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It's the board games you and your family have played all your life... but never quite like this!

Recaps by Agent Josh, GSNN

Host Todd Newton
Announcer Burton Richardson
Creator Hasbro Studios (based upon the original board game line)
EP Barry Poznick
John Stevens
Charles Steenveld
Packager Zoo Productions & Hasbro Studios for the Hub
Web www.hubworld.com
Airs 7p Sun, The Hub

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Episode 1
October 10

Two Families are playing for Prizes and Cash! It's your favorite board games played in a whole new way! The games are popping out of the box on "Family Game Night!"

Ella's Family: Ella is the youngest. Mark is really funny. Dianne (Mom) makes choclate chip pancakes. Oliva writes and Ella and Olivia play soccer. THEY ARE THE RED FAMILY!

Kaleb's Family: Kaleb is the youngest. Brother Landon plays music and the two ride scooters. Melanie is the mom, A very good photographer, and Dad Jeffery likes to clean cars and work on computers. THEY ARE THE YELLOW FAMILY!

Five games will be played. Each win will give the family a choice of 21 Monopoly Crazy Cash Card (3C's). Each card has a different dollar amount. Tonight's top value: $15,000! Both families keep everything they win.

Tossup: Guess Who?

The tossup will determine which family gets first pick of the Cash Cards, and who will play first in the first game. Each team is guaranteed at least 1 Crazy Cash Card.

Todd will read four clues of a famous person (Real or Fictional). Buzz in when you think you know. If you're right, you get first pick, but if you're wrong, the other family gets the first pick by default.

1) Named one of her daughters Shiloh (Dianne (Red) buzzes in and guesses Angelina Jolie)
2) Twice Appeared as the lead in a movie based on a video game.
3) played the character of "Tigress" in "Kung Fu Panda"
4) Made her screen debut with her father, actor Jon Voight.

Answer: I am Angelina Jolie!

Ella gets first pick of 3C- Soccer Ball

Kaleb's 3C Pick-Hamburger

And the family with the most money at the end of the show wins trip to the Caribbean!


Five flash cubes are on the board with different letters. Families take turns using the same letters to form as many 3-4-5 letter words as they can. 1 point for each letter in the word. First to 25 points wins (no proper turn needed)

Starting Formation: SNOTE

NOTES (5)             STONE (5)
TONES (5)             NOTE (4)
TONS (4)              TOES (4)
NETS (4)              SNOT (4) (Don't laugh!)
TON (3)               TONE (4) (We're tied @ 21)
TENS (4)              XXXXXXXXX

Ella's Family wins game 1, 25-21

For winning Scrabble Flash, they win a HOT DOG CART! It's a hot dog cart with rollers, steaming inserts for buns and hot dogs, beverage cooler and condiment holder. From Nostalgia Electrics!

Ella's Family also gets a 3C Card-Car


Rules: Each family member is at one station, with it alternating red-yellow-red-yellow across the circle. Each family is in front of a task.

- Twist it (A twist machine where you use your body to twist)
- Pull it (a large pull)
- Shout it (Microphone)
- Kick it (Low punching bag)
- Whack it (Hammer on target)
- Honk It (big bike horn)
- Crash it (Trash can Cymbals)
- Bop It (Bop it pod)
- Rotate it (Move one position Clockwise)
- Reverse it (Move one position counter clockwise)

When a command is called, activate your station. If you miss your call, you are eliminated. If you activate your command when not called for, you are also eliminated. (Todd: If you look at me funny, you are also eliminated from the game. Just kidding!)

Last family standing wins.

R1: Shout it, Kick it, Kick it, Whack it, Pull it, Honk it, Kick it, Pull it, Bop it, Shout it....OOP! Landon (yellow) Misses his shout! He's out!

R2: Whack it, Kick it, Reverse it...wait a sec! Olivia (red) went the wrong way!

R3: Twist it, Twist it, Honk it, Shout it...YIKES! Dianne Misses the shout.

R4: (the pace picks up) Bop it, Crash it, Honk it, Honk it...But Mark (red) crashes it at the same time! Ooops!

R5 Twist it, honk it, honk it, honk it, pull it, rotate it...HOLD IT! Ella didn't move! (Todd: How can there be two people at one station? Did you forget to move?)

Kaleb's Family wins the Bop It! Boptagon!!

Their prize is a $500 Sketchers Gift Card!

3C Card-Airplane

(Before the next game, we see Kaleb family in action during one of their water gun fights!)


Today's Cranium Character is Datahead.

Round 1 is kids only, Round 2 is grownups only

Two pictures are shown. One will be a celeb, the other an object. Which is older?

If right, you get the points, if wrong the other team gets the points.

Kaleb's family will go first
Q1: Taylor Swift or Satelite Radio.
(1989) (2001)
They guess Wrong, so Ella's family goes up 10-0

Q2: Justin Bieber or Segway
(1994) (2001)
They guess wrong, so Kaleb's family ties it 10-10

Q3: Adam Sandler or Electric Toothbrush
(1966) (1939)
Kaleb guesses right, so they go up 20-10

Q4: Brad Pitt or Chicken Nuggets
(1963) (1950's)
Ella gets it right! We're tied at 20

Parents turn. Each question now worth 20 points

Q1: Arnold Schwarzenegger or Treadmill
(1947) (1952)
Kaleb's parents guess right. 40-20

Q2: Jackie Chan or Crash Test dummy
(1954) (1949)
Ella's parents get it right. Tied again! 40-40

Q3: Joan Rivers or Face lift
(1933) (1901)
Kaleb's parents say Joan. They're wrong. 60-40 Ella's family leads

Q4: Betty White or Mt. Rushmore
(1922) (1927)
Ella's parents flub, so we tie up and go to a tiebreaker (60-60)

Tiebreaker: Jim Carrey Or Pinball Machine
(Kids only) (1962) (1947)
Ella buzzes in with Pinball machine

Ella's Family gets a kayak package (2 kayaks and 2 paddles) from Pelican Kayaks

3C card-Pretzel

(Before the next game, we see A feature on Ella's Family's Creativity)


A combination of Guesstures and Russian Roulette. Three family members are suspended above the Guesstures "Pit". The fourth has to guess what it is they're acting out. If they get it right, it's 10 points. If they get it wrong, no penalty, and they can keep guessing. If they pass, the family member drops and the next family member has to act the next word.

Time Limit: 2 minutes

Ella's Family goes First (Ella, Olivia and Dianne are hanging out, while Dad guesses. We'll just list the ones they got right and what they passed on)

RIGHT: Waist, Tooth, Arrow, Pinocchio, Tired, Bad Breath, Mask, sweat, Curls, Listen, Stairs, Long
Passed: Heart, Peek, Skirt, Limp, Referee, Ceiling, Diaper.

(funny moment: Ella trying to act out limp and diaper)

12 right answers = 120 Points

Kaleb's Family goes second. Melanie guesses while Kaleb, Landon and Jeffrey act out in mid air.

RIGHT: Bicycle, Tall, Sick, Ribs, Egg
Pass: Square, Sword, Thermometer, Rub, Fall
Missed due to time: Handcuffs

(Funny moment: Jeffrey's animated face acting out a thermometer)

5 Right answers = 50 points...Not enough!


Their prize is a Private Helicopter Tour of Palm Springs from Discovery Experiences

3C Card Picked - Iron


Players remove pieces from Sickly Sam of Operation with the big tweezers. But if you touch the side, it's (BUZZ BUZZ) and you go back to the end of the line and the next person goes.

If you get an item out of Sickly Sam, you go Under the Lim-bone, Up a balance Beam, Over the bandage Barrier, over the thermometer jump and the over the tweezer hurdle, before crawling through the oversized tissue box to place the object on the scoreboard. If you knock over an obstacle, it's (BUZZ BUZZ) and end of the line, and your piece doesn't count.

If the object is not on the board when time expires, it does not count.

Each piece is a different point value. the more it's worth, the harder it is to get out.

Time Limit: 2:00 min. Most points wins

Ella's family won Guesstures, but they are going second.

Kaleb's Family
Kaleb: cell phone thumbs but buzzes out (sides)
Landon: Time on hands-75 pts
Melanie: Runny Nose-70 points
Jeffrey: Ringing in Ear-100 Points
Kaleb: Giggles...times out on obstacle course
Total: 245

Ella's Family
Ella-Toilet-buzzed out (Sides)
Olivia-Giggles-50 points
Dianne-Time on Hands-75 points
Mark-Ringing in ears-Buzzed out (Knocks over Lim-bone)
Ella-Upset tummy-Buzzed out (sides)
Olivia-Earwax-Buzzed out (Sides)
Dianne-Times out
Total: 125

Kaleb's Family Wins! Their prize: A new telescope, two pairs of binoculars, and a microscope from Meade

3C Choice-Thimble


The family gets to keep all the cash and prizes they won, but the family with the most cash wins the bonus prize of a Trip To Turks & Caicos in the Caribbean, courtesy of Beaches Resorts!

(The Crazy Cash Machine resembles an ATM, but spits out Monopoly Money at an insanely fast rate)

Kaleb's Family-3 Cards
Ella's Family-4 Cards

Kaleb's family goes first.
Hamburger-$425 ($985 Total)

Total: $1,945! (Not bad!)

Ella's Family
Iron-$250 ($610 total)
Soccer Ball-$310 ($920 total)
and they need more than $1025 to win the day

Ella says if they get the $15,000, she would buy a trampoline. (Aww)

Car -......$5000!!!!!

Total: $5910!!! Ella's Family goes to the Beaches Resort in Turks & Caicos, The Caribbean!!!

By the way, the $15,000 3C was the Cell Phone.

For more information on the games, or to apply to be a contestant on "Family Game Night", visit the official website at www.hubworld.com