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Nick@Nite is bringing six families together... for the wildest competition Hollywood has ever seen! They'll turn Hollywood on its head in order to win the ultimate family vacation. Who has the teamwork to pull it off?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

John Salley, Amy Davidson
Creators: Gary J. Engel, David Rieth
EP: David G. Stanley, Michael Canter, Sal Maniaci
Packager: Empty Nest Productions, Telepictures Productions, Nick@Nite Originals
Mondays at 9pm ET on Nick@Nite

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"Round of Four" - December 13

It's time for the Family Face-Off! Here are episode one's winners: the Taylors (Toni, Terri, Teffani & Tessani) and the Benavides (Brian, Lori, Brandon & Katie)! And here are episode two's winners: the Beauregards (Johnny, Tiffany, Josh & Janaya) and... the Bakers (Duane, Terri, Kira & Kody)? Weren't they on ep 1? And didn't they lose?

A word of explanation: The Martinezes were deemed medically unfit to compete after mother Isa took a hard fall on the way to the finish line. Victory came at a high price, as Isa sprained her knee. Well, these things happen, and it's no one's fault. So the runners-up with the best race time, the Bakers, were invited back for another shot. Make the most of it.

You know we always start with a scavenger hunt, and today, it's all about Beverly Hills. Each task will take anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes off of their final race time. The tasks for the Beverly Hills Scavenger Hunt are...

Retrieve a bagel
Go to Nate & Al's Delicatessen and ask for one bagel on a string
1 minute
Recover a golden lamb
2 minutes
Pose for family photo
3 minutes
Imitate an ambassador
Find "The Ambassador of Beverly Hills." Learn how to say "hello," ambassador style
4 minutes
Get a nose job
Find a plastic surgeon and get 4 nose jobs
5 minutes
Bond with a Beverly Hills cop
Find a Beverly Hills cop. Ask for his family bonding advice
6 minutes
Recover a star photo
Go to Star Photo. Take one 8x10 of a really big star and bring it back
7 minutes
Use John Salley's credit card 8 minutes
Get a haircut 9 minutes
Enjoy a spa treatment
Go to the Luxe Hotel. Relax on lounge chair and count to 60
10 minutes

Teams will have 45 minutes to complete the tasks. Pay special attention to Robosapiens, for they hold the key to special information and important decisions. 45 minutes.. go!

Beauregards: Head for Nate & Al's first, get the bagel, and discover a robot. The choice: "Take these diamond earrings... but you must forfeit the 1 minute time credit." They opt for the minute (1 minute). Then they search for the Ambassador. "Welcome to Beverly Hills! You have arrived!" (5 minutes). Then, since it's easy to find a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, it's time for a nose job. (10 minutes). Now to Star Photo.... but they don't take a photo, running short on time.

Benavides: They decide to go for the big clue first, heading to the Luxe. Count... slowly (10 minutes). Then it's time to find the cop. They never do, it's off to Star Photo. They get a picture of John Salley (6'11... yeah, pretty big, but then again, I'm only 5'9)... and find a robot clue: "To take home DVD player, you must forfeit 7 minute time credit." No chance (17 minutes). They find the same surgeon and get nosey (22 minutes).

Taylors: They also go to the Luxe and count off (10 minutes)... and then they have to find the po-lice. They do find the cop with the FFO badge and everything... including handcuffs for the two that fight the most (16 minutes). And they run past the ambassador en route to the street plastic surgeon. Now really, who goes to a street plastic surgeon?! (21 minutes) Then they head BACK toward the ambassador, where they say it... in Chinese? (25 minutes)

Bakers: ALSO go to the Luxe... once they find out how to cross the street. Beat the Benavides in the counting game (10 minutes). Bakers head to Star Photo as well (16 minutes). Trying to find Little Santa Monica for... what?

It should be noted that the Taylors and the Benavides got to the Luxe at the same time. Panic ensues. Final results... will be tallied at the end of the race. Now to the race, which consists of three challenges.

Challenge 1: The Face-Off Fountain: The adults will have five minutes to step into a money machine and grab $100 in fake one dollar bills as possible. Once they do that, they'll receive the next clue.

Brian has no idea how to work the money machine, or has never seen an episode of 2002's "Beat the Clock". He gets the idea to kick it. That works. Johnny uses his shirt. John tells Duane to use his mouth... ehh... ain't this a family show? Toni also uses the shirt stuff.

After the first cycle, the kids count while the next adults take their chances with the whirlwind. Lori uses the shirt stuff and the kick. The Bakers are in second with the Taylors in first. The Bakers then finish first and head to their next challenge. The third-place Benavides come out with the contents of Lori's shirt, while the last-place Beauregards... are just that... last place. The Benavides rocket to second, and they're on their way to the next challenge. Beauregards are third, and Taylors are fourth.

Challenge 2: 90210 Needs Help: In this challenge, teams will have to sort out fan mail by matching up labels with boxes addressed to a character's name and hidden inside bigger boxes with packing peanuts. Once each team has four correct matches, Amy will send them to their final challenge.

The Bakers match up Jaleel White (Urkel)... by stuffing Kody into the box. He returns with Buffy the Vampire Slayer... nope. Duane eventaully gets it right, as they try next for Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man), then Bill Cosby (Cliff Huxtable), and Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing).. and Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy)... and my head's spinning. Long story short, the Bakers are first out of the gate. The Benavides are second... the Beauregards are third... and the Taylors show up as everyone's leaving, getting stuck on Jason Alexander (George Costanza). They finish, though.

Challenge 3: Oh, To Be Flying: The two kids are going to learn how to skydive. Using a skydiving simulator, each kid will have to stay in the air for one minute. If the kids do not stay in the air for the full two minutes, a five-minute penalty will be assessed.

Kira (nervously) and Kody enter the simulator. Kira gets her minute. Believe me, it's harder than it looks. But Kody gets his minute. Katie and Brandon get two. Josh and Janaya get two. Teffani and Tessani... they get two.

Final results:

It was Bakers first, then Benavides, then Beauregards, and finally, the Taylors.

The Taylors, Benavides, and Bakers all went for high-time stunts, while the Beauregards did the opposite. Will that cost them the trip to Hawaii in the end?

The winning team tonight takes a mini-vacation in Palm Springs, as Phil Keoghan would say, "which you can enjoy after the Race". That goes to... the Taylors, at 7 hours, 20 minutes. They earned 52 minutes in the scavenger hunt. Just goes to show you that in this race, EVERYTHING counts. Joining them next week are... the Benavides (7:23) and the Bakers (7:24). The Beauregards' earlier strategy did cost them in the end, as they clock in at 7:40. They take away a Nintendo Gamecube for their efforts.

As great/pissed as the other teams feel, let me remind you that the scores were still very close, and it is still anyone's ball game to lose. As for the Beauregards... well, we hate to see a good family go home.

You Coinstar Change-in-the-game Moment: When the Beauregards find the 7-minute clue... but opt not to go for it. Then again, even with the 7 minutes, it still wouldn't have changed the game THAT much.

Next time, it's off to Universal Studios.

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