling at all of them to keep moving, and I am wondering if he'd just like to take everyone except Zach and lock them in the truck.

Nevertheless. there must be a winner. Charles and Tara picked up $50,000, while Zach and Angela got $225,000! They win Fear Factor, and as a bonus, Joe tosses in Charles and Tara's $50,000 as well. Zach and Angela win $275,000 and the Universal Studios trip because Zach finally not only carried the gold weight - but he carried his own weight as well.

HOME INVASION: TEMPE, AZ: We're not done yet, though. It's time for the Fear Factor Home Invasion! it's simple - complete a challenge and get $5,000. The first invaded house will me the Mosely family in Tempe, Arizona. Mom Lina and son Myron will be competing, and the competition will be getting their hands into a cage filled with African Tree Boas. at the bottom are two keys - each one attached to a treasure chest. Inside each chest is a $2,500 certificate from Capital One. Should they get them both, it's $5,000. The time starts, and Lina has no problem getting through the stunt. It takes Myron a little while, but he also gets his chest opened. The first home invasion is a success!

Next Week - It's Blind Date Fear Factor! Join us in 7 days to see who gets stuck with whom.

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