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It's the board games you and your family have played all your life... but never quite like this!

Recaps by Agent Josh, GSNN

Host Todd Newton
Announcer Burton Richardson
Creator Hasbro Studios (based upon the original board game line)
EP Barry Poznick
John Stevens
Charles Steenveld
Packager Zoo Productions & Hasbro Studios for the Hub
Web www.hubworld.com
Airs 7p Fri, The Hub

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Episode 4
November 5

If it's Friday night... And it's the Hub.. It's GAME NIGHT! Ditch the box and let's meet the players!

Avery's Family: Avery plays softball... brother Travis has a black belt in tae kwon do... Mom Emily loves spinach, and dad Scott is a triathlete. RED FAMILY... READY!

Daylon's Family: Daylon likes math.... sister Jordan likes computers... mom Coretta writes songs with dad Darrell. YELLOW FAMILY.... READY!

Five games will be played. Each win will give the family a choice of 21 Monopoly Crazy Cash Card (3C's). Each card has a different dollar amount. Tonight's top value: $17,500! Both families keep everything they win.

Tossup: Guess Who?

The tossup will determine which family gets first pick of the Cash Cards, and who will play first in the first game. Each team is guaranteed at least 1 Crazy Cash Card.

1) Appeared in an Atari commercial at 13 years old?
2) Has two parents who are rocket scientists?
3) Was one of the members of the band Tenacious D?

YELLOW TEAM answer: Jack Black...

4) Starred in "King Kong", "Kung Fu Panda" & "School of Rock"?. It is JACK BLACK!

Daylon gets the first 3C, a SACK OF MONEY. Avery picks the DOG.

And the family with the most money at the end of the show wins trip to St. Thomas!


Each family will get two chances to slide their pawn onto a target downstage. The outer ring is worth 1. The middle is worth 3. The bullseye is 5. If your pawn is bumped to the SORRY! zone, then the points are taken away. Most points wins the game, and it takes two games to win the match.

GAME 1: RED slides... SORRY!, then 1. YELLOW slides 3... then... SORRY! Yellow wins, 3-1.

GAME 2: YELLOW slides... 1, then... SORRY! RED slides 3... then bumps their own pawn. Still, Red wins, 2-1.

RUBBER GAME: YELLOW slides 3... then RED bumps them to 1, bumping themselves to the SORRY! zone, giving the Yellows the win! They get a VocoPro karaoke and a pick of the 3Cs... the PIGGY BANK.


Five Flash cubes are on the board with different letters. Families take turns using the same letters to form as many 3, 4, or 5 letter words as they can. 1 point for each letter in the word. First to 25 points wins (no proper turn needed).

Starting Formation: ASTEB

BASTE (5)             BEAST (5)
BEST (4)              TAB (3)
STAB (4)              BATES (5)
BEAT (4)              BEATS (5)
EATS (4)              BATS (4)

Avery up, 22-21

XXXXXXXX              SEAT (4)

REDS win, 26-21. They get a collection of Vans shoes AND another 3C... the WHEELBARROW.


Each family member is at one station, with it alternating red-yellow-red-yellow across the circle. Each family member is in front of a task.

- Twist it (A twist machine where you use your body to twist)
- Pull it (a large pull)
- Shout it (Microphone)
- Kick it (Low punching bag)
- Whack it (Hammer on target)
- Honk It (big bike horn)
- Crash it (Trash can Cymbals)
- Bop It (Bop it pod)
- Rotate it (Move one position Clockwise)
- Reverse it (Move one position counter clockwise)

When a command is called, activate your station. If you miss your call, you are eliminated. If you activate your command when not called for, you are also eliminated.

Last family standing wins.

Round 1: Caretta is too slow on a TWIST.
Round 2: Emily rotated TWO stations instead of one. We're tied at 3.
Round 3: Daylon HONKED on a PULL. Reds up one.
Round 4: Scott WHACKS on a CRASH. Back to draw.
Round 5: Darrell forgets to KICK IT. Reds back up one.
Round 6: Avery forgets to BOP It.

Sudden Death... and both Jordan and Travis eliminate themselves ROTATING on a REVERSE IT.

Sudden Death 2... Travis... does it again.

Yellow Team wins an all-day pass at Mountain High... AND another 3C... the CAR.


Tonight, we're playing CREATIVE CAT. The kids are going to create objects out of clay. The adults will have to guess what they are for points. Each team will have 15 seconds, and each second left on the clock is worth 10...

The Yellow kids make a LION... and their parents TIME OUT.

The Red kids make a ROBOT... Parents get it in 3. The Red Team is up 120-0.

Now the adults will draw on the big screen, and the kids will have to guess. Would be easy enough, BUT the adults are going to be BLINDFOLDED.

Yellows draw a FOUR-LEAF CLOVER... The kids get it in 4 for 110. Reds time out on a CASTLE, but it doesn't matter. They win movie tickets for a year from Krikorian Theatres... AND another 3C... the PLANE.


In the classic game of four-in-a-row, the families must connect four balls in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, taking turns shooting at the game board.

WINNER: YELLOW on the vertical. They win an American Heritage dartboard. They get the last 3C... the THIMBLE. We love the thimble.


The family gets to keep all the cash and prizes they won, but the family with the most cash wins the bonus prize of a trip to the Wyndham Sugar Bay in St. Thomas!

Daylon's family has four cards, the dartboard, the trip to Mountain High, and the karaoke. They'll deposit first...

Money Bag: $530
Piggy Bank: $635
Car: $635
Thimble: $350
TOTAL: $2680

Avery's family needs more than that to win. Remember, they have three cards, the movie tickets, and the shoes. They need these to count.

Dog: $595
Plane: .... $2500! That's a win! BUT they still have one more card, the Wheelbarrow... I wonder what's on it?

Wheelbarrow: SUPER JACKPOT! That's the Super Crazy Cash Card, so they leave with the trip, the prizes, AND $20,595 in cash money! That'll buy Boardwalk 50 times...

That's Family Game Night. Don't forget to pick up all the pieces.

For more information on the games, or to apply to be a contestant on "Family Game Night", visit the official website at www.hubworld.com